Sarah Manchester Update

Click HERE to watch the segment of Sarah appearing on GMA.

And here’s her post-game blog from the show’s official website:

“My Wheel of Fortune best-case scenario was winning the Bonus Round; I didn’t think much about a particular dollar amount.  I wanted the opportunity to introduce my wonderful family on national TV, and for them to run out at the end and hug me.  When the Bonus Round Puzzle appeared, I knew instantly that scenario would come true.  I could scarcely believe the luck, at having the first letter in both words and a full syllable in the last word.  I usually need at least a few seconds to solve the Bonus Round Puzzles at home.  This puzzle’s solution was instantly clear.
Then Pat revealed the dollar amount – WOW!  Simply astonishing.  Though my children had been sitting in the audience with the sparkling green wedge, the million dollar prize still didn’t seem like a real possibility.  And yet, it happened.  The immediate aftermath is kind of a blur.  I remember balloons and confetti, hugs and jumping around.  Walking back toward the seats, I smiled as I saw my fellow teacher contestants applauding.  A short time later, audience members were congratulating my family as we exited the studio.  I remember wondering if all of them could keep this news secret, especially the large group of students on a field trip who sat behind us. 
Back at the hotel, we called for room service and just relaxed.  We had never ordered room service before, so it felt like a special way to mark the occasion.  That evening, we enjoyed the sights of Hollywood Boulevard and tried out our hands in the celebrity handprints at the Chinese Theatre.  The next morning, we hopped on a plane for home, wondering if it would be hard to keep this big secret for the next four and a half months, and pondering a question that is only hypothetical for most people – “What would you do with a million dollars?”
One of the things I’m most excited about is travel.  There are many parts of the globe I have never set foot on but would love to.  Now, almost any destination seems within reach – New Zealand, Iceland, China, etc.  We have many practical plans for the money as well – college tuition, home improvement, and increasing our retirement nest egg.  I also look forward to making decisions as a family on how to help others benefit from this win, and to supporting social and environmental causes that are meaningful to us.
I will close by saying thank you once more to everyone at Wheel of Fortune who made this adventure so fantastic.  Big win or not, this would have been a truly memorable experience.  The big win has made it a life-changing experience as well, and I look forward to new opportunities ahead.”

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