WoF Recap: March 30, 2015

“Spring Break” is back for another go-round this season, but there aren’t any College Week students competing at all for the second time in three seasons — sorry, Wheel fans.


$1K Tossup: LANDMARK

O _ _
_ A _ _ H F _ L

Amanda solves OLD FAITHFUL, and here’s the opening panel…

Amanda Tracy: Willis D. Shaw ES 2nd Grade teacher from Fayetteville, AR

Kelly Hackney: from Lincoln, CA

John Meagher: seeking Bachelor’s in culinary school and was in the A.F. for abouteight yrs. from Tucson, AZ

$2K Tossup: EVENT

_ E _ _ _ – _ _ – H _ A _ T
T _ L _

John doesn’t need any HEART-TO-HEART TALK, because he’s won the right to spin first.

FEATURED PRIZE (sponsored by “Interstellar”, now available on Blu-Ray/DVD): $6,040 in cash (really?! what’s with that oddball figure?)
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: Maui Jim
1/2 CAR: Versa Note

Round 1: THINGS

Here he goes w/ an N for the WC, a $900 D, four A’s, but then the first dud of the week in S. Second, Amanda FPs a dud in E, but then BANKRUPTs near TD. Third, Kelly calls up two R’s for $1,800, buys the last vowel of I to clean out the vowels already, but can’t pick up the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900 w/ a T. John then lights up a $1,300 M pairing, and a FP C…

M A R C _
A _ R I _
A N D / M A _

…this should’ve been under Events or Proper Names, but he gets MARCH, APRIL AND MAY for $2,950.

DUDS: S (John), E (Amanda), T (Kelly)

Kelly: $0/John: $4,950 WC/Amanda: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Amanda quickly gets both 1/2 CARs w/ an R and three N’s, respectively (she picked up the one near the pink $900 first), buys two E’s, and lights up an $800 M before the sole dud vowel of I stops her. Second, Kelly discovers that this puzzle doesn’t have any S’s either. Third, John wastes a spin w/ the other normal BANKRUPT. Amanda then picks off a TD T and buys the rest of the good vowels…

M E / T A R _ A N
_ O U
_ A N E
_ O N _ A

…she says “ME TARZAN, YOU JANE FONDA” for a total of $20,025 cash & Versa!

DUDS: I (Amanda), S (Kelly)

Kelly: NOTHING/John: $4,950 WC/Amanda: $21,025 cash & Versa


PP/Express Round: PLACE

Kelly opens up w/ three S’s for the Maui Jim gift tag, and buys the I, triple A’s and two E’s to wipe out the vowels already. She follows w/ a FP B, a TD C, a $550 H, but then a possibly fatal dud in R to likely cost her $6,300 cash & shades. John next spots a $1,500 trio of L’s but then gives it right back along w/ the WC to his second BANKRUPT courtesy of the one near TD. After Amanda’s non-existing N, Kelly FPs the F and lights up a $500 M…

A / S I M _ L _
F L A W L E S S / B E A C H

…she’s won $7,300 cash & shades plus a visit to A SIMPLY FLAWLESS BEACH at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in MAUI.

DUDS: R (Kelly), N (Amanda)

Kelly: $13,574 cash & prizes/John: $4,950/Amanda: $21,025 cash & Versa


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

T _ _ / _ _ _ L _
N I N E / _ _ _ D S



Next from her mouth are three $500 N’s, three A’s, but then a baddie of E. John secondly strikes out w/ G. Third for Amanda are a $900 D, a $700 R, but then another bad purchase of I. Down Kelly’s path next are two $500 S’s, two $900 C’s, and four O’s…

_ A _ O O N S
A N D / R A C C O O N S

…she catches these BABOONS AND RACCOONS for another $3,550.

DUDS: E (Kelly), G (John), I (Amanda)

Kelly: $20,124 cash & prizes/John: $4,950/Amanda: $21,025 cash & Versa


Speed-Up Round: WAYD?

This will determine whether either lady will be moving on, because the FS is set at $1,800. As soon as the twin W’s show their faces…

_ _ W _ N G / T _ _
_ _ W N

Amanda seals the deal w/ MOWING THE LAWN.


Kelly: $20,124 cash & prizes/John: $4,950/Amanda: $26,425 cash & Versa

GT: $51,499
BANKRUPT TRASH: $1,500 and the WC


$100K Bonus Round
Amanda’s potential second car could come in the form of a convertible — a ’15 Volkswagen EOS to be exact. Her envelope’s the *** one.

Category: PHRASE
This RSTLNE setup isn’t gonna help much…

_ _ _ _ / _ N
T _ E / _ _ _ _

HCGO doesn’t do any better…

_ _ _ _ / _ N
T H E / _ _ C _

…at least one of her friends will JUMP IN THE BACK of her new car, but she’s stumped on the first word and the $32K streak stays intact. 

