WoF Recap: January 30, 2015

I’m sorry for the delay of this recap because my computer got infected by viruses yesterday. But I have FIXED it this morning thanks to the help of one of the most trusted anti-virus removal tools. 


$1K Tossup: (MOVIE) TITLE

_ _ C A _ _ / F R _ M
_ L _ A _ R _ Z

Courtney IDs the 1979 flick “ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ” starring Clint Eastwood. These three are here to help us break the $400K mark on the week…

Courtney Stearn: physical therapist and national 3-baton twirler champ/judge from Summerville, SC
Cindy Richter: Fox College physical therapist grad who recently got engaged & runs the Tough Mudder course from Carol Stream, IL
Lawrence Albury: toute sales rep/delivery guy from Philly

$2K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

S T _ _ _
S A _ _ W I _ H

Cindy chomps up a STEAK SANDWICH.

LAST CC TRIP OF WK.: Loews Coronado Bay in San Diego w/ $1K Undercovertourist credit to any So. Cal attraction worth $7,005

Round 1: ON THE MAP

Cindy gets the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900 right away w/ three R’s, buys two E’s, and quickly gets the other half w/ three S’s. After she buys three A’s, two O’s and two I’s to clean out the vowels, she duds out w/ P. Lawrence secondly calls two T’s and three N’s at $700 a pop, an F and two C’s worth $800 each, but then a a baddie of H while on the gas cards. After Courtney insta-BANKRUPTS near $650, Cindy puts up $700 B and L singles and a $600 M before we finally reveal…

L O M B A R _
S T R E E T / I N
S A N / F R A N C I S C O

…she wins another $4K and the Fiesta, which she can use to drive down LOMBARD STREET IN FRANCISCO!

DUDS: P (Cindy), H (Lawrence)

Lawrence: $0/Courtney: $1K/Cindy: $20,690 cash & Fiesta


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Lawrence starts this round on a bad note w/ the N. Second, Courtney takes a T while on the MW near $800 and gives back the sure grand for…the BANKRUPT. Third, Cindy LaTs out. Back to Lawrence who fills in a $900 S and four R’s to x5 up, buys three E’s and A’s and FPs two I’s. After that come a $2K pair of F’s, two O’s, a $1K D, a U, but then a potentially fatal dud of M while on the San Diego trip. Courtney then puts up three L’s for $2,100, two $600 C’s, and a $1K Y before we turn to the board…

A L _ _ A _ E T I C A L
O F / C U R L Y

…please don’t send me ALPHABETICAL ORDER OF CURLY FRIES brands; all I want to see id her winning another $4,300.

DUDS: N and M (both by Lawrence)
SOLE LaT: Cindy

Lawrence: NOTHING/Courtney: $5,300/Cindy: $20,690 cash & Fiesta


PP/Express Round: THING

Courtney leads off w/ three T’s for the gas cards, four E’s, $650 H and N singles, and three $600 R’s. She then buys O and A, but the latter isn’t there. Down Cindy’s path second are an $800 F, an I, but then the MDW’s left side. Third for Lawrence are a $600 W but then the same BANKRUPT

T H E / _ E _ T / _ _ R E
F O R / W I N T E R

…and Courtney has found THE BEST CURE FOR WINTER — $3,850, the gas cards, and a tropical trip to the Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort in ST. CROIX worth $6,722.

SOLE DUD: A (Courtney)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (other players)

Lawrence: NIL/Courtney: $16,872 cash & prizes/Cindy: $20,690 cash & Fiesta



_ _ L _ C _ _ T _ R
P _ L _ _

Courtney narrows the gap between and the other lady after she’s solved HELICOPTER PILOT.

Speed-Up Round: PHRASE

$1,900 per consonant this time. After a K appears late in this round…

_ N / Y _ _ R / M _ R K
_ _ T / S _ T / _ _ !

…Lawrence says “ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!” to finally avoid being gooseegged.

(NOTE: A null cycle was triggered after Lawrence chose a Y.)

AIRED DUDS: H and C (both by Cindy)

Lawrence: $5,700/Courtney: $19,872 cash & prizes/Cindy: $20,690 cash & Fiesta

GT: $46,262


$100K Bonus Round
Cindy takes out the I envelope from AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
This seven-letter answer starts out as…

_ L _ E
S _ _

PCYU should do it for her…

_ L U E
S _ Y 

…she spots the clear BLUE SKY to make Kelly from Monday unhappy and win the $32K to leave w/ $52,690 cash & car. 

$5K SPIN ID: SD0012908

After we add it all up, we have a NEW SERIES-HIGH WEEKLY TOTAL that didn’t have a grand prize win — $441,963!



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: January 30, 2015

  1. Wanting to know January 31, 2015 / 11:22 pm

    How can you find the results of a taped show before it airs?


  2. Andy Nguyen February 1, 2015 / 3:27 am

    You can't. If you know someone who taped a show, do not ask the person for the results because he/she signed a non-disclosure agreement (spoiling the outcome before it airs).


  3. JP Mackey February 1, 2015 / 5:10 pm

    Boy, what a show. Just glad Lawrence won something. (And the audience was just GREAT.)


  4. JP Mackey February 14, 2015 / 6:50 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.


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