WOF Retro Recap: March 7, 2012


This is the last chance for somebody to win the VW Eos, because we’re on the “Great Escapes” set.


P H I _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ A
_ _ _ _ _ _

Larry solves the NFL’s PHILADELPHIA EAGLES. From left to right, here are…

Larry Smith: retail store worker & weightlifter from Rochester, NH
Anna Norton: red-haired marketing coordinator for a wealth management firm from Irvine, CA
Andrea Finney: Arkansas State University senior majoring in Radio-TV broadcast journalism who wants to be an entertainment reporter from Little Rock

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

C A _ T W H E _ L S

Anna shouldn’t be DOING CARTWHEELS, because we’re just getting this game started and she’s spinning first.

FEATURED PRIZE: Ally Bank $5K bonus again

Jackpot Round: RHYME TIME

First from her mouth are two R’s for $1,100, three N’s for that WC, an E, and two O’s, followed by an $800 S, an A, an $1,800 T trio, two U’s, and two W’s for another $800…

T _ A T / _ R O W N
U _ S _ _ E / _ O W N

TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN, ma’am — you’ve won another $3,500.


Larry: $1K/Anna: $5,500 WC/Andrea: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

Andrea kicks off w/ two S’s for the 76 gas card, four $1K T’s via the MW near LaT (not a good move), an I, a $300 R, two E’s and an O. Next up are two N’s for $1,100, the rest of the vowel shop, a $600 B, three F’s for $900 more and a look at…

A _ _ – _ O U –
_ A N – E A T
B R E A _ F A S T
A T / T I F F A N _ ‘ S

…she solves ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT “BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S” for $6,650.

PR #2!

Larry: $1K/Anna: $5,500 WC/Andrea: $6,650 cash & gas



Larry leads off w/ three T’s at $550 a pop, vowel singles of A and E, an $1,800 pair of H’s and the leftover vowels. Following that are an $800 N, three W’s for another $10,500, and we now have… 

W I T H O U T / A
W O _ _ _ / I N
T H E / W O _ _ _

WITHOUT A WORRY IN THE WORLD, he’s won $13,500 and a $7,500 trip to the LaSource Resort in GRENADA from The Amazing Holiday.com.

PR #3!

Larry: $22K cash & Grenada/Anna: $5,500 WC/Andrea: $6,650 cash & gas


$3K Tossup: PLACE

R E _ W _ O D
_ _ _ E _ T

Larry’s up to $25K w/ a REDWOOD FOREST.

Round 4: THING

First from him are two T’s for $600, three E’s, but then the first dud all night long w/ A. Second, Anna BANKRUPTS next to the old WC location to hand over that cardboard piece. Third, Andrea lights up nothing w/ B. After Larry quickly loses another turn w/ S, Anna gets up there two L’s for $600 and the other valid vowel of two O’s, but she then duds out w/ V. Andrea follows w/ an R and two M’s at $300 apiece before the LaT strikes. Larry then puts up a $600 pair of C’s…

M O T O R C _ C L E
_ E L M E T

…he adds another $300 w/ a MOTORCYCLE HELMET.

DUDS: A (Larry), B (Andrea), S (Larry), V (Anna)
SOLE LaT: Larry

Larry: $26K cash & Grenada/Anna: $5,500/Andrea: $6,650 cash & gas

Round 4: IN THE KITCHEN (full $6K speed-up!)

_ _ T T _ R
_ N _ _ _

Andrea gets BUTTER KNIFE for $18K. Too bad she fell a little short of becoming the big winner…

DUDS: S (Larry), L (Anna)

Larry: $26K cash & Grenada/Anna: $5,500/Andrea: $24,650 cash & gas

GT: $56,150


$100K Bonus Round
Mr. Smith lands on the N of SPIN.

Category: THING
For starters…

T _ _ _ L E
_ _ _

HCDA pretty much gives him the first word…

T A C _ L E
_ _ _

but he still wins this from Harry’s TACKLE BOX

…$45K for a final total of $71K; he’s now your highest winner of ’12 by just $85! 



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