$5K SPIN ID: SS1623121



Week 28 Stats

Another (blows raspberry) week comes to and end. And Harry, how many $32K envelopes did you put on that BW?!

Total this Week: $213,444
Total for the Season: $8,640,615
BR Win Record: 54-86 (.386)
Total Car Wins: 16
-1/2 Car: 13 (7 Ford Fiestas, 5 Nissan Versa Note Ss, 1 Chevy Spark)
-BR Car: 3 (Chevy Camaro, BMW x3, VW Beetle Conv.)
Prize Wedge Wins: 37
Gift Tag Wins: 40
Mystery Wedge Wins: 12
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 53-17
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 27-26
$10K MW was next to LaT: 27
$10K MW was next to $800: 39
Express was Played-Passed: 26-4
-Successes: 14
-Crashes: 12
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 8 (7 on $3,500, 1 on $900)
-BR: 15
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 97/57/0
5-Round Games: 30
6-Round Games: 3
Gooseegg Victims: 32
Red Winners: 48
Yellow Winners: 52
Blue Winners: 40
This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $52,281* 
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $929,272*
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,625* (Jan. 8), $20,600* (Sept. 16), $17,490 (Feb. 25)
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $49,175* (Jan 8.), $27,980* (March 10), $27,630* (Sept. 18)
Top 3 Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $130,565 (Feb. 23), $100,623 (Jan. 29)
Bottom 3 Winning Totals: $13,356 (Sept. 15), $12,400 (Feb. 16), $11,000 (Sept. 19)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $93,892 (Dec. 26), $83,743 (Jan. 29), $77,978 (Jan. 27)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)  
Season-Low Week: $171,789 (Disney Sand & Shore Wk.)

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 1
$1M Bonus Rounds: 11

$32K: 41/103
$40K: 3/9
$45K: 5/13
$50K: 0/4
$100K (or $1M): 2/4
CAR: 3/7

* includes prizes

WoF Recap: March 27, 2015

This is the last chance for them to try and give away a Winnebago.


$1K Tossup: WAYD?

_ A _ _ _ _ / _ _ _
_ _ _ T / O F / _ T

Lauren’s MAKING THE MOST OF IT at least right now. Last to play…

Lauren Cardillo: 3rd Grade teacher who uses this game to help students prepare for tests from Bayside, NY

Tim Bisek : machinist for hydraulic-cylinder co. & Army vet from Isanti, MN

Mary Forde: retired Marine who has four generations of military in her clan from Ewa Beach, HI; she also quilts and donates them to veteran organizations such as Wounded Warriors


C _ P _ _ I N
A _ A B


FEATURED TRIP: vegas.BUZZ worth $6,473

Round 1: PERSON

S for sorry is how she begins. Second, Lauren calls up two T’s for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, two E’s, three $550 R’s, and three A’s, followed by a TD M and the rest of the good vowels that isn’t I…

_ _ O T O _ R A _ _ E R

…she solves AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER for $4,150.


Lauren: $5,150 1/2 CAR/Tim: $0/Mary: $2K


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

We have an instant dud again, this time w/ Lauren’s choice of T. Second, Tim gets the Vegas trip w/ three N’s, buys two A’s, but then BANKRUPTs near TD to lose $7,723 cash & trip. Third, Mary spins up the other normal one. Lauren next gets the 1/2 CAR from the same spot w/ a D, buys E and O singles for her $500, but can’t complete the Versa w/ a baddie of L. Back to Tim who finds a $500 Y, the other two vowels, three G’s for the WC, two R’s for the 1/2 CAR that Lauren couldn’t get, and two $500 C’s. Board…

G R O C E R Y / A N D
_ U N C _ I N G
_ A G

…he scores his first $3,500 w/ GROCERY AND PUNCHING BAG.

DUDS (both by Lauren): T and L
BANKRUPTS: 2 (her opposition)

Lauren: $5,150 1/2 CAR/Tim: $3,500 1/2 CAR WC/Mary: $2K


PP/Express Round: THINGS

Tim picks off two $600 S’s, A and O singles, a $550 N, four E’s, and three $700 R’s then he sees…

A _ R E S / O _ / _ _ S _
_ R E E N E R _

…another $3,100 is his and he’ll be seeing ACRES OF LUSH GREENERY while at the Sandals Grand Riviera in JAMAICA worth $7,800.


Lauren: $5,150/Tim: $14,400 cash & Jamaica WC/Mary: $2K



_ _ R _ H
_ I G _ T

Mary turns on a PORCH LIGHT to move to $5K.

Round 4: PHRASE

On her letter list this go-round are a FP T, two $600 S’s, two E’s and an A, two $700 R’s, two $800 N’s, two O’s and a U, and two Y’s for $1,600…

S Y N _ _ R O N _ _ E
Y O U R / _ A T _ _ E S

….SYNCHRONIZE YOUR WATCHES, people, as she moves into second w/ that $5,300 solve.

