WOF Retro Recap: June, 4, 2012

Two more weeks to go, folks. This one’s “Newlyweds Week” that taped the same week as “Back to the Beach”.


$1,000 Tossup: PHRASE

_ _ _ E / A _ / F _ _ _ T
_ _ _ _ T

Craig & Daniella know there’s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. The first married duos this week…

Craig & Daniella Poirier (14 mos.): he’s a Air Force Captain and financial officer while she’s an academic technology specialist for Denver Public Schools; they first met online and his grandma Shirley from MI helped Craig grow up watching this show since he was five yrs. old 
Lindsey & Dan Guyton (8 mos.): she’s a 2nd Grade teacher while he’s an Industrial Arts & Technology teacher at Governor Livingston High School; they’re from Basking Ridge, NJ
Jamie & Bob Kurilla (1.5 mos): she’s a local hospital nurse while he’s a corrections lieutenant at a Prison in Scranton as well as a firearms collector/restorer; they’re from Newfoundland, PA

$2,000 Tossup: PLACE

T H _ / _ _ _ N D
_ A L L R O _ M

The Kurillas solve THE GRAND BALLROOM.

FEATURED SECOND HONEYMOON: Insight Vacation to France from Hotwire worth $9,698

Jackpot Round: EVENT (pair of doves wipe) 

The Kurillas kick things off w/ four $300 T’s, two H’s for the WC, four E’s and an A, but next is M for mistake while on the SpaFinder.com gift tag. Second, the Poiriers calls up two N’s for $1,800, two G’s for the gift tag, and the rest of the vowels, then they put up a $300 F…

T H E / _ U T T I N G
O F / T H E
_ E _ _ I N G / _ A _ E

…and recall THE CUTTING OF THE WEDDING CAKE for another $2,350 in cash & GT.

Kurillas: $2K WC/Poiriers: $3,350 cash & GT/Guytons: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

The Poiriers start this answer w/ two R’s for $600, seven E’s, three S’s for another $900 and the sole dud vowel of A. Second, the Guytons waste a spin w/ the BANKRUPT near TD. Third, the Kurillas take $3K worth of H’s via the MW near LaT (should’ve gambled) but BANKRUPT near the vacant WC anyway to lose both. The Poiriers then buy two I’s and four O’s, and light up two M’s while on the same MW …but they don’t gamble and attempt to solve for only $2,500…

S O M E _ H I _ _
_ O R R O _ E _
S O M E _ H I _ _
_ _ _ E / C H E E S E


DUDS: A (Poiriers)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (other teams)

Kurillas: $2K/Poiriers: $5,850 cash & GT/Guytons: ZIP



The Guytons’ first call of R is no good. The Kurillas secondly get up there a $300 S, two T’s to turn that into $1K, but then buy a bad vowel of E. Third, the Poiriers insert a $350 N, four A’s, a $350 L and four I’s…

_ A _ A I I A N
_ _ S _ I T A L I T _

…they only win $200, but they’ll enjoy some HAWAIIAN HOSPITALITY on their trip to the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa worth $5,420.

DUDS: R (Guytons), E (Kurillas)

Kurillas: $2K/Poiriers: $11,470 cash & prizes/Guytons: ZIP 



I / G _ _
Y _ _ / _ A _ E

The Guytons solve Sonny and Cher’s “I GOT YOU BABE” to finally get on the board.

Round 4: PEOPLE

S for sorry is how they start. Second, the Kurillas have the same fate w/ T. Third for our leaders are $2,500 worth of five R’s and a $600 G, then they go for a quick solve…

R _ _ G / _ _ _ R _ R / &
_ _ _ _ _ R / G _ R _

RING BEARER & FLOWER GIRL is right for another $3,100.

DUDS: S (Lindsey & Dan), T (Jamie & Bob)

Kurillas: $2K/Poiriers: $14,570 cash & prizes/Guytons: $3K 


Round 5: RHYME TIME (full $1,600 speed-up)

After a B by the Guytons..

_ H _ N _ _
B _ L _ N _ _

…this $3,200 solve of theirs isn’t PHONEY BALONEY.

(NOTES: Jamie tried to choose D in their three seconds on their second turn, but it would’ve been a dud anyway. And that’s where a null cycle occurred.)

(AIRED) DUDS: T (Kurillas), R (Poiriers), M (Kurillas), C (Guytons), G (Poiriers) 

Kurillas: $2K/Poiriers: $14,570 cash & prizes/Guytons: $6,200 

GT: $22,770
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $3K


$100K Bonus Round
The last car offered this season is a Volkswagen CC. Daniella lands on the C.

Category: PHRASE
At the beginning…

_ _ _ T / _
_ _ R _ _ _ N

CDMI is of limited help…

_ _ _ T / _
_ _ R _ _ I N

…they don’t even come close to defeating this board — WHAT A BARGAIN the $45K would’ve been had they just called the obvious A’s.



One thought on “WOF Retro Recap: June, 4, 2012

  1. JP Mackey August 24, 2014 / 12:28 am

    The Poiriers were quite the consonative team, but they were on the Newlywed Game recently.


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