WOF Recap: October 30, 2014



_ ‘ _ / S C _ R _ D
_ _ I _ F

Wren solves the “Poltergeist” line “I’M SCARED STIFF” to get on the board first. On the day before Halloween 2014, here are…

Wren Schultz: professional house sitter, juggler & crossword creator from Anacortes, WA

Maya Echols: admissions coordinator at career college and actress (as well as a Titans fan) from Van Nuys (orig. from Harrisburg, PA and Nashville)

Deborah Rutter: specialist preschool teacher who also enjoys rollerskating & riding roller coasters from Coral Springs, FL

$2K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ O _ _ / W _ _ _ H
_ _ X _ _

Deborah locates FORTH WORTH, TEXAS.

FEATURED TRIP: Fairmont Le Chateau Frontena w/ Ghost Tour of Quebec worth $6,440 (I’d like to wish my home country of Canada continued support as they continue their recovery from last week’s deadly shooting in the capital of Ottawa)

Round 1: PHRASE

She instantly BANKRUPTS next to $650. Second, Wren LOSES A TURN. Third, Maya calls out two S’s for $1,800, three E’s, two T’s for the MDW, and an $800 H. But after an A buy is L for loss of turn. Deborah next gets the Canada wedge w/ three N’s, buys five O’s…

S O _ E O N E ‘ S
_ N O _ _ _ N _ / A T
T H E / _ O O _

…and says  “SOMEONE’S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR” for $7,690 cash & Canada.

SOLE DUD: L (Maya)
SOLE LaT: Wren

Maya: $0/Deborah: $9,690 cash & trip/Wren: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Wren’s first letter of N stands for no. Second, Maya takes five T’s for $3K, four E’s, and three $650 H’s, but she then repeats said dud consonant while on the Shindigz gift tag. Third, Deborah grabs the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900 w/ an F and buys two O’s, but next is R for roadblock. Back to Wren who puts up three $650 C’s, the last vowel of an A and two I’s, and three W’s via the MW near LaT. he takes the money for those letters…

T H E / W I C _ E _
W I T C H / O F / T H E
W E _ T
C O A _ T

…and solves THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST COAST for $4,450…but it would’ve been $11,450 had he taken the risk.

DUDS: N (Wren), R (Deborah)
SOLE DQ: Maya (N repeat)

Maya: ZERO/Deborah: $9,690 cash & trip/Wren: $5,450

Bonus Puzzle Flashback Repeat: “JAWS”


PP/Express Round: THING

Trying to make a comeback here, Maya begins w/ three T’s for $1,800, triple E’s, a $1K pair of H’s, but then S for sorry. Deborah secondly gets the same 1/2 CAR w/ two C’s and decides to give up her Nissan Versa chance…

T H E / _ _ _ _
_ _ T E _ / _ _
T H E / _ _ C _ _ _ C

…but she doesn’t keep track of the E’s as she blows the solve w/ THE BLUE WATER OF THE PACIFIC. Wren then picks up the WC w/ two R’s and buys three A’s…

T H E / _ A R _
_ A T E R / _ _
T H E / _ A C _ _ _ C

…he capitalizes for another $750 and a hotwire trip to THE WARM WATER OF THE PACIFIC at the Sheraton Kona Resort in HAWAII worth $8,950.

SOLE DUD: S (Maya)
SOLE DQ: Deborah’s blown solve

Maya: ZILCH/Deborah: $9,690 cash & Canada/Wren: $15,150 cash & HI WC


$3K Tossup: EVENT

D _ V I L ‘ S
N _ G H _

Deborah solves DEVIL’S NIGHT to be in five-figure territory.


First up are a $650 B, three E’s, a $700 Y, but then the S-U signal…

_ _ E / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / B Y
_ _ E _ _ E _ / _ _ _ _

…and the consonants pay off at $1,500 a pop. Two T’s and S’s later…

T _ E / S _ _ _ _ _ _ / B Y
S T E _ _ E _ / _ _ _ _

Wren IDs “THE SHINING” BY STEPHEN KING for $3K worth of icing on his cake.

Maya: $1K CANDY/Deborah: $12,690 cash & Canada/Wren: $18,150 cash & HI WC

GT: $31,840


$100K Bonus Round
After we see the mark where winning players stand on for this part of the game, Wren spins up the second A of AMERICA’S. And did you notice that we’ve been going backwards in that word of the BW for three straight episodes including tonight?

