WoF Recap: January 21, 2015



M _ _ _
T _ _ _ _ R I _ E R

Susan’s shaking her head as she goofs w/ MEAT THERMOMETER.

M _ A _
T _ _ _ _ R I Z E R

Chris solves MEAT TENDERIZER. These players are hungry tonight for big winnings…

Chris Parisi: recently-engaged Middlesex HS Science teacher & Giants football fan from Bloomfield, NJ
Hillary Hagler: flight attendant and Boston sports fan w/ two rescue chihuahuas from Playa Del Rey, CA (orig. from Boston)
Susan Zoghelb: registered dietician and freelance writer from Bethlehem, PA (orig from Beirut, Lebanon)

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

S _ A Y I N G / O N
_ _ H E D U _ _

Hillary could be STAYING ON SCHEDULE after solving this puzzle.

FEATURED INTREPID TRIP: Spain worth $6,082

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

She gets the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900 right away w/ an R, calls up two TD T’s, but then buys a bad vowel in A. Second, Susan spots two L’s for $1,400, buys seven E’s, but then says a dud of N. Third, Chris lights up a $1,950 trio of H’s, but LaTs out…

T H R E E – _ H E E _ E
_ T _ _ _ E _ / _ H E L L _

…and Hillary eats up some THREE-CHEESE STUFFED SHELLS for $5,250.

DUDS: A (Hillary), N (Susan)
SOLE LaT: Chris

Hillary: $7,250 1/2 CAR/Susan: $0/Chris: $1K


Mystery Round: QUOTATION

T for trouble is how Susan starts. Second in line, Chris digs up two S’s for $1,600, two A’s, but nothing more w/ H. Third, Hillary lights up four L’s for $2,800, two E’s, a $650 N, four O’s, a $600 C, and two R’s for a duplicate of the same 1/2 CAR

O L _ / _ _ N _
C O L E / _ A S
A / _ E R R _
O L _ / S O _ L

…she exactly recites “OLD KING COLE HAS A MERRY OLD SOUL” for the Versa Note and another $4,550 in gas money! 

DUDS: T (Susan), H (Chris)

Hillary: $26,775 cash & Versa/Susan: BUPKIS/Chris: $1K


PP/Express Round: THINGS

Chris picks up the Beef Bucks debit card right away w/ an N, only to give it right back and the $500 to the MDW’s right side. Second for Hillary are a $700 T, four $800 S’s, two O’s and an A, but then the LaT. On Susan’s radar third are two C’s for $1,200, three I’s, a TD F, the other two vowels, two R’s for $1,300, and two P’s for $1,200. Here’s what we’re looking at right now…

C R U I S E / S _ I P S
I N / P O R T S
O F / C A _ _

…she solves CRUISE SHIPS IN PORTS OF CALL for her first $6,450 and the $6K Costa CARIBBEAN CRUISE.

SOLE LaT: Hillary

Hillary: $26,775 cash & Versa/Susan: $12,450 cash & cruise/Chris: $1K


$3K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ . / _ _ _ I S
M _ S _ _ _ _ _

Home of the MLB’s Cardinals, Hillary locates ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI

Round 4: PHRASE

A $1,500 trio of T’s get her started, but the BANKRUPT near TD takes it all right back. Second, Susan FPs a dud vowel of A, lights up an $800 R, buys five E’s, but then loses a turn w/ an L call. After Chris falls victim to the same BANKRUPT, Hillary captures a $2,100 trio of N’s, two U’s, and a $500 C…

U N E _ _ E C T E _
T U R N / _ _ / E _ E N T _

…aside from an UNEXPECTED TURN OF EVENTS, Hillary’s padded her big lead by another $2,350.

DUDS (both by Susan): A & L
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Hillary, Chris)

Hillary: $32,125 cash & Versa/Susan: $12,450 cash & cruise/Chris: $1K


Round 5: PERSON

After the middle lady starts w/ a $1K pair of N’s, it’s S-U time…

_ / _ _ _ _ N _ / _ _
_ / _ _ _ _ N _

…w/ an $1,800 FS. Just before Vanna’s finished lighting up the triple F’s…

_ / F R _ _ N _ / _ F
_ / F R _ _ N _

Hillary proves to be A FRIEND OF A FRIEND for $5,400

SOLE DUD (after FS): G (Susan)

Hillary: $37,525 cash & Versa/Susan: $12,450 cash & cruise/Chris: $1K

GT: $50,795
BANKRUPT TRASH: $3K cash & debit card


$100K Bonus Round
Hillary spins her way to the S of SPIN.

Category: THING
Calling the right vowel on this one could make or break her…

_ _ _ _ _ N E _
_ E _ _ _ T

PMCA doesn’t add to much more…

C _ M _ _ N E _
_ E _ _ _ T

…I’d rather not know the COMBINED WEIGHT of all the prizes available in this part of the game, as she blows the first word w/ COMPANY and is the third straight $32K loser.

$5K SPIN ID: TZ3812638

Paella’s being served to the hosts.



One thought on “WoF Recap: January 21, 2015

  1. JP Mackey January 22, 2015 / 4:10 am

    I have a gut feeling there will be a shutout this week. I hope not…no. NOT this week, Wheel.


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