WOF Retro Recap: April 5, 2012


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ A S _ / _ H E
S U N S _ _ _ E N

Tammy takes too long, but she blows the first word anyway w/ WASH.

_ A S _ / T H E
S U N S C _ _ E N

Brian rightly says PASS THE SUNSCREEN. Thursday’s trio…

Brian Mulvihill:  visual merchandiser at an outdoor sports store who played softball at Iona University & is currently rollerblading
Tammy Clark: accounting clerk/karaoke singer from Atlanta
Lauren Landini: visual merchandiser at an outdoor sports store who played softball at Iona University & is currently rollerblading from Hempstead, NY

$2K Tossup: THING

_ O _ _ T _ I N
_ _ / Y _ _ _ _

This should’ve been filed under Landmark, but Brian IDs the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

FEATURED BEACH TRIP: InterContinential The Clement Monterey worth $5,270

Jackpot Round: PEOPLE

He says an automatic dud of T while on the green 1/2 KIA. Second, Tammy picks the WC up w/ two S’s at the end of the puzzle, but that’s taken right back by the BANKRUPT near TD. Third, Lauren repeats the T. Brian restarts w/ three $600 N’s, an A, and two Jackpot P’s…

P _ _ N _ _ / A N _
P _ _ N _ _ S S

…a PRINCE AND PRINCESS pay him a $7K pot for a total of $9,550 in that round.

SOLE DUD: T (Brian)
SOLE DQ: Lauren’s T repeat

Brian: $12,550/Tammy: $0/Lauren: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

Tammy’s first letters here are two N’s for $600, but then A for awful. Second, Lauren inserts four S’s for $3,200 (this is the second puzzle in a row w/ the -SS ending) and three E’s, but she gets the same BANKRUPT the other lady got to hand over $2,950. Third, Brian picks up the CA trip w/ three R’s, but he too gets that same BANKRUPT. Tammy resumes her play w/ a $900 T and three O’s…

S E E / S _ O T
R _ N
_ O R / _ O N _ R E S S

…you’re not gonna “SEE SPOT RUN” FOR CONGRESS anytime soon, but she’s on the board.

SOLE DUD: A (Tammy)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (opponents)

Brian: $12,550/Tammy: $1K/Lauren: ZILCH 


PP Round: EVENT 

Lauren gets the Beach Bikes GT right off the bat w/ two T’s, FPs two A’s, and picks up the same 1/2 KIA w/ two R’s, followed by two I’s, but then T for terrible. Second, Brian finds a $600 T, a $400 D, the rest of the vowels, and three F’s for $900 more…

F I N D I N G / A
F O U R – _ E A F
_ _ O _ E R

…he’s won $1,150 and will be FINDING A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER during his $5,500 IRELAND trip.

SOLE DUD: T (Lauren)

Brian: $19,200 cash & Ireland/Tammy: $1K/Lauren: ZIP


$3K Tossup: ON THE MAP

T _ _ _ _ / _ A Y
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Brian quickly pinpoints TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA to go over the $22K mark.

Round 4: WAYD?

The starters are a TD N, two I’s, a $500 G, three E’s, and a $2K T quintet before he BANKRUPTS near the old WC location to lose $7K. Tammy secondly says a $1,200 H quartet but then a bad vowel of U. Third, Lauren also strikes out w/ L. Brian then says a $300 R, the leftover O, the $300 M, and $900 singles of S and C…

H I T T I N G / T H E

…as we’re HITTING THE HOMESTRETCH of this game, he’s added another $2,150 to his overall bank.

DUDS: U (Tammy), L (Lauren)

Brian: $24,350 cash & Ireland/Tammy: $1K/Lauren: GOOSEEGG ALERT

Round 4: PLACE (full $1,500 speed-up)

After Tammy puts up the frontloading M…

M _ _ N
_ N T R _ N _ _

…she likely threw away another $7,500 w/ a bad response of MAIN INTABLE. Lauren then puts up the C to leave only vowels remaining (no beeps, though)

M _ _ N
_ N T R _ N C _

…she’ll walk out of the MAIN ENTRANCE w/ her only $3K on the night.

DUDS: S (Brian), L (Lauren), J (Brian)
SOLE DQ: Tammy’s blown solve

Brian: $24,350 cash & Ireland/Tammy: $1K/Lauren: $3K

GT: $28,350
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $15,220 cash & CA


$100K Bonus Round
There isn’t anybody w/ this guy, but he’s the second player this week to land on the M of AMERICA’S.

Category: THINGS
For you fans of “Millionaire”, you’ll love this RSTLNE setup…

T R _ _ _ _
_ _ E S T _ _ N S

PBHO only adds the vowel…

T R _ _ _ _
_ _ E S T _ O N S

…and it’s NOT TRICK QUESTIONS. The right ones for $30K were TRIVIA QUESTIONS.



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