Category: THING
Nothing but E’s to start this answer…

_ _ _ _ _ _ E
_ E E 

HMCO is totally useless, but there are three G‘s courtesy of his WC…

_ _ G G _ G E
_ E E

…he makes the solve of BAGGAGE FEEw/ 1/10th of a sec. to spare for that darn minimum, giving him $50,150 cash & trip to take home.

$5K SPIN ID: CG5264954



WOF Recap: October 29, 2014


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ ‘ _ / S C _ R _ D
_ _ I _ F

Christopher correctly replies “I’M SCARED STIFF”. Next three guests, please…

Christopher Swaby: customer service supervisor for a major oil cooperative from Queens Village, NY

Tiffany Schneider: fifth-year senior at Texas A&M studying communications and journalism who’s been in radio for the past couple yrs. from Sugar Land, TX

Kate Demchak: meteorologist for a private co. and storm chaser whose boyfriend graduated from the same univ. as her w/ the same degree (Purdue Univ.) from Fremont, CA (orig from Simsbury, CT)

$2K Tossup: THING

M A G _ _ _ N E
S _ B S     I _ T I _ N

Christopher triples up w/ a MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION.

FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: Zeigler House inn in Savannah, GA plus 6th Sense Ghost Tour worth $6,060

Round 1: TITLE

His first letters this evening are an R for the PartyCity gift tag, three $600 T’s, three E’s, and triple H’s for another $2,700, then he goes for a quick solve (w/ the twin P’s unrevealed)…

T H E / _ H _ _ T _ _
_ _ / T H E / _ _ E R _

“THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” is right for $5,750 cash & party supplies.


Christopher: $8,750 cash & party supplies/Ladies: $0 each


Mystery Round: MOVIE QUOTE

Tiffany’s off and running w/ a $700 S, two T’s for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, four E’s, an H for the Savannah trip, and A and O triplets. But after a $2,700 trio of L’s, she purchases the only dud vowel of this board (I). Over to Kate who FPs the last vowel of U, spots a $900 W, but then BANKRUPTS near $650. After Christopher LaTs out…

W H A T E _ E _
_ O U / _ O
_ O _ ‘ T / _ A L L
A S L E E _

….Tiffany recites “WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T FALL ASLEEP” (from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) for $3,900 and the trip.

SOLE DUD: I (Tiffany)
SOLE LaT: Christopher

Tiffany: $9,960 cash & Savannah 1/2 CAR/Kate: ZIP/Christopher: $8,750 cash & GT


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

Kate’s off to a bad start w/ an R while on the same 1/2 CAR. Second, Christopher finds a $500 N and a $900 G, buys two I’s and an E, but then lands on the other BANKRUPT to lose the $900 remainder. Third, Tiffany collects $17,500 worth of five T’s (no audience reaction here; boo!), a $500 H, and the rest of the vowels, but she then BANKRUPTS next to $650 to let $17,250 and her plate disappear; darn. After Kate SPINGLES for the B and the WC…

T A _ I N G / T H E
_ A I _ B O A T
O U T / T O / _ E A

…she’ll be TAKING THE SAILBOAT OUT TO SEA on a hotwire trip to the Galley Bay Resort in ANTIGUA worth $8,860.

SOLE DUD: R (Kate)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (opposition)

Tiffany: $9,960 cash & Savannah/Kate: $9,360 cash & Antigua/Chris: $8,750 cash & GT


$3K Tossup: PLACE

A / C A _ E
_ U L L / O F / B A T S

Chris sweeps ’em w/ A CAVE FULL OF BATS.


First from his mouth are a $2,400 trio of T’s, two E’s, but then N for negative. Second for Tiffany are a $600 R and two I’s…

_ _ _ _ _ _ I _ _ T
_ _ T T E R I E _

…she gets out some FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES for a $650 bonus.

SOLE DUD: N (Chris)

Tiffany: $10,960 cash & Savannah/Kate: $9,360 cash & Antigua/Chris: $11,750 cash & GT

Round 5: WAYD?

Tiffany first FPs an A, lights up the obvious (a $900 G, three I’s, and three $500 N’s), and buys three E’s before BANKRUPTING the same way she did before to give up $1,900. Kate next picks off a $1,400 R pair and we go into S-U Mode…

R E A _ I N G / _ _ E
_ I N E / _ R I N _

…w/ a $1,600 Final Spin. Kate calls up the T’s, but STILL CAN’T solve for $4,600 and the victory. Chris then puts up the D…

R E A D I N G / T _ E
_ I N E / _ R I N T

…and he’s READING THE FINE PRINT to seal the deal.