PR #2

Lauren: $5,150/Tim: $14,400 cash & Jamaica WC/Mary: $10,300


Lauren’s first letters here are a $700 N, three A’s, a $700 D, but it’s S-U time…

_ A _ _ _ _ _ _
A N D / _ _ _ _ _ A _ _

…w/ $1,500 as the FS value. Two T’s, four S’s, and two R’s later…

_ A _ S T _ R S
A N D / _ _ S _ R A T S

Mary gets HAMSTERS AND MUSKRATS just barely before the buzzer for another $3K.

Lauren: $5,150/Tim: $14,400 cash & Jamaica WC/Mary: $13,300

GT: $32,850
BANKRUPT TRASH: $7,723 cash & trip


$100K Bonus Round
Tim takes that BW to the S of AMERICA’S.

Category: PHRASE
Here are the third letters of each word…

_ _ S _ / _ _ T _
_ _ R _

HGDA and C are of very limited help…

_ _ S _ / _ _ T H
_ _ R _

…I was BUSY WITH WORK this night after being pre-empted in my area and this guy has no chance of getting this one for…




























































…not the Winnebago as I feared, but $32K — that damn BW went cold on us again for the second week in a row.

$5K SPIN ID: LT5072747


WoF Recap: March 26, 2015


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

S P _ _ _ G / I _
_ _ / T _ E / _ _ R

Jason rightly says “SPRING IS IN THE AIR”. The lowdown on him and the girls…

Jason Merz: landscape-design business owner (who has 37 watches) from Mt. Sinai, NY

Kristina Egger: financial-service industry worker, public speaker & worker for nonprofit agency for animal alliance from Levittown, PA

Michelle Robinson: nurse from Eastpointe, MI


N E _ _ / _ _ _ R _ C K
H A R R I _

Kristina IDs former “How I Met Your Mother” star NEIL PATRICK HARRIS.

FEATURED TRIP: $6,500 Costa Mediterranean Cruise


She wastes a spin w/ the MDW’s right side. Second Michelle FPs two E’s, but then loses her turn just as quick w/ the T. Third, Jason runs into the other MDW BANKRUPT. Kristina restarts w/ two $700 M’s, buys an I, but then BANKRUPTs near TD. Michelle’s second turn sees her calling two $800 Y’s, an A, two R’s and a D at $700 apiece, two O’s, but then N for negative. Jason then lights up an $800 F, the last vowel of U, and a C for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900…

I ‘ M / R E A D Y / F O R
M Y / C _ O _ E – U _

…he recites “I’M READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP” from the ’50 film “Sunset Boulevard” for a new total of $2,050.

DUDS (both by Michelle): T and N
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Kristina 2x, Jason)


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

Both Michelle and Jason quickly strike out w/ N and T, respectively (the guy was on the MW near LaT). Third in line, Kristina spots four S’s for $3,600, buys four E’s, and grabs the SWIMOUTLET.com gift tag w/ an R, but she then gets his third BANKRUPT of the game courtesy of the one near $650 to forfeit $4,850 cash & GT. Michelle next uncovers triple D’s while on the same MW and finds on the back…the $$$! But her latest turn ends w/ M for mistake. Afterwards, we have three penalty spins in a rowJason on the MDW’s right side to lose his plate, Kristina on LaT, and Michelle on the BANKRUPT near TD to lose that $10K prize. Jason then lights up the SL Bonus of three G’s for the other 1/2 CAR

G R E E _
G _ D S / &
G _ D D E S S E S

…he solves GREEK GODS & GODDESSES for $2,500.

DUDS: N (Michelle), T (Jason), M (Michelle)
SOLE LaT: Kristina
BANKRUPTS: 3 (everybody)

Michelle: NOTHING/Jason: $4,550 1/2 CAR/Kristina: $2K

Repeating Bonus Puzzle Flashback: PHOTO FINISH


PP/Express Round: THING

Jason leads off w/ an $800 T, five E’s, two A’s, and a P for his second 1/2 CAR from the same spot he landed on before, followed by two $650 S’s, two $800 C’s, and the remainder of the vowels (two U’s and an I)…

A / _ U I E T
S E C _ U _ E _

…in addition to $3,200 and the Nissan Versa Note, he’s won a trip to A QUIET SECLUDED ESCAPE — the Divi Southwinds Beach Resort in BARBADOS; that round was worth $24,326 to him!


Michelle: NIL/Jason: $28,876 cash & prizes/Kristina: $2K



_ T H _ _ _ I C
T _ A _ _ _ R

Jason’s solved ATHLETIC TRAINER to close in on the $32K mark.


