WoF Recap: December 18, 2014

As some of you already know, my departure date to Florida was gonna be tomorrow but it’s postponed to early Saturday morning since my dad’s catching up w/ work. Anyway, here goes…



R _ N / _ U N
_ U D _ _ _ _

Danielle exactly recites “RUN RUN RUDOLPH”, and here’s the Thurs. trio…

Danielle Teicher: food & beverage maker for 22 yrs. who was nominated for Woman of the Yr. last yr. because she raises money for leukemia/lymphoma in honor of her brother Steven ($92K+ so far) from Huntington Station, NY
Angelo Fileccia: insurance producer from Brownstown, MI
Linda Ondrey: married to Joe for 37 yrs. from North Olmsted, OH


_ O F T _ _ R _
D E V E _ _ P _ R

Ken Jennings had this job before getting on “J!”, and Angelo knows that he was a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER.

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

A $900 T gets this man going, then he buys five E’s and BANKRUPTS near TD to lose the $650 remainder. Second, Linda calls up a $700 S, buys three A’s, and gets the SS w/ a W, but her next purchase of O is no good. Third, Danielle says an unfortunate dud of R while on the MDW. Back to Angelo who finds two L’s for $1,400 and the last vowel of I, followed by a $600 N, three TD P’s, a $650 D, a $700 M and a $550 G before he…

P I N E A P P L E –
G L A _ E D / _ A M

…takes a bite of some SWEET PINEAPPLE-GLAZED HAM for $11,150.

DUDS: O (Linda), R (Danielle)
Linda: $0/Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $13,150


Mystery Round: QUOTATION 

Linda leads off w/ two T’s for $1,100, buys four E’s and six A’s, but then hits the same BANKRUPT to toss away the $600 remainder. Second, Danielle catches quad L’s for $3,600, buys an I, but then gets the exact same fate. Third, Angelo captures the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900 w/ two R’s and buys the other two vowels. But after four $500 D’s, the other normal BANKRUPT nails him to the tune of $2,500 and his plate. Returning to Linda who lights up a $1K pair of H’s, two N’s for the other 1/2 CAR, a $7K pair of B’s and a $650 Y. But she’s still stumped on the fifth word so she goes on…she makes it to the MW near $800, but she says a CRITICAL DUD of P to throw away $9,650 and her plate; ugh. After Danielle LaTs out…

H E / H A D / A
B R O A D / _ A _ E
A N D / A / L I T T L E
R O U N D / B E L L Y

Angelo gets this round over with by saying this line about Santa — “HE HAD A BROAD FACE AND A ROUND LITTLE BELLY”.

SOLE DUD: P (Linda)
SOLE LaT: Danielle
BANKRUPTS: 3 (all)
Linda: BUPKIS/Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $14,150 


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

Hoping for a better round, Danielle begins w/ three N’s for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, buys two I’s and four E’s, and picks off a $900 G before she gets into trouble w/ the BANKRUPT near $650 to surrender $1,900 and her plate. Second, Angelo gets the MDW w/ two S’s, a $1,200 T pair, and an A, but after a $650 H is L for loss. Linda next lights up two D’s via EXPRESS but DECLINES (why?!). Following a $1,950 trio of R’s, here’s the layout…

D I S _ _ _ E R I N G
T H E / _ _ N D E R S
_ _ / N A T _ R E

…she could’ve maxed out for $9K, but she instead makes the $3,950 solve and will be DISCOVERING THE WONDERS OF NATURE on her hotwire trip to the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa in BELIZE. You are a chicken, ma’am, for not going on the train.

SOLE DUD: L (Angelo)

Linda: $11,410 cash & trip/Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $14,150 


$3K Tossup: EVENT

_ _ _ _ S I N _ / T H E
F I _ _ _ H / L I N _

Danielle isn’t CROSSING THE FINISH LINE just yet, because quadrupled up.

Speed-Up Round: PHRASE

$1,600 per consonant in this part of the game. After two L’s show up in the second word of six, here’s the board…

_ T / _ L L / _ _ M _ S
_ _ _ N / T _ / T _ _ S

IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS and Linda has sealed the deal w/ a $6,400 solve.

Linda: $17,810 cash & trip/Danielle: $4K/Angelo: $14,150  

GT: $35,960
BANKRUPT TRASH (besides plates): $9K

Danielle Spin ID: SJ5573257 (Shelley J.)
Angelo Spin ID: KP4901246 (Kisha P.)


$100K Bonus Round
Linda spins her way to the S of SPIN.

Category: ON THE MAP (it’s been a while since we used that category in a BR)
This is the home of the Masters Tournament…

_ _ _ _ S T _
_ E _ R _ _ _

MPD are DUDS, but three A’s do pop up…

A _ _ _ S T A
_ E _R _ _ A

…and they help her locate AUGUSTA, GEORGIA for the $32K, so away she goes w/ $49,810 cash & trip.

SPIN ID: LP3411574 (Linda P.)



3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: December 18, 2014

  1. JP Mackey January 17, 2015 / 5:29 pm

    Andy, I get the notion that you might have wanted Angelo to win.


  2. Andy Nguyen January 18, 2015 / 1:17 am

    Yes, JP. Linda annoyed me w/ that action of hers in R3.


  3. yohan sur May 23, 2015 / 1:49 am

    linda should've express….. at least she win the match, and right vowel for BR won.
    ep.rating : 6.5


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