WoF Recap: December 8, 2014 — START OF SECRET SANTA SWEEPSTAKES ’14

Like last season, we’re beginning the SSS w/ a Family Week. Also, both the $7,500 SS and $1K gift tag from Walmart are available all sweepstakes long. 


$1K Tossup: PEOPLE

_ _ _ / B I _
H A _ P _ / _ A M _ _ Y

Rachel & Laura say they’re ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY as they get on the board among this set of teams…

Laura Laiti & Rachel Geller (sisters): from Fairfax, VA
Ben Romano & Kelly Schultz: Ben from Port Angeles is a Coast Guard member while Kelly from Austin’s a registered nurse

Mary ? & Mary Butts (mom/daughter): the daugher’s a USC grad and business intelligence analyst while the latter (orig. from Topeka by way of Atlanta) is a software consultant

$2K Tossup: PLACE (also a SONG TITLE)

W _ _ T _ _
_ _ N _ _ _ _ A N D

Ben & Kelly solve WINTER WONDERLAND.

Round 1: WAYD?

The middle team’s first letters are five N’s for $4K, four I’s, the obvious $550 G, and three E’s before they LOSE A TURN. Second, the Marys pick up the gift tag w/ three R’s, buy two U’s and get the SS w/ a D. After they buy the other two vowels, they capture that MDW w/ three C’s…

C I R C _ E _
A R O U N D / _ _ E
C O _ _ E _ I _ I O N

…and they’re RUNNING CIRCLES AROUND THE COMPETITION for $9,750 cash & shopping


L & R: $1K/B & K: $2K/Marys: $9,750 cash & gift cards MDW


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

The Marys are off and running w/ a FP T, three $700 S’s, an E and three A’s, and the SL Bonus of three $650 C’s…

C _ _ _ S T _ A S
C A _ _ _
C A _ E S

…they solve CHRISTMAS CANDY CANES for another $5,050.


L & R: $1K/B & K: $2K/Marys: $14,800 cash & gift cards MDW


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

L & R begin a possible comeback w/ two N’s for a grand, two T’s for that WC, two E’s, and double L’s for another $1,300, followed by twin I’s, a $500 G, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to lose $3,300 and their WC. Second, B & K insert a $900 R, an A and three O’s, a $900 H and the last vowel of two U’s; after those picks are a $900 C, three Y’s for another $1,650, but then the other BANKRUPT to toss aside $3,600. As for the Marys…

E _ E R Y T H I N G
Y O U / C O U L _
_ O _ _ I _ L Y / _ A N T

…they need to think about EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT — a trip for each of them to The Westin ST. MAARTEN Dawn Beach worth $13,130.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (other teams)

L & R: $1K/B & K: $2K/Marys: $27,930 cash & prizes MDW


$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

_ E L E V _ _ I _ N
C _ M _ D _

The Marys are $70 short of 31 grand w/ their response of TELEVISION COMEDY.

Round 4: THING

They first light up $700 D and singles but no more w/ an O buy. Second for L & R is an unfortunate dud of S while on TD. Third for B & K are a $1,300 pair of R’s and two E’s, but it’s S-U time…

R E D / _ R _ _ _
_ _ _ _ N E _

…w/ a $1,650 Final Spin. After a K appears at the end of the first line…

R E D / B R _ C K
C _ _ _ N E _

…the Marys say RED BRICK CABINET, which doesn’t make sense since I’ve never heard of one. One Y later… 

R E D / B R _ C K
C _ _ _ N E _

…another $4,950 is coming down the RED BRICK CHIMNEY for L & R.

DUDS BEFORE FS: O (Marys), S (L & R)
DUDS AFTER FS: L (B & K), G (Kellys)
SOLE DQ: Marys’ botched solve

L & R: $$5,950/B & K: $2K/Marys: $30,930 cash & prizes MDW

GT: $38,880
BANKRUPT TRASH (WC not included): $6,900

L & R SPIN ID: ER9258680 (Eddie R.)
B & K SPIN ID: WF7667168 (Wendell F.)


Team Mary has spun the **. And they didn’t bring anybody with them.

Category: THINGS
Here are the fourth and sixth column of letters to start…

_ _ _ T _ R
_ _ _ R _S

CWDA is an interesting combo…

_ _ _ T A R
C _ _ R D S

…but they get GUITAR CHORDS no problem! However, I have bad news…

they aren’t the new all-time top winners on the show and they only win the damn minimum for a total of $62,930 cash & prizes. Furthermore, we don’t know the exact spot of that $1M because Cisneros didn’t use the overhead shot of Pat moving the BW to the $1M space. I know a lot of you watching won’t be very happy about this.

MARYS’ SPIN ID: MD9339843 (Marilyn D.)



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: December 8, 2014 — START OF SECRET SANTA SWEEPSTAKES ’14

  1. Paul Silotti December 9, 2014 / 2:20 am

    I think i have an idea of the location of the Million Dollar Wedge if anybody's interest.


  2. Paul Silotti December 23, 2014 / 12:58 am

    could be, but I would think to say the MDW is under the Letter “m” in the word “America's”.


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