S for sorry is how he begins. Second for Kristina are a $700 N, two TD T’s, three O’s, two $500 R’s, and the rest of the vowels, but here comes LaT to likely cost her $10,450. Michelle then puts up the twin $900 P’s and double $500 C’s…

N O / P A R T I C U _ A R
P _ A C E / T O / _ O

…she solves Chuck Berry’s ’64 hit “NO PARTICULAR PLACE TO GO” to finally score her first $2,800.

SOLE DUD: S (Jason)
SOLE LaT: Kristina

Michelle: $2,800/Jason: $31,876 cash & prizes/Kristina: $2K


Speed-Up Round: WAYD?

$1,900 per consonant here. After that man spots the X…

_ _ T T _ N G / _
G _ _ D / _ X _ _ _ L _

…he’s  SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE for another $5,700.

Michelle: $2,800/Jason: $37,576 cash & prizes/Kristina: $2K

GT: $42,376
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $16K cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
Jason has the * envelope.

Category: THING
This trio of letters pop up first…

_ _ _ _ E T
_ _ _ R _

GPHO gives him…

P O _ _ E T
_ _ _ R _

…only the first word of POCKET DIARY and he’s the third $32K loser of the week. 

$5K SPIN ID: JD5813733


WoF Recap: March 25, 2015


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

H _ _ E / C O _ _ S
_ _ M M _ _

Rachel, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say “HERE COMES MOMMY.

H _ R E / C O M E S
_ U M M E _


H _ R E / C O M E S
_ U M M E R

Christina finally gets “HERE COMES SUMMER(that was a theme week from last season). Two New Yorkers on the panel tonight…

Christina Santoro: Kindergarten teacher who dreams of buying a puppy if she wins a lot of dough from Long Island City, NY

Rachel Ray: speech language pathologist from Portland, OR

Luke Miller: bartender/music producer who also does volunteer work w/ Boxers from NYC

Sounds like Christina has the same goal like the first millionaire on the program, Michelle Loewenstein… 😉


M E L _ S _ A
M C _ A _ _ _ Y

She’s “Molly” on the TV series “Mike & Molly”, but Luke blows the solve again w/ MELISSA McCARTNEY. Christina capitalizes w/ MELISSA McCARTHY to triple up.

FEATURED TRIP: Aruba from Hotels.com worth $7K

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

She calls an automatic dud of N. Second, Rachel calls up three T’s for $2,100, two E’s, and a TD R, then after buying two A’s and an O, she gets into trouble w/ the MDW’s right side to lose $3,850. Third, Luke spots three S’s for $2,400, and two L’s for the DICK’S gift tag…

S T E A _ E _
L O _ S T E R
T A _ L S

…he smells some STEAMED LOBSTER TAILS for $3,400 cash & GC.

SOLE DUD: N (Christina)


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

First up for Rachel are an N for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, three A’s, but then T for trouble. Second, Luke gets a hold of the MW near LaT after finding a D…it’s $10K! But his next spin is that evil white space. Third, Christina catches a $500 R and four FP E’s, but then loses the five Benjamins almost immediately to the BANKRUPT near TD. Rachel next tacks on three $600 S’s, buys an O, but then hits the LaT

S _ _ _ E / A N D
S A _
_ _ E E S E
R A _ _ O _ _

…allowing Luke to say “SMILE AND SAY CHEESE RAVIOLI” to add a one in front of his overall bank.

SOLE DUD: T (Rachel)
LaTs: 2 (Luke and Rachel)

Luke: $14,400 cash & GT/Christina: $3K/Rachel: ZIP


PP/Express Round: PLACES

Luke leads off w/ three TD S’s, two E’s and three A’s, and a TD N, followed by an $1,800 pair of D’s but then a possibly fatal purchase in O to likely give back $15,050. Christina next puts up a $900 T, but then purchases the other bad vowel of this puzzle (I)…

_ A T _ E D _ A _ S
A N D / _ _ S E _ _ S

…and Rachel will be seeing some CATHEDRALS AND MUSEUMS in PARIS courtesy of collette worth $11,698.

DUDS: O (Luke), I (Christina)

Luke: $14,400 cash & GT/Christina: $3K/Rachel: $11,698 tour


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ / C A M E L
I S / _ / _ _ _ M _ L

Rachel says “A CAMEL IS A MAMMAL” to take the lead by $298.

Round 4: THING

Two $900 T’s get her started, but a worthless A ends her turn just as quick. Second for Luke are a $550 R, two E’s, but then S for sorry. Down Christina’s path third are a $900 N, three O’s, a $700 L, and two FP C’s…

C O _ _ _ T E R
T E C _ N O L O _ _

…she solves COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY for another $2,350.

DUDS: A (Rachel), S (Luke)

Luke: $14,400 cash & GT/Christina: $5,350/Rachel: $14,698 cash & Paris


Round 5: PERSON

After Luke starts w/ a FP N and a $700 T…

_ _ _ T _ _ / _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ N _ _ _

…we go into a $6K Final Spin! Two R’s, S’s and M’s later…

M _ S T _ R / _ _
_ _ R _ M _ N _ _ S

…Pat the MASTER OF CEREMONIES sees Rachel make the game-winning $12K solve.