SOLE BANKRUPT: Tiffany (her other one of the night)

Tiffany: $10,960 cash & Savannah/Kate: $9,360 cash & Antigua/Chris: $13,350 cash & GT

GT: $33,670
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $20,950


$100K Bonus Round
We landed on the S of AMERICA’S last night…and Chris spins up the ‘ next door this evening.

Category: THING
He needs to call the right vowel in this one…

_ N _ _ _ E
_ _ R _ / _ _ / _ R T

Actually, he knows this already after calling QKWO…

_ N _ Q _ E
W O R K / O _ / _ R T

…and he completes a UNIQUE WORK OF ART to leave w/ $45,350 cash & party supplies.

$5K SPIN ID: DM5202099


Upon further review…

…the back-to-back 1/2 CAR wins we just saw this week is only the THIRD time ever. The first occurrence happened on October 5-6, 2011 (“Ports of Call”) w/ the $15K KIA Soul in play. The other occurrence happened on April 10-11, 2013 (“Island-Hopping”) week w/ the $14,330 smart car available.

Also, here’s what three contestants earlier this season left behind w/ the complete Nissan Versa on the line…

Mindy Magana (Sept. 23): $21,075 cash & car in R2
Adrianne Blasquez (Oct. 2): $25,115 cash, car and Los Cabos in R3
Michelle Lueck (Oct. 14): $18,375 cash & car in R1

WOF Recap: October 28, 2014

The maingame from last night to start the week was a real treat…but for winner Lisa Bruno, she got the biggest trick of ’em all in the BR — the so-called “one-word syndrome” caused her to become the first $100K loser of the season and she had to settle for $32,865 cash & prizes (including the Nissan Versa Note). Let’s try to recover from that…


$1K Tossup: WAYD?

H I D I N _ / _ _ _ E R
_ H _ / _ _ _

Ken shouldn’t be HIDING UNDER THE BED, because we’re getting this game started and let’s meet the man in the middle first…

Ken Depot: network administrator for manufacturing co. who’s lost 65 lbs. over the past yr from Cumberland, RI

Selina Simon: Western Washington Univ. student studying psychology whose family’s from East Africa & Eritrea from Federal Way, WA

Krystal Staggs: realtor from Peoria, AZ


_ A C K / O F
J _ C _ A L S

Ken catches a PACK OF JACKALS to triple up.

FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: Perfect Tour of Romania w/ hotwire airfare worth $7,500
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Shindigz


His letter-calling spree begins w/ three T’s for $2,100, four E’s, three H’s for $1,950 and two I’s, followed by a C for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, two A’s…

_ I _ H T _ A _ E
_ E _ _ _ E
C H _ I _ T _ A _

…and his $3,800 solve of “THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS” when he could’ve gone for the three R’s and two S’s.


Ken: $6,800 1/2 CAR/Ladies: $0 each


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

Selina leads off w/ two FP E’s, a $700 S, two I’s and O’s, and a FP A, then come the SL Bonus of three $700 H’s, the last vowel of two U’s, and the LaT. Second, Krystal can’t capitalize on TD w/ a dud of L. Third, Ken gets the other 1/2 CAR w/ two N’s, an $800 T, a $900 D, and a $500 G. Board…

H O _ _ I _ _ I N G

…he gets out of the HORRIFYING HAUNTED HOUSE w/ $3,200 and the keys to the Versa Note for a total of $18,175 in that round alone! BTW, that’s the third-ever instance of back-to-back 1/2 CAR wins!

SOLE DUD: L (Krystal) 
SOLE LaT: Selina

Ken: $24,975 cash & Versa/Ladies: $0 each

Bonus Puzzle Flashback Repeat: HOME MOVIES


PP/Express Round: THINGS

Krystal wastes a turn w/ the MDW’s right side. Second for our big leader are a $1,600 T pairing, but then E for error. Third, Selina catches a $550 N, an I, two $900 S’s, and four O’s. But after a $1K pair of C’s is the BANKRUPT near TD to scare her out of $2,850. Back to Krystal who puts in a $700 M, three A’s to wipe out the vowel shop, a $650 L, a $600 K, and two TD R’s…

C O A S T A L / R O C K
_ O R M A T I O N S

…she wins her first $8,700 and will see some COASTAL ROCK FORMATIONS on a trip to The Westin Resort & Spa LOS CABOS; that puts her on the board w/ $15,016 cash & Mexico.

