WOF Recap: November 13, 2014



_ _ _ R _ _ _
_ _ _ / _ U T C H

Claire & Kelly solve “STARSKY AND HUTCH”. Time to meet this six-pack of contestants in order…

Claire Bediamol & Kelly Lau: Claire’s a MS counselor at Kalama Intermediate School while Kelly’s a surf shop buyer
Janis Walker & Bernie Canda: the former is a married A.F. retiree
Bryant Wilson & John Choi: Bryant (orig. from Hebron, KY) is a 26-yr. military vet while John (born in Korea & raised in Southern CA) practices law

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

T R A _ _ / _ _ D
_ I _ _ _

Claire & Kelly triple up w/ TRACK AND FIELD.

Round 1: PHRASE

First up are a TD T, six E’s, but then the MDW’s right side. Second, J & B call up a $1,300 pair of S’s, two A’s, but then M for mistake. Third, the men insert three $900 R’s, buy two O’s and a U to clean out the vowel shop, but then get cleaned out themselves to the tune of $2,200 by the BANKRUPT near $650. After C & K waste another turn w/ that same BANKRUPT, J & B say two TD L’s, three D’s and a V ($500 a pop for those last four letters) before they look at…

A L L / D R E S S E D
U _ / A _ D
E V E R _ _ _ E R E
T O / _ O

…they’re ALL DRESSED UP AND EVERYWHERE TO GO, so they bank their first $8,050.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (C & K 2x, men)

C & K: $3K/J & B: $8,050/Guys: $0


Mystery Round: QUOTATION

J & B are off and running w/ a $500 T, six E’s, five W’s for another $3,250, and two A’s, followed by an S for the Walmart gift tag, an $800 N, two R’s for another $1,400, but then a buzz-out while on the Walmart wedge. The men secondly hit the other normal BANKRUPT. C & K thirdly locate a $700 D but then buy a bad vowel in I. J & B next dud out w/ M while on the MW near LaT. After the boys hit that same normal BANKRUPT, C & K plug in a $10,500 trio of F’s but then buy the other dud vowel of this board (U). J & B’s third turn ends quickly w/ the BANKRUPT near $650 to let $6,950 cash & GT go up in smoke. The men’s third turn also goes by the board w/ the consonant that J & B were going to call before they got buzzed out — the L. C & K then light up two B’s for $1,800, two H’s for another $1,600, two O’s, and the same quantity of P’s for yet another $1,800…

W E / F E W
W E / H A P P _ / F E W
W E / B A N D / O F

…they exactly recite “WE FEW, WE HAPPY FEW, WE BAND OF BROTHERS” from Shakespeare’s St. Crispen’s Day Speech for a $15,650 payoff.

DUDS: I (C & K), M (J & B), U (C & K), L (boys)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (men 2x, C & K; both teams now have three to their credit)
SOLE DQ: J & B’s buzz-out

C & K: $18,650/J & B: $8,050/Guys: BAD LUCK


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

The men continue their quest to get on the board w/ two T’s for $1,800, two E’s, an O, but then the LaT. C & K secondly dud out w/ P. Third for J & B are three N’s for $2,100, two I’s, a $500 G, two S’s for $1,600, and an A, but the LaT also bites them. After the men get the whistle blow for repeating the P, C & K capture a TD H, a $550 D, the last vowel of U, a $500 M, and two Y’s for $1,600 extra…

_ U _ Y I N G / M Y
T O E S / I N
T H E / S A N D

…they solve “BURYING MY TOES IN THE SAND” for $5,900 and a pair of trips to that Beacon Hotel in MIAMI worth $11,600.

LaTs: 2 (the boys and J & B)
SOLE DQ: P repeat by the men

C & K: $36,150 cash & FL/J & B: $8,050/Guys: GOOSEEGG ALERT


$3K Tossup: THINGS (also a Megaword)

C O _ S _ E L L _ T I _ N S

C & K spot these CONSTELLATIONS to sweep the Tossups.

Speed-Up Round: RHYME TIME

$1,700 per consonant again. After the men buy two E’s for free…

_ _ R L S / _ E A R _ N _
_ E A R L S

…Bryant solves GIRLS WEARING PEARLS for his team’s only $3,400 payoff, though Pat asked him to say the answer again following his odd last word pronunciation.

DUDS: T (J & B), C (men), H (J & B)

C & K: $39,150 cash & FL/J & B: $8,050/Guys: $3,400

GT: $50,600
BANKRUPT TRASH: $11,400 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
Claire takes out the N envelope of SPIN.

Category: PERSON
Two letters in the top to start…

_ _ S _ _ _ L
_ _ _

MGDA puts in…

_ A S _ _ _ L
_ _ D

…but they only get the first word of BASHFUL KID, so they don’t win the minimum.

$5K SPIN ID: CC2338325



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