WOF Retro Recap: April 6, 2012


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ O _ L E C T I N G
S E A _ _ _ _ _ S

Greg isn’t COLLECTING SEASHELLS, but rather his first bit of money. And for the third time in the four Friday’s, two men are competing…

Greg Stevens: Pepperdine Univ. graduate student in a 5-year MBA program from Malibu, CA (orig. from Hanover, PA)
Sarah Atkins: account manager for commercial cleaning products co. in Philly from Media, PA
Joe Lardaro: branch manager for a comm/data distributor from St. James, NY

$2K Tossup: PLACE

P _ _ L _ C
_ _ _ _

Sarah takes too long and was about to say PUBLIC AREA.

P _ _ L I C
_ _ _ _

Greg says her guess…it’s not right.

P _ _ L I C
P _ _ K

Joe finally gets PUBLIC PARK.

LAST BEACH TRIP OF THE WEEK: EZItaly trip worth $9,500

Jackpot Round: FOOD & DRINK

T for terrible gets him started. Greg secondly has the same fate w/ an R. Third, Sarah calls two N’s for $600 but LOSES A TURN just as quick. Joe tries again w/ a $550 N bu next is a dud vowel of A. Greg then picks up the WC w/ an M, a $500 D at the end of the second line, and three O’s to clean out the vowels, but next is W for worthless. Wanted by Sarah next are two S’s for $1,100, a $600 C, but nothing else w/ H. Joe then puts up triple P’s for $1,350…

P O P P _ / S E E D

…and solves LEMON POPPY SEED SCONE for another $1,650.

DUDS: T (Joe), R (Greg), A (Joe), W (Greg), H (Sarah)
SOLE LaT: Sarah

Joe: $3,650/Greg: $1K WC/Sarah: $0


Mystery Round: RHYME TIME (big puzzle alert) 

Greg starts w/ an S via the MW near LaT and may be about to lose his WChe does. Second for Sarah are a $600 N, three R’s for the Maui Jim gift tag, three E’s, and two I’s, followed by two $800 T’s, three $600 H’s, and the rest of the vowel shop. But after a $900 M is her second LaT of the game. Joe then puts up a $3K C quintet and tries to add that amount to his lead…

H I C _ O R _
_ I C _ O R _ / _ O C _
T H E / M O U S E / R A N
U _ / T H E / C _ O C _

..he was way too cononative, because he solves “HICKORY DICKORY DOCK, THE MOUSE RAN UP THE CLOCK”.

SOLE LaT: Sarah

Joe: $6,650/Greg: $1K/Sarah: NOTHING


PP Round: THING 

Sarah’s off to a $600 start w/ two N’s, followed by two R’s for $900, four E’s, an A, three T’s for the MDW, and a $600 H, but then comes the BANKRUPT near TD to wipe her out of $1,600 and said wedge. Joe then puts up an S pairing for the green 1/2 KIA, two D’s to double up, and a pair of U’s before he sees…

T H E / S _ _ T
S A N D / U N D E R
_ _ U R / F E E T

…not only did you win another $1,750, Joe, you’ll feel THE SOFT SAND UNDER YOUR FEET during your stay at the LaSource in GRENADA courtesy of Hotwire worth $7,500.


Joe: $15,900 cash & trip/Greg: $1K/Sarah: BAD LUCK



W H _ _ E
G A R _ _ N _ A S

Greg plucks some WHITE GARDENIAS to go to $4K.

Round 4: PHRASE (full $1,500 speed-up)

After two C’s pop up…

S T R _ C T L _
C _ N _ _ D _ N T _ _ L

…it’s not STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL for me to report that Joe’s won another $7,500 worth of icing on his cake.

DUDS (both by Sarah): H and M

Joe: $23,400 cash & trip/Greg: $4K/Sarah: $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $28,400
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $1,600


$100K Bonus Round
We’ll find out later if Joe has something nice under the ‘.

Category: PHRASE
Another good dose of RSTLNE on this one…

T _ _ E / T _ E
_ _ _ T

He picks a good time to frontload the alphabet…

T A _ E / T _ E
B A _ T

…and he does indeed TAKE THE BAIT for $35K and a final total of $58,400 cash & trip!



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