SOLE DUD: E (Ken) 
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Krystal: $15,016 cash & MX/Ken: $24,975 cash & Versa/Selina: BAD LUCK


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ _ _ I K E / _ T
R _ C H

Ken knows how to STRIKE IT RICH, so he’s swept the Tossups.

Round 4: FOOD & DRINK (but also a Phrase)

Next on his letter list are two T’s for $1,200, three E’s, two H’s for $1,600, two I’s, but then S for sorry. Selina secondly has the same result w/ an R request. Third, Krystal inserts a $1,200 N pairing, a FP A, and two C’s for $1,400 before she sees…

T H E / I C I N _
_ N / T H E / C A _ E

…another $2,600 deposited into her bank that’s THE ICING ON THE CAKE.

DUDS: S (Ken), R (Selina)

Krystal: $17,616 cash & MX/Ken: $27,975 cash & Versa/Selina: CANDY ALERT


Speed-Up Round: CHARACTERS

The consonants will pay off at $1,600 apiece. After somebody puts up the hot consonant of four R’s…

_ _ R R _ / _ _ T T _ R
& / R _ N / _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Selina IDs HARRY POTTER & RON WEASLEY for her only $8K of the night.

SOLE DUD: D (Krystal)

Krystal: $17,616 cash & MX/Ken: $27,975 cash & Versa/Selina: $8K

GT: $53,591


$100K Bonus Round
Ken spins up the S of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
Here’s 1/3 of the answer spotted to him…

_ _ S _ _
T _ _ L 

CMHO only adds one letter, but it’s in the important first word…

_ _ S H _
T _ _ L 

…and he captures Peter Rabbit’s BUSHY TAIL no sweat! Hopefully, we have a $100K win this time…















































no — rock bottom strikes again! Ugh. His final total is $59,975 cash & car. 

$5K SPIN ID: GM3431428 

The hosts stand by the skeletons at the dinette to end this episode.


WOF Recap: October 27, 2014


VTR: July 10th (3rd taping day of season)

$1K Tossup: WAYD?

P _ _ _ I _ G / _ N
_ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I’m NOT PUTTING ON MY COSTUME (because I don’t have any), but Kari’s the first to score and here are Monday’s guests…

Kari Alison Hodge: Cal Tech grad w/ PhD who wrote a 300-page thesis on the detection of gravitational waves and condensed that into a seven-min. interpretive dance music video from L.A.

Jason Bruemmer: Navy M.P. from Port Orchard, WA

Lisa Bruno: international flight attendant who attended the Univ. of Kentucky (as did her sister and Hall of Fame father) from Aventura, FL


_ _ F _ / S _ _ A
_ U _ H _ O _ _

Kari triples up w/ SOFT SOFA CUSHIONS.

FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: Salem, MA w/ a stay at the Hawthorne Hotel worth $6,608
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: PartyCity
1/2 CAR: Nissan Versa Note S

(NOTE: Pat says that by this point in the tapings, Jim’s booth has been moved to where Pat can see him from his podium.)

Round 1: TITLE (bats wipe) 

Kari gets the Salem trip right away w/ three T’s, buys four E’s, calls up two H’s for $1,600 and makes the purchase of four I’s, followed by two $500 W’s, two $600 V’s…

I _ T E _ V I E W
W I T H / T H E
V _ _ _ I _ E

…and her solve of “INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE” for $11,408 cash & Salem.


Kari: $14,408 cash & trip/Others: $0 each


Mystery Round: CHARACTERS 

Jason picks up the WC right away w/ an S but then says F for flunk while on the MW near $800. Second, Lisa LOSES A TURN. Third, Kari claims the Party City GT w/ two T’s, buys four E’s an an A, picks off a $1K pair of H’s, and buys the I and four O’s to round out the vowels. Following a $1K pair of L’s and three W’s for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900…

W E _ E W O L _ E S
H O W L I _ _ / A T
T HE / _ O O _

…she hears some WEREWOLVES HOWLING AT THE MOON for another $4,500.

SOLE DUD: F (Jason)
SOLE LaT: Lisa

Kari: $18,908 cash & prizes 1/2 CAR/Others: $0 each


Before the next round of play, we see Jim’s new window (it’s in the middle of the audience).

