WOF Retro Recap: January 31, 2012


$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

C _ _ _ _ _
T O M _ T O _ S

Yasmine’s the first to score, and we hope we don’t throw lots of CHERRY TOMATOES at these people…

Yasmine Key: private family nurse middle/high school practitioner from Chattanooga
Meagan Cunningham: Italian restaurant owner married to Gaspe w/ three children
Troy Zalesky: tech support manager for a large payment processing company and Chicago sports fan from Aurora, CO (orig. from FL)

$2K Tossup: PERSON

_ O _ _ _ _ / _ F
T H _ / Y E _ R

Yasmine goofs w/ WOMAN OF THE YEAR.

_ O _ K I _ / O F
T H _ / Y E A R

Troy’s playing like a ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, so he’s spinning first.

FEATURED CULINARY TRIP: New Orleans’ Hotel Monteleone w/ a culinary history tour of the French Quarter worth $5,200

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

He kicks off w/ two T’s for $900 and two N’s for $1,200 more, buys an A and four I’s, but then repeats the N. Second, Yasmine calls up two L’s for $1,800, buys four E’s, but then BANKRUPTS next to the WC. Third, Meagan finds the $500 B and the other two vowels, then she FPs an H and puts up a Jackpot V…but she can’t solve for an $8,950 pot. And that’s too bad, because her next spin is the LaT. Troy next gets the WC w/ an S, plugs in the $600 S at the end, but he too LaTs out. Yasmine tries to get this round over w/…

I ‘ L L / B E / _ O U _
_ A I T E _ / T H I S

…she’s correct w/ “I’LL BE YOUR WAITER THIS EVENING”, but she should’ve gone for the R’s.

SOLE LaT: Meagan
SOLE DQ: Troy’s N repeat

Scores after R1
Troy & Yasmine: $2K each/Meagan: $0


Mystery Round: SAME NAME 

Yasmine’s first letters of S while on the MW next to the MDW is a dud. Second, Megan calls up two N’s and goes for what’s under the other MWbut she got the wrong one. Third, Troy takes a $300 D, three A’s, and the blue 1/2 KIA w/ a T. Following two R’s and C’s at $600 a pair is a bad purchase in E. Yasmine then uncovers two H’s for $1,200…

_ R A _ _ / A N D
C H _ _ – C H _ _
T R A _ N

…and wins that amount w/ GRAVY AND CHOO-CHOO TRAIN.

DUDS: E (Troy), S (Yasmine)

Scores after R1
Troy: $2K WC/Yasmine: $3,200/Meagan: ZERO



Still trying to get on the board, Meagan begins this board w/ a $1,200 pair of N’s, two E’s, three I’s, a $500 S and the rest of the vowels. Afterwards, she FPs a dud of L, puts up four H’s for $2K more, and strikes out w/ M. After Troy BANKRUPTS next to where the WC was to hand that thing over, Yasmine picks off a $1,050 trio of T’s and an $1,800 R trio, then we see…

H I _ I N _
T H R O U _ H / T H E
R A I N / _ O R E S T

…she’s won another $2,850 and will be HIKING THROUGH THE RAIN FOREST during a $6,700 Hotwire stay at The Springs Resort & Spa in COSTA RICA.

DUDS (both by Meagan): L, M

Scores after R3
Troy: $2K/Yasmine: $12,750 cash & C.R./Meagan: STILL ZIP


$3K Tossup: THING

S E C _ _ T
_ E C I _ E

Meagan comes up w/ a SECRET RECIPE to finally score.

Round 4: WAYD?

She instantly BANKRUPTS in the same spot where everybody else got (that’s her second one of the night). Troy secondly plugs in two T’s and an H at $900 a pop, but it’s time for S-U Mode…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / T H _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _

…and the rest of the consonants are worth $1,900 apiece. Troy buys three E’s for free…

R _ _ D _ N G / T H E
R E _ R _ G E R _ T _ R

…he’s RAIDING THE REFRIGERATOR for another $13,500 and the win!

DUDS (all during Speed-Up): L (Megan), P (Yasmine), S (Meagan), C (Troy), M (Meagan)

Troy: $15,500/Yasmine: $12,750 cash & C.R./Meagan: $3K

GT: $31,250
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $1,550


$100K Bonus Round
He lands on the &.

Category: THINGS
Here are the last two letters of this answer…

_ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ T S

Unfortunately, he’s CDMA conservative…

C _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ T S

and his game’s over. Left in this pair of COWBOY BOOTS was $35K.



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