Luke: $14,400 cash & GT/Christina: $5,350/Rachel: $26,698 cash & Paris

GT: $46,448


$100K Bonus Round
Rachel lands on the A in GAME.

Category: PHRASE
I think I know this one…

_ _ _ _ E _ E
_ _ _ R / _ _ _ L

BMDO only adds two of the vowel…

_ _ _ _ E _ E
_ O _ R / _ O _ L

Rachel, let’s see you ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL of solving this bonus answer…she makes it happen to leave w/ $58,698 cash & Paris.

$5K SPIN ID: EC8471412 


WoF Recap: March 24, 2015


$1K Tossup: WAYD?

E _ T _ N G
F _ _ _ _ / S _ L _ D

Kacey solves EATING FRUIT SALAD. The Tuesday trio…

Kacey Akin: P.E. teacher and volley/softball coach from Clovis, CA

Russell Dee: Automotive engineer for automotive co.from Shelby Township, MI

Shawnee Warfield: assistant principal in the Elmont District, Good News Faith Tabernacle Church co-pastor and ballet teacher from Massapequa, NY

$2K Tossup: PERSON

_ _ E / _ _ N
_ _ / _ _ _ / H O _R

Kacey triples up w/ THE MAN OF THE HOUR.

FEATURED TRIP: Southern Morocco from Intrepid Travel worth $7K
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: SwimOutlet.com


She gets started w/ two T’s for $1,800, two E’s, the same number of R’s for $1,300, and an I, followed by an $800 N, the rest of the vowels (the A was chosen via FP), a $900 F…a $700 S…but then a FATAL DUD of L to leave $4,500 on the table. Russell then lights up a $1,400 pair of M’s…

_ U S T O M – M A _ E

…and keeps that amount towards buying some CUSTOM-MADE FURNITURE.



Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

That man leads off w/ a $1,300 pair of T’s, double E’s, but then the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, Shawnee wastes a turn w/ the MDW’s right side. Third, Kacey picks up the Morocco trip w/ two H’s, buys two A’s, and finds a $700 S. After she buys the remainder of the vowels that isn’t an I, here come a $900 G, four L’s for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, a $700 F…but then the LaT to likely squander $11,550 cash & trip. Russell then locates a $2,700 trio of R’s…

R O L L / O U T / T H E
_ A R R E L
O F / L A U G H S

…let’s ROLL OUT THE BARREL OF LAUGHS for him, because he’s capitalized on another Kacey downfall.

SOLE LaT: Kacey
BANKRUPTS: 2 (other players)

Russell: $4,100/Shawnee: ZERO/Kacey: $3K

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (1990): THING
This man got some help from HMCA…

A N C H _ _ _

…but he still doesn’t get ANCHOVY.


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Shawnee gets that MDW right away w/ an N, then following a null cycle (Pat was saying “There you go”) are a $600 D, three O’s, two E’s, and C for crud. Kacey secondly exposes two $900 Y’s, three H’s while on the other 1/2 CAR, and four A’s, then we show her…

Y O _ / H A _ E / N O
_ D E A / H O _
H A _ _ Y / _ / A _

…she rightly admits “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM” for $3,050 plus a trip to the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay in ST. LUCIA worth $7,150.

SOLE DUD: C (Shawnee)

Russell: $4,100/Shawnee: BUPKIS/Kacey: $13,200 cash & St. Lucia


$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

C _ N _ M _ _ O _ R _ P _ Y

Shawnee’s scoreless no more by by pronouncing CINEMATOGRAPHY correctly, though Pat mistakenly ruled her incorrect.

Round 4: THINGS

Next from her mouth are a $700 S, a FP I, four E’s, a $900 N, a $500 K, an A, a $650 R, but then the one bad vowel of this puzzle (U). Following Kacey’s $1K pair of T’s…

K N E E – _ I _ _
_ E A T _ E R / _ _ _ T S

…we go into an $1,800 FS. Her next pick is the triple H’s…

K N E E – H I _ H
_ E A T H E R / _ _ _ T S

…she wins $6,400 more from this pair of KNEE-HIGH LEATHER BOOTS.


Russell: $4,100/Shawnee: $3K/Kacey: $19,600 cash & St. Lucia

GT: $26,700 


$100K Bonus Round
We landed on the second A of AMERICA’s last night, and this lady spins up the other A of that same word.

Category: PLACE
Again, only one letter to start…

_ _ _ _ _
_ _ T _

DCMO is also of limited help…

_ _ M _ _
_ _ T _

…she falls victim to this BUMPY PATH (she said JUMBO PATH) and also loses $32K. 

