WOF Recap: October 28, 2014

The maingame from last night to start the week was a real treat…but for winner Lisa Bruno, she got the biggest trick of ’em all in the BR — the so-called “one-word syndrome” caused her to become the first $100K loser of the season and she had to settle for $32,865 cash & prizes (including the Nissan Versa Note). Let’s try to recover from that…


$1K Tossup: WAYD? 

H I D I N _ / _ _ _ E R
_ H _ / _ _ _

Ken shouldn’t be HIDING UNDER THE BED, because we’re getting this game started and let’s meet the man in the middle first…

Ken Depot: network administrator for manufacturing co. who’s lost 65 lbs. over the past yr from Cumberland, RI 
Selina Simon: Western Washington Univ. student studying psychology whose family’s from East Africa & Eritrea from Federal Way, WA 
Krystal Staggs: realtor from Peoria, AZ


_ A C K / O F
J _ C _ A L S

Ken catches a PACK OF JACKALS to triple up.

FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: Perfect Tour of Romania w/ hotwire airfare worth $7,500
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Shindigz


His letter-calling spree begins w/ three T’s for $2,100, four E’s, three H’s for $1,950 and two I’s, followed by a C for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, two A’s…

_ I _ H T _ A _ E
_ E _ _ _ E
C H _ I _ T _ A _

…and his $3,800 solve of “THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS”.


Ken: $6,800 1/2 CAR/Ladies: $0 each


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

Selina leads off w/ two FP E’s, a $700 S, two I’s and O’s, and a FP A, then come the SL Bonus of three $700 H’s, the last vowel of two U’s, and the LaT. Second, Krystal can’t capitalize on TD w/ a dud of L. Third, Ken gets the other 1/2 CAR w/ two N’s, an $800 T, a $900 D, and a $500 G. Board…

H O _ _ I _ _ I N G

…he gets out of the HORRIFYING HAUNTED HOUSE w/ $3,200 and the keys to the Versa Note for a total of $18,175 in that round alone! BTW, that’s the third-ever instance of back-to-back 1/2 CAR wins!

SOLE DUD: L (Krystal) 
SOLE LaT: Selina

Ken: $24,975 cash & Versa/Ladies: $0 each

Bonus Puzzle Flashback Repeat: HOME MOVIES


PP/Express Round: THINGS 

Krystal wastes a turn w/ the MDW’s right side. Second for our big leader are a $1,600 T pairing, but then E for error. Third, Selina catches a $550 N, an I, two $900 S’s, and four O’s. But after a $1K pair of C’s is the BANKRUPT near TD to scare her out of $2,850. Back to Krystal who puts in a $700 M, three A’s to wipe out the vowel shop, a $650 L, a $600 K, and two TD R’s…

C O A S T A L / R O C K
_ O R M A T I O N S

…she wins her first $8,700 and will see some COASTAL ROCK FORMATIONS on a trip to The Westin Resort & Spa LOS CABOS; that puts her on the board w/ $15,016 cash & Mexico.

SOLE DUD: E (Ken) 
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Krystal: $15,016 cash & MX/Ken: $24,975 cash & Versa/Selina: BAD LUCK


$3K Tossup: PHRASE 

_ _ _ I K E / _ T
R _ C H

Ken knows how to STRIKE IT RICH, so he’s swept the Tossups. 

Round 4: FOOD & DRINK (but also a Phrase) 

Next on his letter list are two T’s for $1,200, three E’s, two H’s for $1,600, two I’s, but then S for sorry. Selina secondly has the same result w/ an R request. Third, Krystal inserts a $1,200 N pairing, a FP A, and two C’s for $1,400 before she sees…

T H E / I C I N _
_ N / T H E / C A _ E

…another $2,600 deposited into her bank that’s THE ICING ON THE CAKE.

DUDS: S (Ken), R (Selina)

Krystal: $17,616 cash & MX/Ken: $27,975 cash & Versa/Selina: CANDY ALERT


Speed-Up Round: CHARACTERS 

The consonants will pay off at $1,600 apiece. After somebody puts up the hot consonant of four R’s…

_ _ R R _ / _ _ T T _ R
& / R _ N / _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Selina IDs HARRY POTTER & RON WEASLEY for her only $8K of the night.

SOLE DUD: D (Krystal)

Krystal: $17,616 cash & MX/Ken: $27,975 cash & Versa/Selina: $8K

GT: $53,591


$100K Bonus Round
Ken spins up the S of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
Here’s 1/3 of the answer spotted to him…

_ _ S _ _
T _ _ L 

CMHO only adds one letter, but it’s in the important first word…

_ _ S H _
T _ _ L 

…and he captures Peter Rabbit’s BUSHY TAIL no sweat! Hopefully, we have a $100K win this time…

no — rock bottom strikes again! Ugh. His final total is $59,975 cash & car. 

$5K SPIN ID: GM3431428 

The hosts stand by the skeletons at the dinette to end this episode.



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