WoF Recap: March 12, 2015


$1K Tossup: THINGS

_ _ T _ E _ _
& / W _ _ L N _ S S

Adam botches it w/ HEALTH & WELLNESS.

_ _ T _ E S _
& / W _ L L N E S S

Melanie capitalizes w/ FITNESS & WELLNESS (that could’ve been under Rhyme Time). Here are Thursday’s solvers…

Melanie Barash: runner of two school chess clubs and son’s soccer coach from Sterling Heights, MI
Adam Jones: systems engineer (also kiteboards) from Charleston, SC
Stephanie Hervey: lead in ward admin. at Tucson V.A. Medical who enjoys entering contests (the most she says she’s won is $1K) from Vail, AZ

$2K Tossup: EVENT

R O Y _ _
_ _ D D _ _ G

Melanie triples up w/ ROYAL WEDDING.

FEATURED SG: Omni rancho las palmas in Palm Springs worth $8,058


The first letters she calls are a $550 V, a $650 Y, two N’s for the Mario Badescu gift tag, and four A’s before she LOSES A TURN. Second, Adam calls up two R’s for $1,800, buys an E, but then has a run-in w/ the MDW’s left side. After Stephanie hits the other MDW BANKRUPT, Melanie inserts two of the first letter of her name for another $1,800…

M A _ E R _ A _ / _ _ R _
B Y / M A _ _ N N A

…and solves “MATERIAL GIRL” BY MADONNA for another $4,750 cash & skincare. 

SOLE LaT: Melanie
BANKRUPTS: 2 (other players)

Melanie: $7,750 cash & skincare/Others: $0 each


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Hoping for better luck, Adam starts this answer w/ a T for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, three FP E’s, a $600 R and four A’s to wipe out the vowels already. But after three $700 S’s, a dud of P ends his turn. Stephanie secondly finds two TD M’s and two N’s for another $1,400, but the BANKRUPT near $650 shoots her down to the tune of $8,400. Melanie next gets the WC w/ a G, an L for the other 1/2 CAR

T A _ L E

…and the right answer of MASSAGE TABLE MANNERS for the house minimum.

SOLE DUD: P (Adam)

Melanie: $8,750 cash & skincare WC/Others: $0 each 

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (1990): THING
CHMA was completely useless…

_ _ _ _ E R

…and she had no chance to solve ZIPPER.


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

First, Stephanie gets the obvious out of the way first — a $600 N, a $550 G, and two I’s. But her next spin is the LaT. Second, Melanie gets up there a $1K pair of T’s, but she too gets the LaT. Third in line, Adam puts up a $650 P, two U’s, but nothing more w/ M. After Stephanie hits the same normal BANKRUPT she got before to lose the 9 Benjamins, Melanie uncovers two $900 T’s and the rest of the vowels…

_ E T T I N G / U P
O U R / _ E A _ _
_ _ A I R _

…she doesn’t need to be SETTING UP OUR BEACH CHAIRS, because she’s won another $2,050 and a trip to The Buccaneer in ST. CROIX for $9,400.

SOLE DUD: M (for man)
LaTs: 2 (ladies)
SOLE BANKRUPT: Stephanie (3rd so far)

Melanie: $20,200 cash & prizes WC/Others: NO LUCK 


$3K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

S P _ _ _ _ H
_ A _ _ _

Melanie eats up some SPINACH SALAD for the Tossup sweep.

Round 4: FUN & GAMES

Both she and Adam strike out right away w/ N and M, respectively. Third for Stephanie are a $700 S, buys of an A and four E’s, but then the LaT. Melanie then says two $500 R’s and two $700 C’s, before Vanna shows us…

A E R _ _ _ C
E _ E R C _ S E

…Melanie’s now 7 for 7, because she makes the $2,400 solve of AEROBIC EXERCISE.

DUDS: N (Melanie), M (Adam)
SOLE LaT: Stephanie (both ladies have two apiece)

Melanie: $25,600 cash & prizes WC/Others: GOOSEEGG ALERT  


Speed-Up Round: PHRASE

We have yet another $1,500 FS. After somebody puts up a Y…

T _ K _ / M _ / T _
Y _ _ R / _ _ _ _ _ R

Melanie replies “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER” for another three grand and is the second player this season to sweep the maingame!

SOLE DUD: S (Stephanie)

Melanie: $28,600 cash & prizes WC/Others: DOUBLE $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $30,600


$100K Bonus Round
We haven’t had a total clean sweep for the first time in almost four years (4/5/11 to be exact), so let’s see if Melanie can make it happen. She lands on the P.

Category: PHRASE
I know this already…

_ _ R T _
_ _ _ T _ N _ / _ _ R

HGFI are all up there, but not the C

_ _ R T H
_ _ I T I N G / F _ R

…this was WORTH WAITING FOR — she has ended the losing streak and has completed the clean sweep! I sure hope she’s paid handsomely for that…

not at all — she has to settle for a final total of $60,600 cash & prizes.

$5K SPIN ID: VH3303250


3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: March 12, 2015

  1. JP Mackey March 13, 2015 / 3:31 am

    A clean sweep from Melanie? Congrats! My rating – a 10!


  2. yohan sur May 22, 2015 / 11:43 pm

    today this puzzle almost similar puzzle for S30 preimere puzzle(WORTH THE WAIT).
    only deserved BR won this week for melanie! I think this puzzle only $32K, because this puzzle is easy…. and I was right.
    ep.rating : 8.5(thanks to perfect game)


  3. yohan sur November 7, 2015 / 12:45 am

    and it's good thing for melanie perfect game, if didn't happen, would've worst all-time losing streak at 15 games.


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