WOF Recap: October 30, 2014



_ ‘ _ / S C _ R _ D
_ _ I _ F

Wren solves the “Poltergeist” line “I’M SCARED STIFF” to get on the board first. On the day before Halloween 2014, here are…

Wren Schultz: professional house sitter, juggler & crossword creator from Anacortes, WA
Maya Echols: admissions coordinator at career college and actress (as well as a Titans fan) from Van Nuys (orig. from Harrisburg, PA and Nashville)
Deborah Rutter: specialist preschool teacher who also enjoys rollerskating & riding roller coasters from Coral Springs, FL

$2K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ O _ _ / W _ _ _ H
_ _ X _ _

Deborah locates FORTH WORTH, TEXAS.

FEATURED TRIP: Fairmont Le Chateau Frontena w/ Ghost Tour of Quebec worth $6,440 (I’d like to wish my home country of Canada continued support as they continue their recovery from last week’s deadly shooting in the capital of Ottawa)

Round 1: PHRASE

She instantly BANKRUPTS next to $650. Second, Wren LOSES A TURN. Third, Maya calls out two S’s for $1,800, three E’s, two T’s for the MDW, and an $800 H. But after an A buy is L for loss of turn. Deborah next gets the Canada wedge w/ three N’s, buys five O’s…

S O _ E O N E ‘ S
_ N O _ _ _ N _ / A T
T H E / _ O O _

…and says  “SOMEONE’S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR” for $7,690 cash & Canada.

SOLE DUD: L (Maya)
SOLE LaT: Wren

Maya: $0/Deborah: $9,690 cash & trip/Wren: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Wren’s first letter of N stands for no. Second, Maya takes five T’s for $3K, four E’s, and three $650 H’s, but she then repeats said dud consonant while on the Shindigz gift tag. Third, Deborah grabs the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900 w/ an F and buys two O’s, but next is R for roadblock. Back to Wren who puts up three $650 C’s, the last vowel of an A and two I’s, and three W’s via the MW near LaT. he takes the money for those letters…

T H E / W I C _ E _
W I T C H / O F / T H E
W E _ T
C O A _ T

…and solves THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST COAST for $4,450…but it would’ve been $11,450 had he taken the risk.

DUDS: N (Wren), R (Deborah)
SOLE DQ: Maya (N repeat)

Maya: ZERO/Deborah: $9,690 cash & trip/Wren: $5,450

Bonus Puzzle Flashback Repeat: “JAWS”


PP/Express Round: THING

Trying to make a comeback here, Maya begins w/ three T’s for $1,800, triple E’s, a $1K pair of H’s, but then S for sorry. Deborah secondly gets the same 1/2 CAR w/ two C’s and decides to give up her Nissan Versa chance…

T H E / _ _ _ _
_ _ T E _ / _ _
T H E / _ _ C _ _ _ C

…but she doesn’t keep track of the E’s as she blows the solve w/ THE BLUE WATER OF THE PACIFIC. Wren then picks up the WC w/ two R’s and buys three A’s…

T H E / _ A R _
_ A T E R / _ _
T H E / _ A C _ _ _ C

…he capitalizes for another $750 and a hotwire trip to THE WARM WATER OF THE PACIFIC at the Sheraton Kona Resort in HAWAII worth $8,950.

SOLE DUD: S (Maya)
SOLE DQ: Deborah’s blown solve

Maya: ZILCH/Deborah: $9,690 cash & Canada/Wren: $15,150 cash & HI WC


$3K Tossup: EVENT

D _ V I L ‘ S
N _ G H _

Deborah solves DEVIL’S NIGHT to be in five-figure territory.


First up are a $650 B, three E’s, a $700 Y, but then the S-U signal…

_ _ E / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / B Y
_ _ E _ _ E _ / _ _ _ _

…and the consonants pay off at $1,500 a pop. Two T’s and S’s later…

T _ E / S _ _ _ _ _ _ / B Y
S T E _ _ E _ / _ _ _ _

Wren IDs “THE SHINING” BY STEPHEN KING for $3K worth of icing on his cake.

Maya: $1K CANDY/Deborah: $12,690 cash & Canada/Wren: $18,150 cash & HI WC

GT: $31,840


$100K Bonus Round
After we see the mark where winning players stand on for this part of the game, Wren spins up the second A of AMERICA’S. And did you notice that we’ve been going backwards in that word of the BW for three straight episodes including tonight?

Category: THING
Nothing but E’s to start this answer…

_ _ _ _ _ _ E
_ E E 

HMCO is totally useless, but there are three G‘s courtesy of his WC…

_ _ G G _ G E
_ E E

…he makes the solve of BAGGAGE FEEw/ 1/10th of a sec. to spare for that damned mininum, giving him $50,150 cash & trip to take home.

$5K SPIN ID: CG5264954


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