PP/Express Round: PLACE

First, Lisa takes a T for the other 1/2 CAR, three R’s for $2,700, four E’s, and two A’s; that’s followed by a $550 N, a P for the last remaining plate, two U’s, but then a possibly fatal dud of S. Down Kari’s path second are a $500 K, two I’s, and two L’s while on EXPRESS. She GOES ABOARDbut her very next call of V will cost her $2,250 and her plate. After Jason blows his turn w/ H while on the EXPRESS

N A T U R E / P A R K
& / _ I L _ L I _ E
R E _ U _ E

Lisa just won $3,500, the $14,975 Versa Note, and a hotwire trip to a place w/ a NATURE PARK & WILDLIFE RESCUECOSTA RICA at the Lapaz Waterfall Gardens worth $6,040; she jumps from worst first w/ a $24,515 round!

NON-BANKRUPT DUDS: S (Lisa), H (Jason)

Jason: WC/Lisa: $24,515 cash & gifts/Kari: $18,908 cash & treats



_ O H _ N Y
_ _ _ _

Lisa thinks it’s actor JOHNNY DEPP…yes it is.


Two $550 T’s get her started, but the sole dud vowel of E stops her just as quick. Second, Kari puts up three S’s for $2,400 and triple A’s, but the LaT bites both her and Jason. Lisa next puts up two R’s for $1,600 and two N’s for $1,400 extra, but it’s S-U time…

T A R A N T _ _ A S
& / S _ _ R _ _ _ N S

…and we have a $1,500 Final Spin. The middle lady then puts up the L…

T A R A N T _ L A S
& / S _ _ R _ _ _ N S

…and she turns these TARANTULAS & SCORPIONS into another $5,350.

SOLE DUD (before FS): E (Lisa)
LaTs: 2 (opposition)

Jason: $1K CANDY/Lisa: $32,865 cash & treats (includes car)/Kari: $18,908 cash & treats

GT: $52,773
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding Kari’s plate): $2,250


$100K Bonus Round
This week’s in-studio vehicle could be another treat for Lisa — a MINI Cooper Hardtop. Her spin somehow hangs on to the A of GAME (although it nearly landed on the G).

Category: PHRASE
Starting help…

_ _ _ N T 
T _ E / _ _ _

PCMO is good for…

P O _ N T
T _ E / _ _ _

only the first two words, so she doesn’t POINT THE WAY to victory. I can tell you right now that she just missed out on becoming the highest non-million winner of the season…







































…AND IT WAS THE BIG ONE — SHE’S THE FIRST $100,000 LOSER OF THE SEASON. OUCH. If she had chosen A as her vowel, she would’ve won.

$5K SPIN ID: MS9490673

Some of the staff w/ their kids in costume appear at the end.

MY EP. RATING: 6 (started out great but it really took a turn for the worse in the end)

Week 6 Stats

Thank goodness for Carla from Mon., because this week was just average. And I’m glad they finally gave away a car for the first time this season. 

Total this Week: $215,744
Total for the Season: $2,468,266
BR Win Record: 14-16 (.4667)
Total Car Wins: 1
-1/2 Car: 1 (Ford Fiesta)
-BR Car: 0
Prize Wedge Wins: 11
Gift Tag Wins: 9
Mystery Wedge Wins: 2
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 11-2
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 4-7
$10K MW was next to LaT: 6
$10K MW was next to $800: 7
Express was Played-Passed: 3-2
-Successes: 2
-Crashes: 1
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 3 (2 on $3,500, 1 on $900)
-BR: 5
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 17/14/0
5-Round Games: 2
6-Round Games: 0
Gooseegg Victims: 7
Red Winners: 8
Yellow Winners: 17
Blue Winners: 5
This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $35,150* 
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $2271,630*
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,600* (Sept. 16), $15K (Oct. 1), $14,380* (Sept. 18)
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $27,630* (Sept. 18), $27,500 (Oct. 1), $24,100 (Oct. 16) 
Highest-Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $70,900 (Sept. 29), $63,040 (Oct. 15)
Lowest-Winning Totals: $13,356 (Sept. 15), $11,000 (Sept. 18)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $58,690 (Oct. 20), $45,640 (Oct. 6), $45,300 (Oct. 8)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 0
$1M Bonus Rounds: 4

$32K: 11/23
$35K: 0/0
$40K: 1/1
$45K: 1/3
$50K: 0/0
$100K (or $1M): 1/1 
CAR: 0/2

* includes prizes

WOF Recap: October 24, 2014 (w/ a former J! and Millionaire contestant!)


