WOF Retro Recap: March 29, 2012


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

T H E / S O U T H
C _ _ _ A / _ E A

The non-hosting Pat blows it w/ THE SOUTH CASPIAN SEA, which doesn’t fit the theme week. Shaun then capitalizes w/ THE SOUTH CHINA SEA. Here’s the lowdown on the men and the sole lady of this Thursday night….

Amira Azimi: sales account manager for an apparel company who’s been a Wheel Watcher since she was three years old w/ a 99 yr. old grandma from Los Angeles (orig. from Oxnard, CA)
Pat Kotsonis: owner of two restaurants from Fords, NJ
Shaun Garvin: flight attendant who’s going to graduate school to be an organizational psychologist from Atlanta (orig. from St. Louis)


H _ _ E _
D O _ _ M _ N

Amira solves HOTEL DOORMAN.

FEATURED TRIP: Japan tour from g adventures worth $8,946

Jackpot Round: WAYD?

She kicks things off w/ two N’s for the blue 1/2 KIA, three I’s, but then the LaT. Second, Pat calls up the obvious G and three T’s for $500 a head, two E’s and an A, and two H’s for another $800, but he then hits the MDW’s left side for $2,300. Third, Shaun takes a $600 W and three O’s to clean out the vowels, and a $900 pair of C’s, but he LaTs out. Amira then spins once for a $500 P…

N O O _ _ E _ / W I T H
C H O _ _ T I C _ _

…she’s rightly EATING NOODLES WITH CHOPSTICKS for another $1,250.

LaTs: 2 (Amira, Shaun)

Pat: $0/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $3,250 1/2 KIA


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Pat gets the Japan tour right away w/ two T’s, FPs an O, plugs in three S’s for $900, and buys two I’s and three A’s. Next up are an N for the TravelSmith gift tag and two E’s to finish off the vowels…

S A T E _ _ I T E
A N _ / S O A _
_ I S _

…he solves SATELLITE AND SOAP DISH for a total of $10,096 in cash & prizes.


Pat: $10,096 cash & prizes/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $3,250 1/2 KIA



Shaun instantly duds out w/ S while on the other 1/2 KIA. Second for Amira are a $300 N, three E’s, a $600 pair of R’s, a $600 H, and two A’s, followed by three FP I’s, and two C’s for $600 more…

C A _ I _ _ R N I A
H E R E / I / C _ M E

…too bad she solves “CALIFORNIA, HERE I COME” given her home state, but she’s won $1,900 and won’t have to travel far to the Omni Hotel & Resort in S.F. worth $5,500

SOLE DUD: S (Shaun)

Pat: $10,096 cash & prizes/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $10,650 cash & S.F.


$3K Tossup: PERSON

_ _ R _ _ _ _
D _ P _ O M A T

Shaun quadruples up up w/ FOREIGN DIPLOMAT.

Round 4: PLACE

His starting letters are two S’s (one on each end of the answer) for $1,200, two A’s, two FP T’s, but then a bad I buy. Second, Amira strikes out w/ N. Third for Pat are three R’s for $1,500, an E quarter, and a $450 C before he…

_ E A _ _ _ A R T E R S

…steals another $1,700 from the SECRET HEADQUARTERS.

DUDS: I (Shaun), N (Amira)

Pat: $11,796 cash & prizes/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $10,650 cash & S.F.

Round 5: LIVING THINGS (full $1,600 speed-up)

The L is said early on by Shaun

_ _ _ _ _ _
_ L _ S S _ _ S

…but he’s incorrect w/ CHERRY BLOSSOMS. Amira takes the B to leave only vowels unxposed…

_ R _ N G _
B L _ S S _ M S

…she solves ORANGE BLOSSOMS right on the buzzer for $8K and the win!

DUDS: C (Amira) and F (Pat)
SOLE DQ: Shaun’s incorrect response

Pat: $11,796 cash & prizes/Shaun: $4K/Amira: $18,650 cash & S.F.

GT: $34,446


$100K Bonus Round
Amira lands on the old W.

Category: PHRASE
Here’s how we begin this time…

_ L _ _ / T _ E
S _ _ T _ _

She’s about to kill it w/ PFCI…

F L I P / T _ E
S _ I T C _

…there’s no need to FLIP THE SWITCH on your TVs, boys and girls, because she’s won $40K for a final total of $58,650 cash & trip! Being an LfaT paid off quite nicely for her! For the record, that’s the 50th BR win of the season.



One thought on “WOF Retro Recap: March 29, 2012

  1. jpgenius November 6, 2017 / 9:09 pm

    Amira was on last Monday’s edition of TPIR. I wonder if she’s an LFAT of that show too…because she won BIG.


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