Official Season 32 Changes

Since we’re getting close to the start of a brand new season, here are a couple of changes to expect…

-Guessing the Same Letter will net the contestant a $1,000 bonus in addition to the money he/she has earned each time it appears.
-In honor of the new season, the BR minimum is raised to $32K. They’re apparently beginning a tradition of increasing the minimum to match the season number till at least S35. I’m not a fan of that because it doesn’t make much difference.
-The new minimum on the big wheel will be $500. Here’s the complete template from a photo I saw on Game Show Follies (clockwise from top dollar):

$700 (this is where they place the Express Wedge in R3)
$600 (up from $300)
$800 (one location of a MW)
$500 (the new home for the gift tags)
$700 (up from $400)
$500 (the new spot for the MDW)
$550 (up from $350)
$500 (the spot for one 1/2 CAR plate)
$700 (other location of a MW)
$500 (usual home for the Prize Wedges)
$650 (up from $450)
$500 (where the other 1/2 CAR plate goes)
$900 (up from $300)

And we’re beginning the new season w/ Teachers Week (also the first wk. taped of the season).


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