WOF Retro Recap: March 20, 2012


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ O N E
F _ S _ I N G

Justin has NOT GONE FISHING — he’s ready to play w/ these women…

Justin Williams: NYU broadcaster who’s worked w/ Semester at Sea from NYC (orig. from San Diego)
An-Taria Curry: Univ. of GA student studying recreation/leisure studies and plans on becoming a special events coordinator from Athens, GA (orig. from Cleveland)

Carolyn Lawrence: 6th grade teacher at Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School from San Bernardino, CA 


_ _ _ R E O
S _ E _ _ _ R S

Justin’s family and friends might want to turn up the volume on their TV’s STEREO SPEAKERS, because he’s tripled up.

FEATURED WG: Florida’s Henderson Park Inn from Hotwire.com worth $5,180

Jackpot Round: BEFORE & AFTER

He wastes a spin w/ the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, An-Taria calls up three T’s for $2,400, buys three E’s, but then LOSES A TURN. Third, Carolyn has the obvious TD H, an A, and three O’s, but the MDW’s left side rips apart the remaining $2K. Back to Justin who says a $550 R, a $400 P, two N’s and a K at the same dollar value, a $500 M, and a Jackpot C…

T R _ C K
_ T O P
_ N / T H E / N A M E
O _ / _ O _ E

…he storms this TRUCK “STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE” to take away an $11,050 pot for a total of $14,200 in this round alone!

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Justin, Carolyn)

SOLE LaT: An-Taria

Justin: $17,200/Ladies: $0 apiece


Mystery Round: PLACE 

An-Taria leads off w/ three T’s and four S’s at $300 a pop, three A’s, and the backloading E, then come a $10,500 R trio, a $600 C, a $300 N…but then the same MDW BANKRUPT to flush away $13K. Darn. Carolyn then picks up the WC w/ two P’s and semi-spingles for an $800 L…

A R T S / A N _
C R A _ T S
S _ P P L _ / S T _ R E



An-Taria: $0/Carolyn: $1K WC/Justin: $17,200



The first letters from Carolyn are two T’s for $1,100, the lead-off I, four A’s, and two $300 S’s before the LaT gets her. Justin follows that bad spin w/ a $900 R couples, an E, and a $300 F before he takes a stab at this…

I T ‘ S / A
S _ A _ _ / _ _ R _ _
A F T E R / A _ _

“IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL” is right for $950 plus a trip to…not Disneyland or Disneyworld…but MARRAKECH, MOROCCO (sponsored by “The Adventures of Tintin”) worth $7,045.

SOLE LaT: Carolyn

An-Taria: BAD SHAPE/Carolyn: $1K WC/Justin: $25,195 cash & trip


$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

_ _ U N T
_ _ I V _ R

Carolyn solves STUNT DRIVER to x4 up.

Round 4: TV QUOTE

Five T’s give her a $2,750 start, followed by three E’s, an I, three H’s for another $900, two $300 R’s, and twin U’s…

T H E / T R U T H / I _
_ U T / T H E R E

…she says “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE” from “The X-Files” for another $3,500.


An-Taria: GOOSEEGG ALERT/Carolyn: $7,500 WC/Justin: $25,195 cash & trip

Round 4: THING (full $1,350 speed-up)

Following three C’s by Justin…

C _ _ R M
N _ C _ L _ C _

…he might buy a CHARM NECKLACE w/ another $5,400 in his pockets!

DUDS: S (Justin), T (Carolyn)

An-Taria: $1K GOOSEEGG/Carolyn: $7,500 WC/Justin: $30,595 cash & Morocco

GT: $39,095


$100K Bonus Round
Justin gets the P envelope.

Category: PERSON
I know this already…

_ N S _ N _
_ E R _

DCHA adds just one more letter…

_ N S _ N _
H E R _

…but he still doesn’t get either part of the answer; his UNSUNG HERO would have paid him another $30K.



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