1. Molly’s $100K win on June 4. Thank goodness she kept this season from making history of not having a grand prize landing at all, win or lose.
2. Emil’s epic NEW BABY BUGGY solve on March 19.
3. The Sanzaro brothers cleaning up on Apr. 21st w/ a total of $87,040 cash & trip to the T & C (the highest non-grand prize winning total this season)! And almost $116K cash & prizes was given away on that day, too!
4. Lauren Fairfax’s $85K+ night (she won $50K for solving NEWBORN PUPPY thanks to those P’s)!
5. Allyson Geliberte cleaning up on Feb. 24 of “Spa Getaway” and ended up w/ almost $82K cash & prizes (including a $15K Sonic).
6. A season-high of $346,921 given away on Disney Cruise Line Week. A shame that FLOOR WAX prevented us from getting a PBRW.
7. LFATs Roseann and Liz Vannest ending up w/ $77,898 cash & trips although they were ONE SPACE OFF the $1M from becoming the new all-time top winners on the show.
8. AJ’s $57,744 season-high maingame record (including the Fiesta he won in a tense PP/Express Round; he left only one letter unrevealed) on March 17, though he didn’t win his second car in the VW Passatt on the set of V8.
9. David Goldstein’s $53,650 total on Oct. 14 (start of Weekend Getaways) including his big PR in the PP/Express Round.
10. The very first EXPRESS playing on the second ep. of the season (Sept. 17). Luis Hernandez showed us how it should be done — completely filling the whole puzzle and not leaving money on the table.

1. Bad solves of CORNER CURRO CABINET, SURF CLAY WHERE WE GO and MYTHOLOGICAL HERO ACHILLES (by Julian on their unofficial 6,00th show). Of those three, it’s Julian Batts’ horrible maingame playing on said ep. costing him over $56K cash & prizes and yet he still won w/ $11,700.
2. Carol Tom’s $100K loss on May 23rd.
3.  Horrible BR losses on Las Vegas Vacation week (Tues.-Thurs.) — first was Katey Carr and her $50K post-buzzer solve (IT’S OUT OF THE WAY), then Amy Phillips who thought of WAXED HAM instead of BAKED HAM costing her $45K in her MDBR despite choosing CDMA, and Rod Farrell who doesn’t even get the second word of DOG PARK and let $30K slip away.
4. Ugly gameplay on Thanksgiving Day 2013 that included nine BANKRUPTS. Andy Weissmann survived the onslaught but lost the Edge for not coming up w/ BABYPROOFING (and he only got the obvious I).
6. SEASON-WORST Bankrupt Trash of $36,845 on Oct. 18; one of my readers Karen Christensen even lost the Fiesta but she recovered w/ a $50 BR win (HARPSICHORD).
7. TOY FOX TERRIER fiasco on Dec. 20. Furthermore, we had our first BR SHUTOUT of the season.
8. $30K being landed on all week long during Wheel 6000 wk. and the wedge was never landed on at all. 
9. Two bad WC usages on $500 during “Outdoor Adventures” — first was Crystal in R5 on Mon. and the other by Makida in R3 on Thurs.
10. Carlos’ suicide guess of FUNERALS AND MAJORS on the Dec. 5th episode of “Wheel Salutes Our Military”.
11. On Jan. 20, Brandon James questionably called the I’s for the Speed-Up Round puzzle and solving HITCHING A RIDE but still losing by $212 to Brittney Chisholm who won $8,712 (and that would be her final score after she failed to solve JOVIAL HOST for $30K).
12. FOUR Triple Stumpers of the season (I think this is a record) — GIRL SCOUT TROOP (Nov. 21), GETTING WARMED UP (Apr. 18), PASSING THE BATON (June 5), and A REAL CHARMER (June 6).



  1. Karen Christensen January 27, 2016 / 12:37 am

    The $50K was way better than the Fiesta anyway 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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