$5K SPIN ID: SJ5416403


WoF Recap: March 23, 2015

Leave Winter Behind is back for another go-round this season w/ the same animated intro we first saw four years ago and a Winnebago up for grabs. Remember, the one offered this season is the 2015 Travato 59G Touring Coach (and sources say it has a base price of at least $85K!). 


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

R E C I P _ / F _ R
S _ C _ E _ _

Janet might have the RECIPE FOR SUCCESS. The lead-off panel this week…

Janet Schafer: call center worker for an airline from Kent, WA

Alicia French: works for the State Capitol for the Dept. of Senate in the Sergeant at Arms office from Antelope, CA

Robert Hamilton: inspector for major East Coast utility co. from Franklin Square, NY

$2K Tossup: THING

_ E _
B _ O _ S E R

They last used this as a Bonus Puzzle over five yrs, ago, but Robert doesn’t even know it.

_ E B
B _ O _ S E R

Alicia solves WEB BROWSER.

FEATURED COLLETTE TRIP: Australia & Fiji worth $10,458
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: DICK’S Sporting Goods
1/2 CAR: Nissan Versa Note

Round 1: SHOW BIZ

She first calls two $900 N’s and two TD S’s to go to $6,800 already, then she buys triple E’s and I’s before becoming the first BANKRUPT victim of the week next to $650 to lose the $6,300 remainder. Second, Robert locates two T’s for $1,100, two O’s, double L’s for $1,400 more, and a $600 P. Board…

T E L E _ I S I O N
P E _ S O N _ L I T _

…he solves TELEVISION PERSONALITY for $2,850.


Janet: $1K/Alicia: $2K/Robert: $2,850


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Robert gets that South Pacific wedge right away w/ two T’s, buys two E’s, and FPs a single A. He follows w/ three $550 R’s, two O’s, and three L’s while on the MW near $800 before taking the money for those (it would’ve worked, though). Unfortunately, he then spins up the other normal BANKRUPT to forfeit $15,608 cash & trip. Janet next uncovers the Y while on the same MW and flips it over. But after an $1,800 pair of N’s, the sole dud vowel of I stops her. Alicia then takes a $700 M, two FP C’s, a $600 K, but then the LaT. Following Robert’s $1,950 trio of S’s…

L O C _ / N E S S
T R _ C K / R A L L Y


SOLE DUD: I (Janet)
SOLE LaT: Alicia

Janet: $1K/Alicia: $2K/Robert: $4,800


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Janet leads off w/ an N for the DICK’s gift card, three A’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650. Second for Alicia are two $800 T’s, an S for the MDW, a $650 R, a $550 L, an E, and two I’s, after which she spots two pairs of $900 H’s and W’s, and a TD G singleton. We now have…

E _ A _ T L _ / W H A T
I / W A S / H _ _ I N G
_ _ R

…this is EXACTLY WHAT I WAS HOPING FOR — she keeps that MDW along w/ another $9,400 plus a trip to the Crocodile Bay Resort in COSTA RICA worth $9,070.


Janet: $1K/Alicia: $20,470 cash & C.R. MDW/Robert: $4,800



_ _ _ P H I C
D _ S I G _ E R

Robert IDs the job as a GRAPHIC DESIGNER.

Speed-Up Round: WAYD?

The first FS of the week is $1,900. After two T’s pop up on Vanna’s board…

T _ _ N _ _ N G
_ _ T / _ _ _ _

Alicia knows that THINKING OUT LOUD is key to winning her upcoming MDBR, as she makes the $3,800 solve.

Janet: $1K/Alicia: $24,270 cash & C.R. MDW/Robert: $7,800

GT: $33,070
BANKRUPT TRASH: $23,158 cash & prizes


Alicia’s husband Nick is holding that MDW, and she also brought along mom Olivia, father Ed, and her friend Lindsay. Her potential reward comes from the second A in AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
Limited RSTLNE help…

_ _ _ _ _ _ N _
_ _ _ _

Most of MPDA are there, but they’re not gonna do much…

M A _ _ _ A N _
_ _ _ D

…she doesn’t remember the category as she goes way off the mark w/ MARIACHI BAND. That was MAHOGANY WOOD





















































…and she doesn’t win the $32K.

$1M LOCATION: M of GAME (six away)
$5K SPIN ID: JD2210023


Week 27 Stats

Goddamn you $32K!!!

