WOF Retro Recap: May 8, 2012


$1K Tossup: PERSON

N _ _ U R E
L O _ E _

Zac might not necessarily a NATURE LOVER, but he’s on the board. Here’s another panel w/ two men, all of whom are from Portland…

Zac McCoy: server/singer since he was three
Michelle Thomassian: sales operations specialist for a computer hardware company who’s also a part of a program that teaches youth about kidney health
Rico Sibley: delivery driver by day and stand-up comedian for seven yrs. at night

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

R _ A D I _ _ / T _ E
_ _ B E L

Michelle is slowly but correctly READING THE LABEL.

FEATURED TRIP: Newport Beach Marriott Bayview in CA worth $6,230

Jackpot Round: LIVING THINGS

Her first letters are two Jackpot S’s, an E, two R’s for the BeyondtheRack gift tag, and two A’s, followed by a $600 T but then W worth worthless while on the CA trip. Second, Rico has a $600 M but nothing else w/ L. Third, Zac locates three N’s for $1,500, two G’s for $600 more and an O…

_ _ _ _ M _ N _ S
G A T _ E R _ N G
A _ O R N S

…then he sees CHIPMUNKS GATHERING ACORNS for $1,850.

DUDS: W (Michelle), L (Rico) 

Michelle: $2K/Rico: $0/Zac: $2,850


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

To start, Rico takes four T’s for the blue 1/2 KIA, four E’s, a $300 R, three S’s for $1,350, an I and two A’s, then come three $300 H’s, two $900 L’s, and a $600 pair of F’s. We now have…

F A S T E R / T H A _
T H E / S _ E E _ / _ F
L I _ H T
_ _ L _ S

…he thinks he’s “FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT BULBS” for $6,200.


Michelle: $2K/Rico: $6,200 1/2 KIA/Zac: $2,850



Zac first puts up three S’s for $1,350 and BANKRUPTS next to the WC. Michelle secondly picks up that cardboard item w/ a T, two H’s for $1,600 and five E’s, but the other normal BANKRUPT forces her to hand over the WC and $1,350. Third, Rico spots an $1,100 pair of R’s, but that same BANKRUPT rids him of that and his plate. After Zac’s $350 P, two $900 C’s, and four I’s…

I _ C R E _ I _ _ E
_ I E _ S / _ R _ _
T H E / S H I P ‘ S
_ E C _

…he’s won another $1,900 and he’ll be getting INCREDIBLE VIEWS FROM THE SHIP’S DECK on his $5,400 MSC CARIBBEAN CRUISE from hotwire.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole gang)

Michelle: $2K/Rico: $6,200/Zac: $10,150 cash & cruise


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ _ _ _ / _ _ E R
H _ _ _ _

Zac’sHEAD OVER HEELS” like Tears for Fears in their ’85 song to move up to $13,150.

Round 4: SONG LYRICS (full $6K speed-up!)

After two L’s get chosen…

_ _ R _ M _ _ _ / _ _ S
_ / _ _ L L F R _ _

Zac’s dancing, because he nails “JEREMIAH WAS A BULLFROG” from “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night for $24K!

SOLE DUD: T (Michelle)
SOLE DQ: Zac’s T repeat

Michelle: $2K/Rico: $6,200/Zac: $37,150 cash & cruise

GT: $45,350
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $3,800


$100K Bonus Round
The BW stops him on the P.

Category: PLACE
The opening board…

_ _ _ _ _ N _
_ _ T _ 

CDMI only adds…

_ _ _ _ I N _
_ _ T _ 

…and he doesn’t take the JOGGING PATH to $50K.



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