WoF Recap: New Year’s Eve 2014


This is the team version ep. from the SSS.

$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ A _ _ / A S
_ N _ / _ W O / T _ R E E

Eddie & Jimmy blank out.

_ A S Y / A S
_ N _ / _ W O / T _ R E E

Naomi & Kellie say that this game is “EASY AS ONE TWO THREE”. The last players of ’14 are…

Naomi Sakata & Kellie Tiernes (mom/daughter): Naomi from Cerritos, CA has taught at the same school for 34 yrs.; Kellie from Lake Forest, CA works at a preschool for kids w/ special needs
Eddie & Jimmy Beirne (bros. from Cleveland): Eddie’s a sophomore at Ohio Univ. studying Electrical Engineering; Jimmy’s a Sr. at John Carroll Univ. studying Marketing (and defeated his brother in a ping-ping tourney final)
Whitney Sharpe & Meagan ? (sisters): Whitney (orig. from Santa Barbara) works at the Univ. of San Diego School of Law; Meagan from Montclair, CA is a grad student at Western Univ. of Health Sciences studying to be a physician’s assistant


F A _ _ _ R
_ I M _

Eddie & Jimmy solve FATHER TIME.

FEATURED $11K caravan.com TRIP: Canadian Rockies/Glacier National Park

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

A $700 T gets them started, but the BANKRUPT near $650 gets them just as quick. Second, W & M pick up the Canada trip w/ two R’s, buy four E’s an an A, lights up a $600 S and $650 W, and purchase two O’s to clean out the vowels. Following a TD L, two $500 N’s, and a $900 C…

_ O L _ E N
C O R N / _ R E A _

….they eat up some SWEET GOLDEN CORN BREAD for a total of $16,900 cash & Canada.


W & M: $16,900 cash & Canada/N & K: $1K/Bros.: $2K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

W & M instantly hit the MDW’s right side. Second, N & K pick up the WC w/ an S and risk that and the $500 after calling two T’s via the MW near LaT…nothing there. Third, the guys BANKRUPT near $650 for the second time this night. Back to W & M who fill in two $1K N’s, three O’s, a $700 M, but no more w/ E. N & K then choose two $550 D’s, a TD R, two A’s and a U via FP, followed by two Y’s for the Nature’s Own gift tag, a $900 B, and the other normal BANKRUPT to rid them of $7,250. Afterwards…

_ O T / D O _
S T A N D / B Y
Y O U R / M A N

…the Beirnes then just solve “HOT DOG STAND BY YOUR MAN” for the $2K house minimum.

BANKRUPTS: 4 (twice by N & K)

W & M: $16,900 cash & Canada/N & K: $1K/Bros.: $4K


PP/Express Round: THINGS

First, N & K run into the same BANKRUPT they spun late last round. Second, the bros. lose a turn w/ a T call. Third, W & M light up an N and HOP ABOARD the EXPRESS

Next Choices: D…A…4 S’s…6 E’s…I (that costs them $5,500)

N & K’s second try sees them putting up three $650 R’s, two $500 M’s, a U, a TD B, and two O’s. But after a FP H, they hit the other MDW BANKRUPT to let $6,450 go up in smoke…

B R E E _ E S / A N D
_ O _ E _ _ / S H O R E S

…and the bros. will like the SUMMER BREEZES AND LOVELY SHORES at The Buccaneer in ST. CROIX.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by N & K, W & M)

W & M: $16,900 cash & Canada/N & K: $1K & ROTTEN LUCK/Bros.: $17,600 cash & St. Croix


$3K Tossup: ON THE MAP

T _ E _ T _ _
N E _ / _ _ _ S _ Y

The Biernes locate TRENTON, NEW JERSEY.

Speed-Up Round: WAYD?

It’s a $1,500 FS. Three O’s are purchased for free…

_ O _ N T _ N G / _ O _ N
T _ _ / _ _ _ O N _ _

…and the bros. know that we were COUNTING DOWN THE SECONDS to this new year.

W & M: $16,900 cash & Canada/N & K: $2K IN ROTTEN LUCK/Bros.: $22,600 cash & St. Croix

GT: $41,500
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $20,400


$100K Bonus Round
Jimmy spins up the E of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
The next-to-last letter is…

_ _ _ _ _ _ R _

DHCO only puts in…

_ _ _ _ _ O R D

…and they don’t come up w/ the winning BUZZWORD for $32K.

$5K SPIN ID: SL6267967



2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: New Year’s Eve 2014

  1. JP Mackey January 8, 2015 / 2:26 am

    THAT was the WEIRDEST win I've ever watched.


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