WoF Recap: January 28, 2015


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ O _ _ E R _ Y
_ A _

Nick locates MONTEREY BAY. The midweek players are as follows…

Nick Parlapiano: Italian teacher at Van Wyck Jr. HS (he’s been to Italy thrice and has at least two dogguses) from Wingdale, NY
Kele Makaiau: accountant from Kailua Kona
Taya Duchatellier: healthcare mgmt. grad student at South Univ. (she also collects quarters) from Atlanta

$2K Tossup: THING

O _ _ _ C _ L
_ _ _ U _ _ _ N

Nick isn’t seeing an OPTICAL ILLUSION, because he triples up.

FEATURED CC TRIP: MacArthur Place Hotel in Sonoma worth $6,250

Round 1: PHRASE

Here he goes w/ two T’s for $1,600, the buys of three E’s and four A’s, three H’s for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900 and an I to clear the vowel shop. He follows up w/ two FP C’s, a $650 K, a $900 B, an R for that MDW…but then the BANKRUPT near $900 to wipe out $4,900 and both his cardboard pieces; darn. Kele then calls up two N’s for $1,800, and an M for the gas cards…

M E A N _ H I _ E
B A C K / A T
T H E / R A N C H

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH, Kele’s scored $3,300 cash & gas cards.


Taya: $0/Nick: $3K/Kele: $3,300 cash & GT


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

First for Kele are an R for the same 1/2 CAR but then S for sorry while on the CC wedge. Second, Taya takes a $500 T and an L via the MW near LaT and flips it over to find…nothing. Third, Nick captures quad N’s for 14 grand, an I, a $500 C, two O’s, three E’s, two A’s, and two $500 G’s…

_ E E L I N G / A N
C O _ N T _

…he’s not PEELING AN ORANGE COUNTY but rather winning another $14,500!

SOLE DUD: S (Kele)

Taya: DONUT/Nick: $17,500/Kele: $3,300 cash & GT


PP/Express Round: SAME LETTER

The scoreless Taya gets going w/ a $700 T, the SL bonus of four $500 R’s, and four E’s, then come two $500 S’s, but then C for crud. Nick secondly lights up two TD N’s, two I’s, two $800 G’s, an A, and two L’s while on the same 1/2 CAR before he…

R E _ R E S _ I N G
R E L A _ I N G
R E S T _ _ L

…solves REFRESHING, RELAXING, RESTFUL to add $9,100 and a $7,500 trip to the Pelican Eyes Resort in NICARAGUA.

SOLE DUD: C (Taya)

Taya: NO LUCK/Nick: $34,100 cash & Nicaragua/Kele: $3,300 cash & GT


$3K Tossup: TITLE

J _ _ _ _ S / _ _ _ / T _ E
_ I _ N _ / _ _ _ _ H

Nick sweeps the Tossups w/ “JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH“.


The first letters he calls are two $800 N’s, three A’s, and an E, then come two $900 R’s, two FP L’s, two O’s, an $800 T and two $900 C’s before we finally sound the S-U bells…

A / C L O C _ / _ _ T _
R O _ A N / N _ _ E R A L _

…we don’t quite make it to the big one again, but we still have a $1,500 FS. He puts up the M’s…

A / C L O C _ / _ _ T _
R O M A N / N _ M E R A L _

…and A CLOCK WITH ROMAN NUMERALS forces the budget people to pay him another $9,250.


Taya: $1K GOOSEEGG/Nick: $46,350 cash & Nicaragua/Kele: $3,300 cash & GT

GT: $50,650
BANKRUPT TRASH (extras excluded): $5,400


$100K Bonus Round
The BW stops on the M of GAME.

Category: PHRASE
Another decent RSTLNE setup…

_ _ L L / _ N
T _ E / _ _ _ S

PHGO puts in besides the obvious H…

_ _ L L / _ N
T H E / G _ P S

…does he FILL IN THE (remaining) GAPS this instant…yes he does! Please don’t let that damn minimum show up…

but it does — phooey. Anyway, he leaves us w/ $78,350 cash & trip!

$5K SPIN ID: CM9610547

(END NOTE: In the BR bumper sponsored by Post Shredded Wheat, a ’15 FIAT 500c is available in the BR, possibly in next week’s Fun & Fit Week; we’ve seen that car before on said week back in S29 and S30.) 



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