WOF Retro Recap: January 17, 2012


$1K Tossup: EVENT

_ _ _ _ E _
_ _ R / _ _ O

Christy’s won the money that’s good for a DINNER FOR TWO. Tuesday’s threesome…

Christy Medley: middle school math/science teacher who’s been playing crochet ever since reading Vanna’s book about that sport from Santa Monica (orig. from Spruce Pine, NC)
Carla Victum: House of Representatives aide & party gal from Quincy, MA
Bill Newberry: musician and theater teacher from Lilburn, GA


_ _ N N _ S
_ _ _ C _

Christy isn’t a TENNIS COACH, but she’s tripled up.

FEATURED PARADISE: Belize’s Maruba Resort Jungle Spa worth $7,720


She starts w/ a $1,100 pair of S’s, but gives it right back to the BANKRUPT near the WC. Second, Carla calls up a $600 N and a $300 D, buys an A, lights up two R’s, but then repeats the N while on the RITZ Camera & Image gift tag. Third, Bill puts in two M’s for $1,100, two E’s, a $500 H for the blue 1/2 KIA, but then loses $1,350 and the plate to the same BANKRUPT. After Christy BANKRUPTS on the other normal one, Carla takes twin T’s for $1,800 but LaTs out. Bill then calls up an $1,800 trio of G’s…

_ E R M _ T
T H E / _ R _ G / A N D
M _ S S / _ _ G G _

…he IDs KERMIT THE FROG AND MISS PIGGY to keep that amount.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (Christy 2x, Bill)
SOLE LaT: Carla
SOLE DQ: Carla’s N repeat

Scores after R1
Bill: $1,800/Christy: $3K/Carla: $0


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER 

Carla first picks up the same 1/2 KIA Bill lost w/ two N’s, a $450 G, and two semi-obvious I’s, followed by a $300 R, the SL of six T’s for the WC

T _ N T _ _ I _ I N G
T _ _ T _
T R _ _ T _

…and her correct response of TANTALIZING TASTY TREATS for $1,500.


Scores after R2
Bill: $1,800/Christy: $3K/Carla: $1,500 + WC



Bill’s first letters here are three T’s for $1,800, two E’s, three H’s for another $1,500, four O’s and D for dummy. After Christy LaTs out…

O _ _ / _ E _ _ H _ O _ _
T O / T H E / _ O _ T H

Carla will be visiting OUR NEIGHBORS TO THE NORTH, which is the $6K Caravan.com TOUR OF THE CANADIAN ROCKIES.

SOLE DUD: D (Bill)
SOLE LaT: Christy

Scores after R3
Bill: $1,800/Christy: $3K/Carla: $7,500 cash & tour + WC


$3K Tossup: ON THE MAP

C _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ Y
N _ _ _ _ _

Bill quickly locates CARSON CITY, NEVADA for second place at $4,800.

Round 4: WAYD?

He leads off w/ the obvious (a $600 G, two N’s to double up, and the I), an O, a $1,650 T trio, and two E’s. But after a $900 H is the sole dud vowel of U. Christy secondly puts up a $900 P, two A’s to clean out the vowels, a $500 S. After FPing a dud of R, she BANKRUPTS near TD for the second time tonight to fork over $1,150 (it’s also her third overall). Following Carla’s dud of D, Bill puts up the $900 K and a $300 C…

P A T T I N G / _ _ S E _ _
O N / T H E / B A C K

…he’s not PATTING MYSELF ON THE BACK, but he’s taken the lead w/ another $3,950.

DUDS: U (Bill), R (Christy), D (Carla)

Scores after R4
Bill: $8,750/Christy: $3K/Carla: $7,500 cash & tour + WC

Round 5: PHRASE (full $1,800 speed-up)

After two H’s get called up…

T H _ / T _ _ _
H _ _ / _ _ _ _

THE TIME HAS COME for Carla to win this game w/ another $3,600.

Bill: $8,750/Christy: $3K/Carla: $11,100 cash & tour + WC

GT: $22,850
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding 1/2 KIA): $3,600


$100K Bonus Round
Carla gets the M envelope of GAME.

Category: THING
Let’s see some end letters…

_ _ _ T
_ _ _ _ _ E R

DPMA doesn’t work at all, but there is one H

_ _ _ T
_ _ _ _ H E R

…she will NOT be exchanging this GIFT VOUCHER for the keys to the Miata.



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