WOF Retro Recap: March 16, 2012



B _ N K
M _ N A G E R

Taylor’s won his first bit of money from a BANK MANAGER. Friday’s panel has two men…

Taylor Shank: American Studies student at the Univ. of VA from Martinsville, VA
Dave Smith: brewer from Branchport, NY
Dianna Lahmann: Washington St. Dept. of Health worker and administrative assistant from Olympia, WA


P E R _ I _ N
R _ _

Whether he owns a PERSIAN RUG or not, Taylor’s tripled up.

FEATURED TRIP: InterContinental NY Barclay w/ a day of pampering from Metamorphosis Day Spa courtesy of Hotwire worth $6,415

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

After we get a shot of Jimmy in his booth since becoming the new full-time announcer, Taylor kicks things off w/ two $300 T’s but then the sole dud vowel of E. Second, Dave LOSES A TURN. Third, Dianna puts up two L’s for $900, buys the I, but then gets DQed for repeating the E. Taylor tries again w/ a $450 N, buys four A’s, but then repurchases the I. Dave’s second try has him FPing two O’s, calling up a $400 D, and BANKRUPTING near TD. Dianna follows suit w/ three S’s for $1,500 and the last vowel of two U’s, but she and Taylor both run into the normal BANKRUPT, costing them a combined total of $1,950. Dave next gets the Omaha Steaks gift tag w/ three Y’s, but that gets thrown into the trash courtesy of the MDW’s left side. Dianna then puts up B and M singles at $300 a pop and five C’s to add $3K…

Y O U / S C _ A T C _
M Y / B A C _ / A N D
I ‘ L L / S C _ A T C _
Y O U _ S

…she mercifully says “YOU SCRATCH MY BACK AND I’LL SCRATCH YOURS” for $3,600.

SOLE DUD: E (Taylor)
BANKRUPTS: 4 (Dave 2x)
SOLE LaT: Dave
DQs: 2 letter repeats (E and I by Dianna and Taylor, respectively)  

Dianna: $3,600/Taylor: $3K/Dave: $0


Mystery Round: SHOW BIZ 

Dave’s next chance at winning something begins w/ two T’s while on the MW near LaT. He turns down the $2K for…x5 as much! But his next call of H is no good. Dianna secondly takes seven S’s for $2,100 and two H’s to add $1,600 before going for a quick solve (huh?!)…

T _ _ / _ R _ _ S _
S T _ R S / _ _
_ _ S S _ _ _ :
_ _ _ _ S S _ _ _ _

…she knows that TOM CRUISE STARS IN “MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE” to keep the $3,700.

SOLE DUD: H (Dave)

Dianna: $7,300/Taylor: $3K/Dave: ZERO 



She wastes a turn w/ the MDW’s left side. Second, Taylor gets said wedge’s other side, so everybody has two BANKRUPTS so far this episode. Third, Dave picks three R’s for $1,800, an A, but then S for sorry. Dianna quickly loses another turn w/ T. Taylor next gets the green 1/2 KIA w/ a trio of N’s, four E’s, an I, two $300 G’s and the remaining vowel singles. But he then lets out a scream of frustration, because he’s repeated a letter for the second time this game w/ the R (and Pat consoles him at his podium and tells him to man up — LOL!). Dave doesn’t do any better w/ the LaT. Dianna then says a $1,050 trio of C’s…

_ O R E I G N
C U R R E N C _
E _ C _ A N G E

…she’s gonna need to look at the FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE for that amount, because she’s won a trip to the Bavaro Palace Deluxe in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC worth $6,360.

DUDS: S (Dave), T (Dianna)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Dianna, Taylor)
SOLE LaT: Dave (2nd so far)
DQ: Taylor’s R repeat

Dianna: $14,710 cash & D.R./Taylor: $3K/Dave: ZILCH  



M _ U N T _ I N
_ L _ E _ I R D

Taylor hears the chirp of a MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD to sweep the Tossups.

Round 4: WAYD? (full $1,300 speed-up)

After two M’s by Dianna

M A _ _ N G / A / W _ S _
_ N _ _ S T M _ N T

…she blows the solve by a letter w/ MAKING A WISH INVESTMENT, possibly costing her another $6,500 worth of icing. Dave letter puts up the K…

M A K _ N G / A / W _ S _
_ N _ _ S T M _ N T

…he’s finally MAKING A WISE INVESTMENT for $6,500.

DUDS (all by Taylor): R, L, H
SOLE DQ: Dianna’s blown solve (Taylor realized his mistake after calling the H following her latest DQ)

Dianna: $14,710 cash & D.R./Taylor: $6K/Dave: $6,500

GT: $27,210
BANKRUPT TRASH: $3,350 cash & steaks


$100K Bonus Round
I’m so glad Taylor didn’t make it here, because I think he would’ve ruptured the host’s eardrums. Anyway, Dianna spins up the G and let’s hope she’s won one of those bigger amounts.

Category: PERSON
The second word’s a gimme…

_ _ _
_ R _ T _ E R

GCDA adds a key letter at the top…

_ _ D
_ R _ T _ E R

…despite the fact that she has a KID BROTHER, she doesn’t know either word and will NOT be sharing this w/ him…

…$100K — SHE’S THE SIXTH SUCH LOSER OF THIS SEASON; IT’S ALSO THE FOURTH TIME IN HISTORY THAT WE HAVE TWO SUCH LOSSES IN THE SAME WEEK. A fitting end to what is by far the WORST EP. OF THE SEASON. And we never got to see where the new amounts were (and what logo they had on the top).

We could have set a new non-million weekly high total of $458,695, but we have to settle for $228,695.

VIDEO BONUS: Over 7.5 min of ugly gameplay



One thought on “WOF Retro Recap: March 16, 2012

  1. JP Mackey August 7, 2014 / 5:15 pm

    What was it with this episode? I guess the Wheel can be so cruel…yet sometimes the players just have bad luck with letters. That doesn't describe this episode. 😦


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