WoF Recap: December 11, 2014


$1K Tossup: WAYD?

H A _ _ I N G
M I _ _ T L _ _ O E

Sa’rah & Marilyn know about HANGING MISTLETOE. Thursday’s teams…

Sa’rah Jones & Marilyn Holmes (coudins): Sa’Rah’s originally from East Cleveland, OH while Marilyn used to live in Seattle and Albuquerque; they now live in L.A.
Jason & Cory Baker (twin bros.): Jason from Agoura Hills is a doctor of audilogy student at UT-Dallas while Cory’s a 2nd-yr. student at the Pepperdine School of Law
TiAnna Billups & Marylea Tony Seacrist (sisters): TiAnna’s a P.E. teacher at Jeffrey Spencer ES while Marylea’s a registered nurse at CAMA (Charleston Area Medical Center); we presume they’re from WV

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

_ G _ / B E F O R E
B E A _ _ _

TiAnna & Marylea solve AGE BEFORE BEAUTY.


According to Bobby McBride, this is the 6th time ever they’ve used the plural form of this category.

T & M get going w/ a $600 N, buys of an A and three E’s, a $500 D, an R for the SS. But after an I buy, they purchase the one dud vowel of this puzzle (O). Second, S & M capture the MDW w/ two T’s (that’s four straight eps., people) but then squander their turn w/ an S call. Third, the Bakers put up an $800 L, a U and three P’s to throw in $2,700. We now have…

P L U _ _ E R / A N D
P I P E / _ I T T E R


DUDS: O (T & M), S (S & M)

T & M: $2K/S & M: $1K/Bakers: $3,250


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

The middle ladies start this one w/ a $1,300 pair of N’s, buy an A and three E’s, and light up four T’s for $3,600 more, but their next purchase of I lets them down. Second, the Baker boys BANKRUPT near $650. Third, T & M find three H’s while on the MW near LaT and gamble…oops. S & M then put up a $500 R…

T H E / N _ R T H
A N _ / T _ T E _
_ _ _ E

…and solve THE NORTH AND TOTEM POLE for $4,650.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (other teams)

T & M: $2K/S & M: $5,650/Bakers: $3,250


PP/Express Round: PLACE

The Bakers say an instant dud of N. Second, T & M get into trouble w/ the same normal BANKRUPT. Third, S & M pick two T’s for $1,600, buy three E’s and two O’s, but they then repeat the N. Back to the Bakers who light up two F’s for a grand, three A’s, two R’s for $1,600, and the other two vowels. They then HOP ABOARD the EXPRESS after putting up two S’s…

Current Bank: $3,850
Next Choices: 2 B’s, 2 H’s…L…2 C’s, P and M

A / P R I M E
S T R E T C H / O F
F A B U L O U S / B E A C H

…another $12,850 is theirs and they’ll be seeing said solution on their $11,650 trip to the Aston Waikiki Beach in HAWAII.

SOLE DUD: N (Bakers)
SOLE DQ: N (S & M)

T & M: $2K/S & M: $5,650/Bakers: $27,750 cash & trip 


$3K Tossup: PERSON

F I _ _ T B O _ N
C _ _ _ _

The Bakers are up over $30K w/ FIRSTBORN CHILD.

Speed-Up Round: FOOD & DRINK

The FS is set at $1,500. After two F’s pop up on Vanna’s board…

_ L D – F _ S H _ _ N _ D
F R _ _ T _ _ _ _

…S & M take a bite of some OLD-FASHIONED FRUITCAKE for another $6K.

SOLE DUD: P (twins)

T & M: $2K/S & M: $11,650/Bakers: $30,750 cash & trip 

GT: $44,400
BANKRUPT TRASH: ZERO (not counting the $3K bribe)

T & M SPIN ID: AT5968339 (Adam T.)
S & M SPIN ID: JG5141191 (Joycelyn G.)


$100K Bonus Round
The Bakers land on the one space where the $1M was won very early the season — the ***.

Category: EVENT
The first letters that go up…

_ _ S T _ R _ _
_ _ _ _ _ E

MPCA adds…

_ _ S T _ R _ C
_ _ _ A _ E

The Titanic made a HISTORIC VOYAGE…but they only get the first word and won’t be going on one in the Ford Flexes.

LAST SPIN ID: JR1581077 (John R.)



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