WOF Recap: October 13, 2014

They last had this theme week back in S28 and it’s back this season — “Wheel Was Here”.


VTR: Aug. 7

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

M _ _ T O _ N
_ A _ H A _ T A N

Scott locates MIDTOWN MANHATTAN. The opening panel…

Scott Marron: hard lines manager for major warehouse retailer who was part of a world-record attempt for 24-hr. bowling from Myrtle Beach

Sanaa Rasul: life-enrichment coordinator from Chicago
Marisa Gossweiler: Army doctor for three yrs. from Lakewood, WA (orig. from Ronkonkoma, NY)


B _ _ _ N E _ S
M _ _ _ _ _ _

Sanaa solves BUSINESS MANAGER for control.

FEATURED TRIP: NYC’s Roosevelt Hotel worth $6K
Mon/Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: eBags
1/2 CAR: Nissan Versa Note S

Round 1: BEFORE & AFTER 

Sanaa picks up that MDW right away w/ four T’s, only to give it right back to the BANKRUPT near $650. Second, Marisa LaTs out. Third, Scott gets the other BANKRUPT so we’re quickly back to Sanaa. She calls up a $700 R, buys four E’s and two A’s, but then gets the same BANKRUPT she got before. Marisa follows w/ an H for the NY trip, three I’s to clean out the vowels, triple L’s for the eBags gift tag, but then the LaT again. Scott next takes a $900 P but then the same BANKRUPT he got before. After Sanaa’s $700 G, she spins up that BANKRUPT next to $650 for the third time in a row. Marisa then doesn’t want to take any chances…

T H R E E / L I T T L E
P I G _
I _ / A / _ L A _ _ E T

…she mercifully solves “THREE LITTLE PIGS” IN A BLANKET for $8,750 cash & prizes. 

LaTs: 2 (both by Marisa)
BANKRUPTS: 5 (Sanaa 3x, Scott 2x)

Marisa: $8,750 cash & prizes/Scott: $1K/Sanaa: $2K


Mystery Round: STAR & ROLE

T for terrible is how Marisa starts. Second, Scott spins up the same BANKRUPT Sanaa got three times in the last round, which is also his third of the night. The lady at the end is third in line w/ three S’s for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, two A’s, three $700 N’s, a $550 L, but then the sole dud vowel of I. Next for Marisa are a FP R, two $900 H’s, three E’s and two O’s, but that same normal  BANKRUPT strikes again to the tune of $1,800. Following Scott’s $800 D and a $900 C…

D _ A _ N E / _ O H N S O N
A S / H E R C _ L E S


DUDS: T (Marisa), I (Sanaa)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Scott, Marisa)

Marisa: $8,750 cash & prizes/Scott: $2,700/Sanaa: $2K 


PP/Express Round: PHRASE 

Scott leads off w/ three T’s for the WC, an A, and two N’s via EXPRESS, but he WON’T RIDE. Next up are two H’s for $1,600, three E’s, two S’s for another $1,400, two O’s, a $550 R, but that BANKRUPT near $650 stops by to rid him of $6,300 and his WC; that’s his FOURTH one of the night. Both ladies then dud out w/ W and M, respectively, so we’re coming right back to that man. He puts up a $600 L and a $900 D, then we have…

T H E R E ‘ S / N O T
A / _ L O _ D / _ N
T H E / S _ _

…he says “THERE’S NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY” for the $1,500 and a hotwire stay at The Buccaneer in ST. CROIX worth $9,340.

DUDS: W (Sanaa), M (Marisa)

Marisa: $8,750 cash & prizes/Scott: $13,540 cash & trip/Sanaa: $2K



B _ _ T _ E
O _ E N _ R

Sanaa’s up to $5K w/ BOTTLE OPENER.

Speed-Up Round: PHRASE

The consonants will pay off at $1,600 a pop. After a G appears…

_ _ ‘ V _ / G _ T
_ _ _ / _ _ V _ R _ _

Scott says “WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED” for the FS amount; had Marisa made the $4,800 solve, she would’ve won by just $10.

(AIRED) DUDS: L (Sanaa), S (Scott)

Marisa: $8,750 cash & prizes/Scott: $15,140 cash & trip/Sanaa: $5K 

GT: $28,890
BANKRUPT TRASH (extras not included): $9,900


$100K Bonus Round
Scott’s stopping point is the A of GAME.

Category: PHRASE
This looks easy for at least yours truly…

T _ _ T
_ _ R _ S

CHDA fills in the first word…

_ _ R _ S

…but no help on the bottom dooms him; the winning answer for $32K was THAT WORKS.

$5K SPIN ID: LB0337087



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