WOF Retro Recap: April 25, 2012


This was taped on the set of “Back to the Beach”.

$1K Tossup: PLACE

_ _ _ / _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A
C _ _ _ _

David knows that this show had a theme week saluting THE CALIFORNIA COST. Interview time…

David Shannon: software development mgr. for a security software co. and group fitness teacher at gyms who thinks he’s an amateur baker from L.A.
Kelly Tucker: veterinarian from La Mesa, CA
Whitney Tavis: got her first Bachelor’s in communications and working on her second in nursing at Felician College from Oradell, NJ

$2K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ / _ _ A _ _ / _ R _ M
_ _ E / _ _ _ _

David quickly gets A BLAST FROM THE PAST — I think we have a hot player on our hands, folks.

FEATURED TRIP: Boston Harbor Hotel worth $9,640

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

He leads off w/ two T’s for $1,600, three E’s, two $300 H’s, and an A at the start of both lines, but he then BANKRUPTS near the WC to lose $1,700. Second, Kelly claims five L’s for $1,500, a $600 N, and the I to clean out the vowels, and a D for the Phillips 66 gas card…

A L L / T H E / _ E L L _
A N D / _ H I _ T L E _

…she solves ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES for $2,850 cash & gas card.


Kelly: $2,850 cash & gas card/Whitney: $0/David: $3K


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Kelly’s first letter of N is no good. Second, Whitney calls up two T’s via the MW near LaT and goes for 5x the $2K offer…she’s got it! Next up are a $10,500 S trio, three E’s, an $800 R pair, two A’s, and two $300 D’s to complete the last word of ADDRESSbut the other normal BANKRUPT forces her to give up $21,400; ugh. David then gets this round over w/…

_ E T T _ S _ _ R _
& / E – _ A I _

GETTYSBURG & E-MAIL ADDRESS is correct even w/o the G’s.

SOLE DUD: N (Kelly)

Kelly: $2,850 cash & gas card/Whitney: ZERO/David: $4K 



Whitney’s road to recovery doesn’t start well w/ S. David secondly picks up the blue 1/2 KIA w/ three N’s and three E’s, followed by a $300 F, two D’s for the other 1/2 KIA, and an A to start each line…

A / _ N E – _ F –
A – _ _ N D
A D _ E N _ _ _ E

…he’s won $17,300 cash & Soul plus A ONE-OF-A-KIND ADVENTURE to this place sponsored by “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” — DUBAI worth $9,835!

SOLE DUD: S (Whitney)

Kelly: $2,850 cash & gas card/Whitney: HARD LUCK/David: $31,135 cash & prizes 



E _ _ _ _ _ _ R
_ P E _ A T O _

David IDs ELEVATOR OPERATOR to go up over $34K.

Round 4: FOOD & DRINK

First up are a $900 trio of L’s, two E’s, but then the same BANKRUPT he got before to toss aside $650. Second for Kelly are a $300 R but no A’s. Third, Whitney picks a $500 S but the other dud vowel of this board (I). Back to Dave who finds a $500 W and four O’s…

S L O W – _ O O _ E _
_ _ L L E _ / _ O R _

…he eats up some SLOW-COOKED PULLED PORK for a $750 refund.

DUDS: A (Kelly), I (Whitney)

Kelly: $2,850 cash & gas card/Whitney: VERY BAD SHAPE/David: $35,135 cash & prizes 

Round 5: LANDMARK (full $1,500 speed-up)

After a P request by Dave

_ _ N N _ _ _
S P _ C _ / C _ N T _ R

…he solves the KENNEDY SPACE CENTER for $3K worth of icing.

Kelly: $2,850 cash & gas card/Whitney: HL $1K GOOSEEGG/David: $38,135 cash & prizes 

GT: $41,985


$100K Bonus Round
I think Dave can snap this 9-ep. losing streak. He lands on the S of SPIN.

Category: THING
Vanna gives him this much to start…

_ / L _ _ _ T
T _ _ _ _

He’s about to nail this w/ GCHO…

_ / L _ G H T
T O _ C H

..he obviously doesn’t have A LIGHT TOUCH on the game, because he has dominated from start to finish and ends up w/ this…

…$40K for a final total of $78,135 cash & prizes; he’s also your highest winner of ’12 so far!



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