$1K Tossup: EVENT

_ A _ _ _ _ G
_ R _ P

This is the person I’m talking about — it’s Megan down at the end w/ the answer of CAMPING TRIP! Let’s get to know her and everybody else better…

Megan Rafferty Barnes: member of Columbia Families in Nature from Columbia, MD; she won $105,203 on J! as a three-time champion and $16K on Millionaire w/ Meredith Vieira

Stephanie Locke: part-time travel firm worker who went cage diving w/ great white sharks in South Africa from Birmingham, AL

Erich Klein: Navy 1st Class Petty Officer and logistics specialist from Studio City, CA


T _ E / _ _ _ _ R _ L Y
_ _ O N

Megan IDs THE COWARDLY LION from “The Wizard of Oz” fame.

FEATURED TRIP: Peru from Intrepid Travel worth $7,600

Round 1: TITLE

She’s off to a bad start w/ the MDW’s right-side. Second, Stephanie calls up two T’s for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, a $650 N, and an E, followed by four R’s for $2,400 and the rest the vowel shop has to offer…

A / R I _ E R / R U N _
T _ R O U _ _ / I T

…and she solves “A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT” for the $2,800 remainder.


Stephanie: $2,800 1/2 CAR/Erich: $0/Megan: $3K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Still in control, Stephanie gets this answer started w/ four T’s for $2,800, a $650 N, three E’s and A’s, two $900 R’s, and a U. But after an S for the DICK’S gift tag is the sole dud vowel of I. Erich then puts up two H’s and M’s at $1,100 a pair, buys the leftover two O’s…

S T A _ – A T – H O M E

…and solves STAY-AT-HOME MOTHER NATURE for $1,950.

SOLE DUD: I (Stephanie)

Stephanie: $2,800 1/2 CAR/Erich: $1,950/Megan: $3K


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

The Navy man kicks off w/ a $7K pair of H’s, and buys all five of the vowels in one fell swoop, then he says a TD L…and repeats the H while on that same big money spot. Megan secondly captures a $1,200 pair of M’s but then LaTs out. Third, Stephanie picks off a $1,300 pair of N’s and decides to sacrifice her Ford Fiesta opportunity…

N O _ H I N _
_ O U L _ / M A _ E
M E / H A _ _ I E _

NOTHING WOULD MAKE ME HAPPIER for somebody to win a trip…but it’s NOT gonna be her, because she misses the second word by a letter w/ COULD. Erich then capitalizes for $9,250 and the $6K COSTA RICAN TOUR from caravan.com.

SOLE LaT: Megan
DQs: 2 (Erich’s H repeat, Stephanie’s one-letter missolve)

Stephanie: $2,800/Erich: $17,200 cash & C.R./Megan: $3K


$3K Tossup: PLACES

_ O T A N _ _ A L
_ A _ D E N S

Erich breaks the $20K barrier w/ BOTANICAL GARDENS.

Round 4: WAYD?

He wastes a spin w/ the BANKRUPT near TD. Second for Megan are a $1,500 trio of N’s, two I’s, but then the other BANKRUPT. Third, Stephanie LaTs out. Back to Eric who finds a $1K pair of G’s and an $1,800 pair of L’s, but it’s S-U time…

_ _ _ _ I N G / _ _
L _ N _ _ _ N / L I G _ _

…and the consonants left over are worth $1,600 apiece. Two R’s have been exposed by Vanna…

R _ _ _ I N G / B _
L _ N T _ R N / L I G H T

…and Megan’s READING BY LANTERN LIGHT for $3,200.

SOLE DUD (during S-U): K (Megan)
SOLE LaT: Stephanie
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Erich, Megan)

Stephanie: $2,800/Erich: $20,200 cash & C.R./Megan: $6,200

GT: $29,200

You did all right, Megan. I hope you had fun.


$100K Bonus Round
Erich hopes to end this wk. on a good note after spinning up the N of WIN.

Category: THINGS
These are what everybody must have on their resume…

_ _ _
_ _ _ L _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ N S

HDMA only adds two of the vowel…

_ _ _
_ _ A L _ _ _ _ A T _ _ N S 

and he’s the first QU- victim of the season, costing him $32K; they were JOB QUALIFICATIONS.