Total this Week: $289,090
Total for the Season: $8,427,171
BR Win Record: 53-82 (.393)
Total Car Wins: 15
-1/2 Car: 12 (7 Ford Fiestas, 4 Nissan Versa Note Ss, 1 Chevy Spark)
-BR Car: 3 (Chevy Camaro, BMW x3, VW Beetle Conv.)
Prize Wedge Wins: 37
Gift Tag Wins: 39
Mystery Wedge Wins: 11
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 50-16
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 24-26
$10K MW was next to LaT: 25
$10K MW was next to $800: 38
Express was Played-Passed: 26-4
-Successes: 14
-Crashes: 12
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 8 (7 on $3,500, 1 on $900)
-BR: 14
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 92/54/0
5-Round Games: 27
6-Round Games: 3
Gooseegg Victims: 32
Red Winners: 48
Yellow Winners: 49
Blue Winners: 38
This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $14,700
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $876,991*
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,625* (Jan. 8), $20,600* (Sept. 16), $17,490 (Feb. 25)
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $49,175* (Jan 8.), $27,980* (March 10), $27,630* (Sept. 18)
Top 3 Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $130,565 (Feb. 23), $100,623 (Jan. 29)
Bottom 3 Winning Totals: $13,356 (Sept. 15), $12,400 (Feb. 16), $11,000 (Sept. 19)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $93,892 (Dec. 26), $83,743 (Jan. 29), $77,978 (Jan. 27)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)  
Season-Low Week: $171,789 (Disney Sand & Shore Wk.)

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 1
$1M Bonus Rounds: 10

$32K: 40/98
$40K: 3/9
$45K: 5/13
$50K: 0/4
$100K (or $1M): 2/4
CAR: 3/7

* includes prizes

WoF Recap: March 20, 2015


The last stop this week is the set of Fabulous Food.

$1K Tossup: PERSON

E L _ E _
S T _ T E S _ A N

R.J. solves ELDER STATESMAN. Info on him and the ladies…

R.J. Vaillancourt: actor who collects pajama pants from Astoria, NY

Jennifer Johnson: former USPS worker who also plays recreational sports and is a GS fanatic from the Bronx

Lisa Jordan-Smith: Holland ES Vice-Principal who’s nicknamed “Stretch” from Clovia, CA

$2K Tossup: PLACE

_ _ R G A _ _
_ _ _ E M _ N T

Uh R.J., there is NO such thing as a GARAGE BASEMENT.

B _ R G A _ N
_ _ _ E M _ N T

Lisa capitalizes w/ BARGAIN BASEMENT.

FEATURED TRIP: Hilton Waikoloa Village in HI plus a $1K Kings’ Shops SS worth $7,814

Round 1: FUN & GAMES

The first letters she calls are a $700 N, two A’s, two FP P’s, and two I’s. But after a TD L, the MDW’s right side comes by to take away $3,700. Second, R.J. calls up three G’s for $1,950, an O, an $800 R, and three E’s, then he mistakenly buys the U while on the WC and wastes his turn by repeating the G. Third, Jennifer fills in four T’s for $2,400, and the twin Z’s for $1,200 more…

P _ T T I N G
T O G E T _ E R / A
_ I G _ A _ / P _ Z Z L E


SOLE DQ: R.J.’s G repeat

Lisa: $2K/R.J.: $1K/Jennifer: $3,600


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

R.J. first puts up an $800 R, but then hits the same BANKRUPT that Lisa got. Second in line, Jennifer takes a $650 T, three $800 S’s, but then the sole dud vowel of A. Third for Lisa is N for no. R.J. next gets the SHOP.COM gift tag w/ an L (it’s $$$), but loses another turn w/ a P call. Once Jennifer strikes out w/ M, Lisa proceeds to put up two D’s for the WC, six E’s and an O, a $600 B, and the last vowel of two U’s, then she sees…

R E D / _ _ _ T E / &
S U E D E / S _ O E S

…a pair of “RED, WHITE & BLUE SUEDE SHOES” for the house minimum.

DUDS: A (Jennifer), N (Lisa), P (R.J.), M (Jennifer)

Lisa: $3K WC/R.J.: $1K/Jennifer: $3,600


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Jennifer leads off w/ a $1,500 trio of T’s, but she too is a victim of the MDW’s right side. Lisa secondly BANKRUPTs next to $650 to lose the WC. Third in R.J.’s future are five N’s for $4K, two I’s and three A’s, a $900 D, and the leftover vowels (two E’s, three O’s and a U). Following two $900 H’s and three $700 C’s…

C O N N E C T I N _
N O _ T H / A N D
_ O U T H / A _ E _ I C A

…he wins another $7,550 and a $6K trip to a place that’s CONNECTING NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICACENTRAL AMERICA from caravan.com

BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Lisa: $3K/R.J.: $14,550 cash & tour/Jennifer: $3,600



_ L D / _ _ _ _ _ R
_ _ _ B A _ _


Speed-Up Round: THINGS

It’s another $1,500 FS. After an L pops up…

C R _ _ _ N S / _ N D
C _ L _ R _ N _ / _ _ _ _ S

Jennifer solves CRAYONS AND COLORING BOOKS for $6K.

SOLE DUD: T (Lisa)

Lisa: $3K/R.J.: $14,550 cash & tour/Jennifer: $12,600

GT: $30,150
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $6K


$100K Bonus Round
The S of SPIN is where R.J. lands on.

