WOF Retro Recap: March 23, 2012 — BR SHUTOUT ALERT #7



S _ _ _ _ / _ _
P L _ Y / _ / _ _ M E ?

Joe asks “SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?” (from the 1983 film “WarGames”) and we definitely are. Two men on the panel to round out the week…

Joe Lourenco: project mgr. for non-profit health care organization from Arlington, MA
Daveon Swan: retail company executive who’s also an online program worker for Villanova University and getting his Master’s of Science in Church Management from L.A.; at times, when they can’t solve a “Wheel” puzzle at home, they hang up the phone on grandma (LOL!)

Jenny Scott: Brooklyn Law School student who backpacked in Europe for five months from NYC


G R _ _ _ N G
S H _ E P

Jenny falls for the trap w/ GROWING SHEEP.

G R A _ _ N G
S H _ E P

Joe sees some GRAZING SHEEP to triple his money.

FEATURED WG: Voyagaire Lodge & Houseboats houseboat ride on Crane Lake in Minnesota worth $6,327


He kicks off w/ a $500 R, two E’s, and two $500 N before buying the only bad vowel of this puzzle (A). Second, Daveon calls up two T’s for $600, two S’s to add $5K, but then re-purchases the A. Third, Jenny calls up an H for the blue 1/2 KIA, buys the U to complete the last word of SHUTTERS, and lights up two $450 D”s and three $550 W’s to leave only vowels remaining…

W _ _ D E N
W _ N D _ W

…she opens up these WOODEN WINDOW SHUTTERS for $2,800.

SOLE DQ: Daveon’s A rebuy

Daveon: $0/Jenny: $2,800 1/2 KIA/Joe: $3K



First from Daveon are four R’s for $1,800, three S’s for the houseboat trip, five A’s, but then the sole dud vowel of O. Jenny secondly picks up the Vegas.com gift tag w/ a T and takes two $1K T’s via the MW near LaT (bad move; that’s the $10K one). But after a $1,500 N trio is her own DQ for repeating the O, so that was probably a blessing in disguise that she didn’t gamble for the $10K. Anyway, we go over to Joe w/ three K’s for $900, a $500 H, and three L’s to add $10,500

D A R T H / _ A D _ R
L _ K _ / S K _ _ A L K _ R
A N D / _ R _ N _ _ S S
L _ _ A

…he solves the “Star Wars” characeters, DARTH VADER, LUKE SKYWALKER AND PRINCESS LEIA, for $11,900.

SOLE DUD: O (Daveon)
SOLE DQ: Jenny’s O repeat

Daveon: NIL/Jenny: $2,800 1/2 KIA/Joe: $14,900


PP Round: WAYD? 

Jenny’s first letters are four N’s for $3,600, two I’s, an $800 G, and three O’s, then come a $1K T pairing, a $600 S at the end, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to wipe out $3,900 and her plate. Second, Joe’s lit up a $1,200 pair of C’s, the rest of the vowels, and a $600 B, but that same BANKRUPT gets him to the tune of $1,050. Following Daveon’s $800 R and two M’s to triple up…

C O U N T I N G / M _
N U M B E R / O _
_ A C A T I O N / _ A _ S

…he’s “COUNTING MY NUMBER OF VACATION DAYS” for the $2,400 and the $5,500 caravan.com PANAMA TOUR.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (the J’s)

Daveon: $7,900 cash and tour/Jenny: $2,800/Joe: $14,900


$3K Tossup: THINGS

U _ W R I _ T E N
_ U _ E S

Daveon can’t get the second word in time.

U N W R I _ T E N
_ U _ E S

Joe knows some UNWRITTEN RULES in life to move to $17,900.

Round 4: PERSON (full $1,500 speed-up)

After Joe calls up the D to leave only vowels remaining (we don’t hear the vowel beeps, though)…

_ M M E D _ _ T E
S _ P E R V _ S _ R

…he solves IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR for $4,500.

(NOTES: Pat mistakenly said the S was a dud on Daveon’s first turn; also, a null cycle was edited out after Jenny called the R’s.)

(AIRED) DUDS: N (Joe), C (Daveon)

VIDEO BONUS: 2nd Tossup and entire S-U Round (w/ the blooper)

Daveon: $7,900 cash and tour/Jenny: $2,800/Joe: $22,400

GT: $33,100
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $4,950


$100K Bonus Round
Joe lands on that G.

Category: PHRASE
This big puzzle starts out as…

_ / _ _ _ L _ / _ E
_ E L _ _ _ T E _

BPHA won’t add much…

_ / _ _ _ L _ / B E
_ E L _ _ H T E _

BUT HE’S A HERO! And I WOULD BE DELIGHTED if he’s won something that isn’t the $30K…

…it’s the $40K for a final all-cash total of $62,400!


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