$5K SPIN ID: JB6838042


WOF Recap: October 23, 2014


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

K _ Y _ _ _ N G
A _ _ _ _ _ _ R E

Virginia could win a KAYAKING ADVENTURE, but we have to introduce them first…

Virginia LaJoie: customer service rep and shot glass collector from Phoenix

Chebet Wise: hospice nurse and Lakers/Vikings fan from Pasadena

Jake Bryan: received his Master’s in (Sea-Turtle) Biology from Pomona (orig. from Logansport, IN)

$2K  Tossup: SONG TITLE

_ O N ‘ _ / W O _ _ Y
_ E / _ _ _ _ _

Virginia’s 2 for 2 w/ Bobby McFerrin’s “DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY”.

FEATURED TRIP: Durango, CO worth $6,016

Round 1: ON THE MAP

First up are a $600 R, two T’s for $1,600, an E, and five A’s, followed by a $600 C, two H’s for $1,800, and twin L’s for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900…

A _ _ A L A C H _ A _
T R A _ L

Could’ve gone for the P’s, but she follows THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL leading her to another $5,100.


Jake: $0/Virginia: $8,100 1/2 CAR/Chebet: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

Chebet starts her wheel-spinning journey w/ a $550 T, A and I singles, a $650 H, but then R for roadblock while on the CO trip. Second, Jake calls up two W’s for the other 1/2 CAR, two S’s for $1,200, three E’s, an N for the Cabela’s gift tag, and an O to clean out the vowels. But after a $900 C is the BANKRUPT near TD to clean him out of $4,100 cash & fishing gear plus his plate. Virginia then puts up an $1,800 L triplet…

_ E L L _
_ A N C E S
W I T H / W O L _ E S

…and she BELLY “DANCES WITH WOLVES” to add that amount to her score.

SOLE DUD: R (Chebet)

Jake: ZIP/Virginia: $9,900 1/2 CAR/Chebet: ZIP

Tonight’s Repeat Bonus Puzzle Flashback (’98): BEEF IT UP (she lost after choosing KPDI)


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Jake leads off w/ quad S’s for $2,800, three E’s, but then the sole dud vowel of A. Second for Virginia are an $800 R, three O’s, but then the other natural BANKRUPT to rid her of $550 and her plate. Third, Chebet spots a $500 C, buys the other two vowels, and lights up a $7K pair of L’s…

I / C O U L _
S E R I O U S L _ / _ E _
U S E _ / _ O / _ _ I S

…she says “I COULD SERIOUSLY GET USED TO THIS” to finally strike pay dirt and add a hotwire trip to the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows in HAWAII 

SOLE DUD: A (Jake)

Jake: DONUT/Virginia: $9,900/Chebet: $14,204 cash & HI


$3K Tossup: THING

_ _ _ P _ S S
N _ _ D L _

Chebet takes too much time, but she blows the second word anyway w/ NOODLE.

C _ _ P _ S S
N E _ D L _

Jake picks up a COMPASS NEEDLE to also get on the board.


His starters are a $800 N (there was a re-shoot of the first spin in this round), two D’s for $1,300, and three A’s, then come four S’s for $2,200, a $550 T, but then the bells for S-U Mode…

T A _ _ _ _ S / A N D
D _ _ S S _ A _ _ _ S

…and the remaining consonants are worth $1,900 apiece. He calls the L on his next turn…

T A _ L _ R S / A N D
D R _ S S _ A _ _ R S

…but he BLANKS OUT, so he may have squandered $12,150 and his ticket to Bonusland. Virginia then puts up the M…

T A _ L _ R S / A N D
D R _ S S M A _ _ R S

…she solves TAILORS AND DRESSMAKERS for the FS amount.

SOLE DUD (after FS): C (Virginia)
SOLE DQ OF GAME: N repeat by Chebet

Jake: $3K/Virginia: $11,800/Chebet: $14,204 cash & HI

GT: $29,004
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plates): $4,650 cash & fishing gear


$100K Bonus Round
Chebet takes the BW to the R.

Category: THING
At the lead-off portion…

_ R _ _ T _
S _ _ R T

CYGI is of limited help…

G R _ _ T _
S _ _ R T

…and she has no GROWTH SPURT for the $32K.

$5K SPIN ID: MM0568266

We end w/ footage of the final results in the second Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes; Jennifer M. was the second $1M winner. 