Category: THING
A pair of something to start…

_ _ L _ _
L _ _ _ _

DPCO gives him…

_ _ L _ D
L O _ _ C

…he’s able to provide some VALID LOGIC, but it’s too bad that we’re stuck on $32K all week long for the third time this season. He leaves w/ $46,550 cash & tour.

$5K SPIN ID: RE1066658


WoF Recap: March 19, 2015


We’re on the California Coast set where we set a new all-time weekly total without even hitting either grand prize.

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ _ D _
_ _ L A _ D

Bill locates RHODE ISLAND. Thursday’s trio…

Bill Vitale: title insurance co. worker who brews his own beer and is a Michigan St. fan from Rochester, MI

Annie Gerstner: hairstylist for men from Auburn, WA

Penny Montibon: co-manager of a trucking co. from Hilo, HI

$2K Tossup: THINGS

S H O C _
_ _ S O R _ E _ S

Annie gets out these SHOCK ABSORBERS.

FEATURED $6K SS: overstock


Two $600 T’s get her started, but she then buys the sole dud vowel of E. Second, Penny FPs four A’s, picks up $10K worth of four N’s plus $2,400 more from four S’s, and buys four I’s, then she…

T _ I S / _ A N _ / I S
_ _ _ _ / _ A N _
T _ I S / _ A N _ / I S
_ _ / _ A N _

…exactly recites “THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, THIS LAND IS MY LAND” for $12,150.

SOLE DUD: E (Annie)

Annie: $2K/Penny: $12,150/Bill: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Fresh off of that nice R1, Penny starts this one on a bad note w/ the MDW’s right side. Second, Bill locates two T’s and an N at $900 a pop, two E’s, two $550 R’s, and two A’s, followed by an S for the 1/2 CAR next to the pink $900, a $550 P, an I, and two O’s to clean out the vowels. After an $1,100 pair of C’s…

_ O S T O N
C R E A _
P I E / C _ A R T

…you might not like the nutrition facts for a BOSTON CREAM PIE CHART, but this guy scores another $4,950.


Annie: $2K/Penny: $12,150/Bill: $5,950 1/2 CAR

Repeating Bonus Puzzle Flashback: DUCK POND


PP/Express Round: PEOPLE

That man at the end spots a TD S, four $900 R’s, and seven E’s before he goes for a quick solve…

_ E R _
E _ _ E R _ E _ _ E _
_ R _ _ E _ E R S

…he should be one of those VERY EXPERIENCED TRAVELERS, because he’s won $6,850 plus the $6K caravan.com PANAMA TOUR.


Annie: $2K/Penny: $12,150/Bill: $18,800 cash & tour


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

S T _ N D _ _ _ / _ _ _ M
_ N L _

Tonight’s STANDING ROOM ONLY audience applauds Bill for making this solve.

Round 4: PLACE

He and Annie call instant duds of T and R, respectively. Third, Penny sees in her future three FP E’s, a $500 N, but no L. Bill restarts w/ two $900 S’s, an I, two $900 C’s, an O, but then the sole dud vowel of A. After Annie BANKRUPTs next to $650, Penny plugs in a $900 F and the twin U’s…

_ U S E U _ / O F

…she solves MUSEUM OF SCIENCE for $1,150.

DUDS: T (Bill), R (Annie), L (Penny), A (Bill)

Annie: $2K/Penny: $13,300/Bill: $21,800 cash & tour



Annie’s selections here are an $800 N, a FP dud of E, a $500 M, two A’s, a $600 C, and two $550 H’s. Board…

H _ _ H
_ A C _ M A N

…Shanda Clarke IDd this guy for $100K on the Wed. episode of Teacher’s Week in ’07, and Annie knows that’s HUGH JACKMAN for $2,750.

SOLE DUD: E (Annie)

Annie: $4,750/Penny: $13,300/Bill: $21,800 cash & tour


Speed-Up Round: RHYME TIME

It’s a $1,650 FS. Penny puts up the triple N’s at the start but is way off w/ HAND AND HAND. She gets another shot after calling the W…

W _ N _
_ N D / D _ N _

WINE AND DINE is right for $6,600.

SOLE DUD: T (Annie)
SOLE DQ: Penny’s throwaway solve

Annie: $4,750/Penny: $19,900/Bill: $21,800 cash & tour 

GT: $46,450


$100K Bonus Round
Bill takes out the W envelope.

Category: THING
The second word should be established already…

_ R _ _ _
_ _ R T R _ _ T

CPMA adds besides the two on the bottom…

_ R _ _ P
P _ R T R A _ T

…there will be a GROUP PORTRAIT of him, his brother Sam, and friend Yan celebrating Bill’s $32K victory, so he leaves w/ $53,800 cash & tour. 

$5K SPIN ID: IJ6898303