WOF Retro Recap: April 4, 2012


$1K Tossup: PERSON

_ _ _ E _ D L Y
_ _ _ E _ _ _ R D

Andy solves FRIENDLY LIFEGUARD. Time to meet him and the female opposition…

Andy Frankhart: project manager for an I.T. services company who’s a huge Washington Nationals fan from Bristow, VA
Temi Ademuwagun: 3rd year student at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in the City from Jamaica, NY (orig. from Nigeria)
Ashley Worth: 9th/10th Grade English teacher at Santana HS in Santee from El Cajon, CA

$2K Tossup: THINGS

_ A _ U L O U S
_ _ I _ E S

Temi can’t get the second word, allowing Ashley to solve FABULOUS PRIZES.

FEATURED BEACH TRIP: Holualoa Inn in Hawaii from BedandBreakfast.com worth $6,590

Jackpot Round: WAYD?

Here goes Ashley w/ the calling of two N’s for a grand, five E’s, a $300 G, a $1,600 pair of P’s and two I’s, then come five T’s for $12,500, a $400 K at the start, a FP A, and two H’s for that green 1/2 KIA. She spins once more for two $500 S’s…

K E E P I N G / _ P
_ I T H / T H E
_ A T E S T / T _ E N _ S

…and she’s KEEPING UP WITH THE LATEST TRENDS for $17,300!


Ashley: $19,300 1/2 KIA/Andy: $1K/Temi: $0


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

A $7K pair of T’s get Andy started, followed by two $1K R’s via the MW near LaT (that’s the BANKRUPT one), three E’s, an A, a $300 N, and an L while on the other MW. After he buys two O’s…

_ E R _ O N A L
_ E T
_ R O _ E _ T

…he completes this PERSONAL PET PROJECT for a $9,550 payoff (although it could’ve been $18,550 if he had the guts).

PR #2!

Ashley: $19,300 1/2 KIA/Andy: $10,550/Temi: $0



Now finally getting a chance to spin, Temi picks up the other 1/2 KIA w/ a T, two S’s for $1,600 more, three E’s and two A’s, then come a $1,200 pair of R’s, a $1,500 H trio and the rest of the vowel shop. But after an $800 N is C for CRITICAL DUD, allowing Ashley to solve this…

R O _ A _ / _ _ U S H
_ U _ _ / H O U S E
T H R E E / O _
A / _ I N _

…she gets ROYAL FLUSH, FULL HOUSE THREE OF A KIND for a $5K trip to Mandalay Bay from Vegas.com and Hotwire.com

SOLE DUD: C (Temi)

Ashley: $24,300 cash & Vegas/Andy: $10,550/Temi: BUPKIS 


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

Y _ _ / S N O O _ E
_ _ U / _ _ _ _

Andy says “YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE” to go to $13,550.

Round 4: PHRASE

He says an automatic dud of T while on TD (the audience had a reason not to cheer for that spin). Second for Temi are two $900 N’s, four S’s for $2K extra, three I’s, a $400 G and a B pairing (start of both lines) for $1,600 more…

B _ S I N _ S S / I S
B _ _ _ I N G

BUSINESS IS (finally) BOOMING for her — she’s won $5,550.

SOLE DUD: T (Andy)

Ashley: $24,300 cash & Vegas/Andy: $13,550/Temi: $5,550

Round 5: EVENT

After Temi’s $300 T, we move into S-U Mode…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / T _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

…and the consonants each pay off at $1,500. Ashley later calls a trio of N’s…

_ R _ S S _ N _ / T H _
_ _ N _ S H / L _ N _


Ashley: $33,300 cash & Vegas/Andy: $13,550/Temi: $5,550

GT: $52,400


$100K Bonus Round
Ashley gets the * envelope.

Category: PHRASE
Another good RSTLNE head start…

_ N / T _ E / S _ _ E
_ _ _ E

PHMO are all up there (the H is a waste, though)…

O N / T H E / S _ M E
P _ _ E

…and she’s ON THE SAME PAGE as us, so she’s won…

…$40K for a final total of $73,300 cash and trip, making her the biggest winner of 2012!


One thought on “WOF Retro Recap: April 4, 2012

  1. JP Mackey August 11, 2014 / 4:30 am

    Ashley Hollier and Ashley Worth turn out to be two of my favorite contestants. Partially because their name is Ashley but mostly because of their HUGE totals!


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