Millionaire Recap: September 22, 2014 (w/ a former WOF contestant!)

I know I usually write WOF Recaps, but I’m doing a recap for another game show because a former WOF contestant was on today! It’s Ashley Hollier from Lafayette, LA who won $70,915 on March 5, 2012 (including $30K in the BR after she miraculously solved WIND-UP TOY w/ no help from her choices)! She’s dealing w/ what “Millionaire” fans call today the Super Mix format. There are 14 questions spread over two rounds (the first 10 have dollar amounts that are shuffled ranging from $100 to $25K). The last four questions are in a round called “Classic Millionaire”. Also, there’s a new lifeline this season called a +1 where the player can ask somebody who he/she brought along w/ for help in answering the question. It replaces one of the two Jump the Questions when this format started back in Sept. 2010. And the new host this season is none other than former football player and actor Terry Crews.

So, after I’ve said all of that, let’s see how she did…

1. Prompting jokes about Barf Vader and Puke Skywalker, Virgin Atlantic once had themed airsickness bags that promoted what video game?

C: “ROBOCOP      D: “War of the Worlds”

She’s correct w/ “STAR WARS”, and that earns her $3K.

2.   With a 2013 listing citing an “occasional ghastly visage” and “a very quiet scream at 3:13”, a Pennsylvania man tried to sell a home described as what?

A: Slightly haunted           B: Probably cozy
C: Somewhat adorable     D: Extremely sexy

She’s right again w/ slightly haunted for…the big one of $25K (and a new total of $28K)!

3. As a warning to would-be criminals, Benjamin Franklin once printed currency w/ what ominous inscription?

A: “Woe Be to Counterfeiters”         B: “Counterfeit and Suffer”
C: “To Counterfeit to Death”            D: “Thou Shalt Not Counterfeit”

She rules out D, because that would be a commandment from the 10 Commandments, but she’s torn between A and B, so she decides to Jump this one. It was actually C, and behind that Q was…$10K.

4. Selling casual wear often seen on Jay Leno, the shopping website uses what tagline?

A: Cashmere on cashmere        B: Silk on silk
C: Denim on denim                   D: Spandex on spandex

She knows that Jay wears denim, so she locks in C…and is right for another $1K taking her to $29K.

5. According to a popular recipe on, marinating a certain candy in Bacardi produces what boozy treat?

A: Vodkandy Corn           B: Ginior Mints
C: Rummy Bears              D: Twixquila

She figures that Bacardi is a type of rum, so she goes w/ Rummy Bears…and that’s correct for another $500 ($29,500 overall).

6. You might think it’s an animal sound, but which of these actually refers to a mountain-dwelling people of Southeast Asia?

A: Miao               B: B’aa’aa’h
C: Tuete
              D: Bau-Wau

A is jumping out at her but she’s also considering D, so she uses her AtA lifeline…

A: 59% B: 14%  C: 5%  D: 22%

She may have influenced the crowd, but she’s going w/ Miaothat’s right for another $2K ($31,500).
7. Often assumed to be standing, what famous statue’s actually posed w/ its right leg bent to depict its march forward from oppression?

A: Christ the Redeemer      B: The Statue of Liberty
C: Michelangelo’s David     D: The Lincoln Memorial

She quickly jumps in w/ the SoL…nailed it for $15K ($46,500 so far)!

8. Featuring a glow-in-the-dark cover, the book Radioactive tells the story of which Nobel Prize-winning scientist?

A: Niels Bohr     B: Max Planck
C: Marie Curie  D: Richard Feynman

When the choices came up, she thought of Curie and that’s exactly what she’s going w/…yep for $100.

9. Cecil B. DeMille’s original ’23 religious epic “The Ten Commandments” is older than ALL BUT which of these actual religions?

A: Scientology        B: Nation of Islam
C: Mormonism
      D: Rastafarianism

She’s torn between B and C here, and she wants to save her +1 lifeline for R2 (which happens to be her dad Aaron), so she takes a stab at it w/ the Nation of Islam…well, she correctly eliminated A and D but she picked the wrong one. It was Mormonism, so she drops back to $1K, which is what contestants earn just for being here on the show these days. Too bad.

During the last break, they ask the viewers what they call a Question of the Day. Here it is:

When translated, what clothing article’s name means “thing to wear”?

A: Lederhosen     B: Burka 

C: Kimono           D: Dashiki

There was not much time left, so the host picks an audience member at random to answer a question for $1K. Today, it was Scott Selmer from Dix Hills, NY. 

Which of the following films is NOT based on a book by Stephen King?

A: “Stand By Me”        B: “The Lost Boys”
C: “The Green Mile”   D: “The Running Man”

He knows it’s not A, and his gut is telling him B. So, he’s going w/ that…yes! That actually is from J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan”.


One thought on “Millionaire Recap: September 22, 2014 (w/ a former WOF contestant!)

  1. JP Mackey September 23, 2014 / 1:01 am

    Good job Ashley! And nice recap, Andy. 😀


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