WoF Recap: February 18, 2015 — Vanna’s 58th Birthday

Let’s give our famous letter turner an episode to smile about.


$1K Tossup: THINGS

_ _ T U R A L
_ O N D _ R S

Jon solves NATURAL WONDERS and this man in the middle will be interviewed first…

Jon Eveland: site manager for a condominium from Kaneohe

Ashley Tobosa: active duty C.G. E3 Seaman for four yrs. from Pearl City

Donna Dela Cruz: product consultant for a restaurant supply co. in Kona from Kailua-Kona


G _ _ / I N T _
T _ _ / _ _ O _ V E

Donna exactly recites the Madonna line “GET INTO THE GROOVE” from ’85.

FEATURED COLLETTE TRIP: Washington D.C. worth $8K

Round 1: PHRASE

Donna gets started w/ three R’s for $1,800, an E, three $650 S’s, and three A’s before she hits the MDW’s right side to lose $3,250. Second, Jon calls up a $600 N, two I’s, two D’s and H’s at $1,200 per pair, three O’s, and two U’s, then we have…

A / _ I _ _ U R E
I S / _ O R _ H / A
_ H O U S A N D
_ O R D S

…him knowing that A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS for $2,250 when he could’ve gone for those T’s.


Donna: $2K/Jon: $3,250/Ashley: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Trying to build on a $1,250 lead, Jon leads off w/ two $500 T’s, two A’s, six I’s, and two H’s for the D.C. trip, but next is D for dud. Ashley secondly lights up five N’s while on the MW near $800 and goes double or nothing…it’s nothing at all. Third, Donna takes two C’s and K’s at $1K per pair, a $600 R, and an O, but she then says a critical dud of L. That opens up the door for Jon, but he decides to spin…and he shouldn’t have, because he’s BANKRUPTed near TD to forfeit $9,500 cash & trip. After Ashley squanders another turn w/ S, Donna LaTs out…

I / T H I N K
I / C A N
I / T H I N K / I
C A N / O _ _ N _ R

…and Jon correctly says “I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN OPENER” for the house minimum. See what happens when you get too greedy, sir?

DUDS: D (Jon), L (Donna), S (Ashley)
SOLE LaT: Donna
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Ashley, Jon)

Donna: $2K/Jon: $4,250/Ashley: ZERO


PP/Express Round: PLACE

Ashley continues her quest to get on the board w/ three $500 T’s, two $650 R’s, five E’s, two $600 S’s, two A’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to give back $3,500. Donna then picks three D’s for $1,500, buys two I’s…

_ E _ E _ D A R _
D E S T I _ A T I _ _

…and wins another $1,250 plus a trip to a LEGENDARY DESERT DESTINATION — the Omni Hotels & Resorts Rancho Las Palmas in PALM SPRINGS worth $8,058.


Donna: $11,308 cash & P.S./Jon: $4,250/Ashley: ZILCH


$3K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ O _ _ E B _ C K
R I D _ N _

Ashley’s scoreless no more w/ HORSEBACK RIDING.

Speed-Up Round: TITLE

The FS is worth $1,900. After a lady puts up the R’s…

T H _ / _ _ R _ / _ F
T H _ / R _ _ _ S

….Donna seals the deal by solving “THE LORD OF THE RINGS” for $5,700.

Donna: $17,008 cash & P.S./Jon: $4,250/Ashley: $3K

GT: $24,258
BANKRUPT TRASH: $16,250 cash and D.C.


$100K Bonus Round
Well, I was wrong about this week’s vehicle being a Dodge Journey — it’s actually the Jeep Wrangler Sport that was offered on the first Hawaii week according to the pre-BR bumper. Anyway, Donna spins up that M in GAME, which was where the $50K was last night.

Looks pretty easy from where I’m sitting…

_ _ _ T _ R _ 
_ _ R _ E R

PMCO puts in…

_ _ C T O R _
_ O R _ E R

the O’s did it for her and this FACTORY WORKER won’t have to build Donna a vehicle because she actually wins the $32K for a final total of $49,008 cash & trip.

$5K SPIN ID: KC7771210



3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: February 18, 2015 — Vanna’s 58th Birthday

  1. JP Mackey February 19, 2015 / 4:19 am

    Happy birthday Vanna!

    They need to make the BR categories and PP trips way more frequent in studio, because they've been really good recently.


  2. Andy Nguyen February 19, 2015 / 5:21 am

    I agree. The PP trips have been WAY too many tropical ones. Time to make this change now, Wheel.


  3. JP Mackey February 19, 2015 / 5:43 am

    Maybe .BUZZ can help! (Instead of Hotwire.)


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