WOF Recap: October 22, 2014


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ O N ‘ _ / T I P
_ H E / _ _ _ O _

Jeremy warns us “DON’T TIP THE CANOE”. The midweek panel…

Jeremy Beebee: A.F. Tech Sgt. stationed at Scott AFB in O’Fallon, IL (he’s been deployed three times)

Brittany Singleton-Faz: teacher who got her Master’s in Educational Technology at National Univ. and a die-hard Disney fan from San Bernardino

Anes Partridge: disability specialist who enjoys traveling to Kauai from Vallejo, CA

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

S _ R _ _ C H I N G
_ H E / T R _ _ H

Jeremy totally blows it this time w/ SPRUCING THE TREES.

S T R _ _ C H I N G
_ H E / T R _ _ H


FEATURED HOTWIRE TRIP: Earth River Expedition in Patagonia, Chile worth $9,400

Round 1: FUN & GAMES

She kicks off w/ two R’s for $1,600, two E’s, a T for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900 and two A’s, followed by an $800 H, three I’s, a C for the WC, the other two vowels, and three S’s for $1,650. We now have…

S I _ _ I _ _
S O _ _ S / A R O U _ _
T H E / C A _ _ _ I R E

She’s SINGING SONGS AROUND THE CAMPFIRE for $3,800 when she could’ve gone for the N’s.


Jeremy: $1K/Brittany: $5,800 WC 1/2 CAR/Anes: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

First, Anes says an automatic dud of T. Second, Jeremy exposes two R’s for a grand, buys two O’s and A’s, but LaTs out. Third, Brittany puts up a $1,400 pair of S’s, buys an E and two I’s to clean out the vowels, but says N for no. Anes‘ second try sees her lighting up an $1,800 pair of L’s and BANKRUPTING on the MDW’s left side. Jeremy next takes an $1,800 pair of C’s, but LaTs out again. Brittany then inserts the D via the MW near $800 and takes the gamble…$$$

S O L I D / A S / A
R O C _
C L I _ _ E R

…and she’s SOLID AS A ROCK CLIMBER to the tune of $10,900.

DUDS: T (Anes), N (Brittany)
LaTs: 2 (Jeremy)

Jeremy: $1K/Brittany: $16,700 WC 1/2 CAR/Anes: ZILCH


PP/Express Round: THINGS 

Jeremy’s first spin here is a waste because of the BANKRUPT near $650. Second, Brittany gets into trouble w/ the other one, so she must hand over her cardboard pieces. Third for Anes are two S’s for the same 1/2 CAR, two A’s and an I, a $900 and two O’s, but next is D for dud. Back to Jeremy who says a $900, the other two vowels, and a $1K L pairing, but he then gets the same BANKRUPT he got before to toss aside $1,400. Brittany then puts up a pair of TD C’s, but she hits the other MDW BANKRUPT

L O U N _ E / C _ A I R S
& / _ E A C _ / _ O _ E L S

…and Anes needs to pack some LOUNGE CHAIRS & BEACH TOWELS, because she’s won her first $1,150 and a Funjet Vacation to the Riu Bambu in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

SOLE DUD: D (Anes)
BANKRUPTS: 4 (two each by her opponents)

Jeremy: $1K/Brittany: $16,700/Anes: $8,150 cash & D.R.


$3K Tossup: EVENTS

B _ _ _ – T O – _ _ C K

We’ve had BACK-TO-BACK wins before in the BR, and Jeremy solves this one to quadruple up.

Speed-Up Round: SONG LYRICS

The consonants pay off at $1,800 per appearance. After somebody puts up the Y late in this round…

B _ B Y / _ _ / _ _ R _
B _ R N / T _ / R _ N

Brittany solves Bruce Springsteen’s “BABY WE WERE BORN TO RUN” for $10,800; Anes missed out on $5,400 despite calling the B’s.

DUDS: F (Anes), L (Jeremy), C (Jeremy)

Jeremy: $4K/Brittany: $27,500/Anes: $8,150 cash & D.R.

GT: $39,650
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $10,200


$100K Bonus Round
Here comes the ** for Brittany.

Category: PHRASE
This fairly big one starts out as…

_ E _ _ N _ / T _ E
_ _ R _ _ _ N

PCHO does her some good…

_ E _ O N _ / T H E
H O R _ _ O N

but she has nothing, and a potential $32K payoff was way BEYOND THE HORIZON for her.

$5K SPIN ID: JM1831468

The hosts tell us about the online audition part of their website at the end.