WOF Retro Recap: March 13, 2012



_ _ Y _ T A L
_ L A S _ W _ _ E

Brian’s won some money towards buying some CRYSTAL STEMWARE. The Tuesday threesome…

Brian Forino: senior finance associate for a non-profit and former 20 yr. school bus driver from Memphis (orig. from Liverpool, NY)
Sav Le: bank worker and frequent baker/cook who just started her own Internet cooking channel from Federal Way, WA
Anita Jefferson: business analyst and state Toastmaster of the Year who has written five self-help books and is also a volunteer radio reader for the blind through the Junior League of Atlanta from Quitman, GA

$2K Tossup: EVENT

S I _ N I N G / A
C O _ T _ A C _

All three of these players did this to participate on this program, and Sav knows that they were SIGNING A CONTRACT.

FEATURED TRIP (from Vegas.com): the Palazzo worth $6K

Jackpot Round: THING 

Sav starts off w/ a $550 S, two A’s, four T’s to x9 her remaining $300, and four E’s, but after a $300 H is the MDW’s right side to cost her $2,750. Anita secondly calls up three R’s for $1,800…

_ E _ A R T _ E _ T / _ _
T H E / T R E A S U R Y

…and wins that amount w/ DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY (I think this should’ve been filed under PROPER NAME). 


Sav: $2K/Anita: $1,800/Brian: $1K


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER 

Anita’s first w/ three S’s for that MDW, a FP E, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to squander her $1M chance. Second for Brian are three TD R’s, four A’s, and two O’s, a $300 L, and an I to shut down the vowel shop. Afterwards, he puts up the SL of five C’s for another $1,500…

C A R _ O O _
C _ A R A C _ E R S

…and solves CLASSIC CARTOON CHARACTERS for another $11,550.


Sav: $2K/Anita: $1,800/Brian: $12,550



A $600 N gets Big Brian started, but the BANKRUPT near TD stops him in his tracks. Sav secondly says an $800 and an I, but the other normal BANKRUPT busts her to the tune of $550. Anita thirdly gets the same BANKRUPT Brian got…and that man makes it three in a row w/ that same one, so everybody has two of ’em to their credit. Sav tries agian w/ a $500 G, but the sole dud vowel of A fails her. Anita follows suit w/ four FP E’s, two $600 T’s, two H’s for the blue 1/2 KIA, a $450 R, an $800 F, three FP O’s, a $1,500 L trio, a $600 Y couple, and the twin U’s…

Y O U ‘ L L / L O _ E
T H E / _ U T Y – F R E E
S H O _ _ I N G

…Anita, YOU’LL LOVE THE DUTY-FREE SHOPPING during your Caravan.com COSTA RICA TOUR; this round was worth $11,300 to her (including the 5,300 buckaroos she’s won).

BANKRUPTS: 4 (two by Brian) 

Sav: $2K/Anita: $13,100/Brian: $12,550


$3K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

S _ E _ _ I _ _ / B _ E

Anita IDs the SPELLING BEE to move to $16,100.

Round 4: PERSON

T for terrible is how she starts. Brian secondly calls up a $500 R, three E’s, a $500 N, two A’s, and a $900 L trio…

_ E L _ – _ A _ E
_ _ L L _ _ N A _ R E

…he’s not even close to becoming a SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRE, but he makes the $1,400 solve.

SOLE DUD: T (Anita)

Sav: $2K/Anita: $16,100 cash & tour/Brian: $13,950 

Round 4: SHOW BIZ (full $1,500 speed-up)

After a D call…

S T _ N D _ N G
_ _ _ T _ _ N

…we give Sav a STANDING OVATION for winning another $3K; Brian could’ve won the game w/ another $6K.

DUDS: R (Anita), L (Sav), P (Brian)

Sav: $5K/Anita: $16,100 cash & tour/Brian: $13,950

GT: $35,050
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding MDW): $3,900


$100K Bonus Round
Anita also lands on that ‘.

Category: PHRASE
Reveal the RSTLNE legend, people in control…

_ R _ _ _ E
T _ E / _ _ _

DHMA gives her besides the obvious H…

_ R _ D _ E
T H E / _ A _

…she couldn’t BRIDGE THE GAP to…

…not the 65, 75 or 85 grand…

BUT $100K — THAT MAKES HER THE FIFTH GRAND PRIZE LOSER THIS SEASON. She was kinda lucky to not have brought the MDW here, but that loss still hurts very badly.



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