WoF Recap: March 25, 2015


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

H _ _ E / C O _ _ S
_ _ M M _ _

Rachel, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say “HERE COMES MOMMY.

H _ R E / C O M E S
_ U M M E _


H _ R E / C O M E S
_ U M M E R

Christina finally gets “HERE COMES SUMMER(that was a theme week from last season). Two New Yorkers on the panel tonight…

Christina Santoro: Kindergarten teacher who dreams of buying a puppy if she wins a lot of dough from Long Island City, NY 

Rachel Ray: speech language pathologist from Portland, OR
Luke Miller: bartender/music producer who also does volunteer work w/ Boxers from NYC

Sounds like Christina has the same goal like the first millionaire on the program, Michelle Loewenstein… 😉

M E L _ S _ A
M C _ A _ _ _ Y

She’s “Molly” on the TV series “Mike & Molly”, but Luke blows the solve again w/ MELISSA McCARTNEY. Christina capitalizes w/ MELISSA McCARTHY to triple up.

FEATURED TRIP: Aruba from Hotels.com worth $7K

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

She calls an automatic dud of N. Second, Rachel calls up three T’s for $2,100, two E’s, and a TD R, then after buying two A’s and an O, she gets into trouble w/ the MDW’s right side to lose $3,850. Third, Luke spots three S’s for $2,400, and two L’s for the DICK’S gift tag…

S T E A _ E _
L O _ S T E R
T A _ L S

…he smells some STEAMED LOBSTER TAILS for $3,400 cash & GC. 

SOLE DUD: N (Christina)


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

First up for Rachel are an N for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, three A’s, but then T for trouble. Second, Luke gets a hold of the MW near LaT after finding a D…it’s $10K! But his next spin is that evil white space. Third, Christina catches a $500 R and four FP E’s, but then loses the five Benjamins almost immediately to the BANKRUPT near TD. Rachel next tacks on three $600 S’s, buys an O, but then hits the LaT

S _ _ _ E / A N D
S A _
_ _ E E S E
R A _ _ O _ _

…allowing Luke to say “SMILE AND SAY CHEESE RAVIOLI” to add a one in front of his overall bank.

SOLE DUD: T (Rachel)
LaTs: 2 (Luke and Rachel)

Luke: $14,400 cash & GT/Christina: $3K/Rachel: ZIP


PP/Express Round: PLACES

Luke leads off w/ three TD S’s, two E’s and three A’s, and a TD N, followed by an $1,800 pair of D’s but then a possibly fatal purchase in O to likely give back $15,050. Christina next puts up a $900 T, but then purchases the other bad vowel of this puzzle (I)…

_ A T _ E D _ A _ S
A N D / _ _ S E _ _ S

…and Rachel will be seeing some CATHEDRALS AND MUSEUMS in PARIS courtesy of collette worth $11,698.

DUDS: O (Luke), I (Christina)

Luke: $14,400 cash & GT/Christina: $3K/Rachel: $11,698 tour


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ / C A M E L
I S / _ / _ _ _ M _ L

Rachel says “A CAMEL IS A MAMMAL” to take the lead by $298.

Round 4: THING

Two $900 T’s get her started, but a worthless A ends her turn just as quick. Second for Luke are a $550 R, two E’s, but then S for sorry. Down Christina’s path third are a $900 N, three O’s, a $700 L, and two FP C’s…

C O _ _ _ T E R
T E C _ N O L O _ _

…she solves COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY for another $2,350.

DUDS: A (Rachel), S (Luke)

Luke: $14,400 cash & GT/Christina: $5,350/Rachel: $14,698 cash & Paris


Round 5: PERSON

After Luke starts w/ a FP N and a $700 T…

_ _ _ T _ _ / _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ N _ _ _

…we go into a $6K Final Spin! Two R’s, S’s and M’s later…

M _ S T _ R / _ _
_ _ R _ M _ N _ _ S

…Pat the MASTER OF CEREMONIES sees Rachel make the game-winning $12K solve.

Luke: $14,400 cash & GT/Christina: $5,350/Rachel: $26,698 cash & Paris

GT: $46,448


$100K Bonus Round
Rachel lands on the A in GAME.

Category: PHRASE
I think I know this one…

_ _ _ _ E _ E
_ _ _ R / _ _ _ L

BMDO only adds two of the vowel…

_ _ _ _ E _ E
_ O _ R / _ O _ L

…Rachel, let’s see you ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL of solving this bonus answer…she makes it happen to leave w/ $58,698 cash & Paris.

$5K SPIN ID: EC8471412 



One thought on “WoF Recap: March 25, 2015

  1. JP Mackey March 26, 2015 / 4:29 am

    HERE COMES MOMMY/MUMMY was crazy enough, but A CAMEL IS A MAMMAL?! I mean, that's so obvious! LOL.


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