WOF Retro Recap: January 18, 2012


$1K Tossup: PLACE

S _ N _ _ A S S E S
_ _ O P

Linda solves SUNGLASSES SHOP. The midweek panel looks like this…

Linda Ferrill: administrative assistant for an auto supply company on Cape Cod from Sandwich, MA
Duane Blank: Chicago convention center worker and bass guitar player who owns 600+ records at home from Homer Glen, IL
Chantal Doucet-Brice: graduate student at Southern Arkansas University who’s pursuing a Master’s Degree in both arts of teaching for secondary English and in Education for School Counseling as well as a Canadian crocheterfrom Magnolia, AR (orig. from New Brunswick, Canada


G _ T / I _ _ O
_ H E / G _ _ _ V E

Chantal solves Madonna’s “GET INTO THE GROOVE”.

FEATURED PARADISE: JW Marriott Ihilani Jo Olina Resort, Hotel & Spa in OAHU from Hotwire worth $6,110

Jackpot Round: PERSON

She kicks off w/ a $600 T, two S’s to triple up, a $500 L, a Jackpot N, and her first vowels of five E’s and three A’s. Those are followed by three R’s for another $1,500, a G for yet another $500, two I’s, and a $400 P before we look at…

A / P R I _ A T E
E _ E / S E A R _ _ I N G
_ _ R / _ L _ E S

…she proves to be A PRIVATE EYE SEARCHING FOR CLUES, so she’s won another $4,450.


Scores after R1
Linda: $1K/Duane: $0/Chantal: $6,450


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

The first letters from Linda are two T’s for $600, but then a bad vowel of I. Second, Duane says S for sorry while on the MW near LaT. Third, Chantal picks up the Hawaii trip w/ three R’s and the green 1/2 KIA w/ two H’s, but she’s gonna have to say a sad Aloha to $7,110 cash & trip because she’s BANKRUPTED near TD. Linda next says N for another negative while Duane has a run-in w/ the other normal BANKRUPT, so we’re coming right back to Chantal who FPs five E’s and SPINGLES for a $600 C…

_ R . / _ _ T A T _
H E A _
C H E E R _ E A _ E R

…she imagines a MR. POTATO HEAD CHEERLEADER for the house minimum.

DUDS: I (Linda), S (Dune), N (Linda)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Chantal, Duane)

Scores after R2
Linda: $1K/Duane: NOTHING/Chantal: $7,450



The scoreless Duane begins w/ an S for the WC, two F’s for $600, two A’s, and four O’s, followed by a $300 D, three E’s, but then R for roadblock. Second for Chantal are an $1,800 T trio, a $300 L, but then the BANKRUPT next to where Duane got the WC to forfeit $2,100 Linda then goes for the mystery trip…

A / _ E T T L E
O F / S E A F O O D
_ _ _ _ O

…she’ll likely order A KETTLE OF SEAFOOD GUMBO on the $5K trip to the Bienville House in NEW ORLEANS.

SOLE DUD: R (Duane)
SOLE BANKRUPT: Chantal (2nd so far)

Scores after R3
Linda: $6K cash & N.O./Duane: STILL ZIP/Chantal: $7,450



F _ _ _ _ G N
_ _ B _ _ S _ _ _ R

Duane solves FOREIGN AMBASSADOR to finally get on the scoreboard.

Round 4: PHRASE

First from him are two T’s (one to start each line) for $1,800, five E’s, a $1K H pairing, but then a bad vowel in A. Chantal next puts up a $600 pair of M’s, but it’s Speed-Up Mode time…

T H E / M _ _ E
T H E / M E _ _ _ E _

…the last consonant is worth $1,800 each time it appears. She calls that in the form of four R’s…

T H E / M _ R E
T H E / M E R R _ E R

THE MORE THE MERRIER, she’s right to seal the deal w/ another $7,800.

SOLE DUD (before bell): A (Duane) 

Linda: $6K cash & N.O./Duane: $3K/Chantal: $15,250

GT: $24,250
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $9,210 cash & HI


$100K Bonus Round
Chantal spins up the E in AMERICA’S.

For starters…

_ _ N _
_ R _ _ E R

CDMA gives her at least the second word…

_ _ N _
D R A _ E R

but no help on top dooms her; the $45K gets buried deep into this JUNK DRAWER.


One thought on “WOF Retro Recap: January 18, 2012

  1. JP Mackey July 21, 2014 / 3:33 am

    Chantal is more of a semi-spingler…still not a good idea, ma'am. She did OK though.


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