WOF Retro Recap: March 27, 2012


$1K Tossup: THING

_ A M U _ A I
S _ O _ D

Jeremy takes out a SAMURAI SWORD to strike first among this gang…

Jeremy Ellis: pro desk home improvement retail worker and soccer coach for four/six yr. olds from Hagerstown, MD
Kristin Rick: SAHM from Lake Forest, CA (orig. from WI)
Antoninette Toney: nonprofit housing agency worker from Dorchester, MA


_ R O U _ D S K E E _ E R

Jeremy triples up w/ GROUNDSKEEPER.

FEATURED FE TRIP: Hotel Port Canning in Singapore from Worldhotels.com & Hotwire.com worth $6,500

Jackpot Round: ON THE MAP

First up are a $300 T at the start of the answer, two $800 H’s, two E’s, and an A before he loses the $1,400 leftover to the BANKRUPT near the WC. Second, Kristin LOSES A TURN. Third, Antoinette gets the exact same fate as Jeremy. Next for the middle player are two N’s for the WC, two S’s for the blue 1/2 KIA, four I’s to wipe out the vowels, and an $1,800 L pair. Board…

T H E / _ H I L I _ I N E
I S L A N _ S

He locates THE PHILIPINE ISLANDS for another $2,550.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Jeremy, Antoinette)
SOLE LaT: Kristin

Antoinette: $0/Jeremy: $5,550 1/2 KIA WC/Kristin: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

Kristin leads the way w/ a $900 T, and buys of an E, two A’s and an I, before she gets the same BANKRUPT everybody else got. Second, Antoinette can’t find any N’s for the same 1/2 KIA. Third, Jeremy inserts two S’s for a duplicate of the blue 1/2 KIA, two R’s for another $300 each, and the last vowel of O. But after a $900 H is that same pesky BANKRUPT to rid him of $17,250 cash & KIA along w/ the WC. Darn. After seeing that unfortunate event, Kristin plugs in a $300 B and a D via the MW near the MDW before taking the risk…$10K! At this point…

B R I D A _
S H O _ E R
S T A _ _

…she doesn’t go on for the L’s, but she nails BRIDAL SHOWER STALL for $10,300.

SOLE DUD: N (Antoinette)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Kristin, Jeremy)

Antoinette: ZERO/Jeremy: $5,550/Kristin: $10,300



Antoinette instantly hits the other normal BANKRUPT, also her second. Jeremy secondly has the green 1/2 KIA w/ two T’s, three E’s, and two $800 N’s before he goes for a quick solve…

E _ E _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ E / _ _ N
T _ N _ _ _ T

…he’s right w/ “EVERYBODY HAVE FUN TONIGHT” by Wang Chung (they’re actually from England) for $2,350 and the $5K trip to MIAMI’S Beacon Hotel.


Antoinette: ZILCH/Jeremy: $12,900 cash & FL/Kristin: $10,300


$3K Tossup: PLACE

S H I P ‘ S
G A _ L _ Y

Kristin IDs a SHIP’S GALLEY to take back the lead w/ $13,300.

Round 4: EVENT

Her first letters are a $2,400 T trio, three E’s, and an I. One $900 F and an A later…

F A _ I _ _
_ E T – T _ _ E T _ E _

…she knows that this game is an example of a FAMILY GET-TOGETHER for another $2,550.


Antoinette: BUPKIS/Jeremy: $12,900 cash & FL/Kristin: $15,850

Round 5: PHRASE

N for no is how Antoinette starts. Second for Jeremy are three T’s for $900, four I’s, and a $500 S at the end. He thought of solving at this point, but he spins once more for the $900 L trio…

T _ L L / I T
L I _ _ / I T / I S

…good thing he didn’t leave those behind — he’s able to TELL IT LIKE IT IS for $2,050 more.

SOLE DUD: N (Antoinette)

Antoinette: BAD SHAPE/Jeremy: $14,950 cash & FL/Kristin: $15,850


Round 6: FUN & GAMES (full $1,500 speed-up)

After an L pops up late in this round…

T W _ S T E R
& / _ L _ E

Kristin solves TWISTER & CLUE for $4,500 and the win.

DUDS: N (Jeremy), O (Kristin)

Antoinette: $1K GOOSEEGG/Jeremy: $14,950 cash & FL/Kristin: $20,350

GT: $36,300
BANKRUPT TRASH: $18,800 cash & wheels


$100K Bonus Round
The BW stops on the A of GAME.

Category: THINGS
Here’s 1/3 of the answer…

_ E _ _
_ _ _ R S

CDMO only adds the vowel

_ E _ _
_ O _ R S

…and she’s out of the game at PEAK HOURS. When this was last used back on Jan. 8, 2008, only $25K was lost (that contestant left w/ $53,200)…

BUT IN KRISTIN’S CASE, IT’S FOUR TIMES AS MUCH — SHE’S THE SEVENTH $100K LOSER OF THE SEASON. Too bad. But according to Pat in the closing speech, they’ve given away the big one in the studio at least once before even though it hasn’t aired yet this season. I think some of you know when that’s gonna air.

VIDEO BONUS: Unlucky 7th $100K LOSS



One thought on “WOF Retro Recap: March 27, 2012

  1. JP Mackey December 26, 2015 / 9:20 pm

    Man, Antoinette was LUCKY she got to call some letters in the Final Spin; too bad she didn't solve that puzzle.


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