WOF Retro Recap: January 13, 2012


We end the second AG week on the set of “Sandals Resorts Golf Getaway”.

$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ O _ _ _ _ D _
_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ E

Brady quickly takes a bite of some HOMEMADE APPLE PIE. Two men on the panel to wrap up the week…

Brady Minter: in the final-year at USC law school who’s newly engaged to Michelle (she was gooseeged when she smpeted) from L.A. (originally from Madison, WI)
Angela Balter: marketing/client service director for a country firm from Framingham, MA
Mark Macekautomobile warranty salesman who has the nickname “Puff” from his time at Florida State University from Pompano Beach, FL


_ _ _ _ _ N G
L _ _ N S

Mark’s not even close w/ FLYING LOONS while Brady gets quiets down these ROARING LIONS.

FEATURED TRIP: Greek Peek Mountain Resort Hope Lake Lodge & Indoor Waterpark in Cortland, NY from I SKI NY.com and Hotwire worth $5,880

Jackpot Round: OCCUPATION

He LaTs out instantaneously. Second, Angela hits the MDW’s right part. Third, Mark calls up a $900 T, a $500 S for the blue 1/2 KIA, an E and two A’s, two R’s for another $600, and three O’s before dudding out w/ L. Back to Brady who inserts two P’s for $1,800 and five H’s for the Beef Bucks debit card…

H _ _ H – _ A S H _ O _
P H O T O _ R A P H E R

…and he keeps ’em w/ his solve of HIGH-FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER.

SOLE DUD: L (Mark)
SOLE LaT: Brady

Scores after R1
Brady: $5,800 cash & card/Angela: $0/Mark: $0


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Angela leads off w/ a $500 T for the same 1/2 KIA, three E’s, four L’s for another $3,200 and two O’s, but that same MDW BANKRUPT forces her to give back $3,200 and the plate. Second for Mark are a $300 S, an A, two B’s for the WC, and two F’s for another $1,600. Board right now…

B _ F F A L O / &
T E L E _ _ O _ E
B _ L L S

BUFFALO & TELEPHONE BILLS are right for $1,650.


Scores after R2
Brady: $5,800 cash & card/Angela: ZERO/Mark: $1,650 + WC



Here goes Mark w/ a $1K T pairing, a $900 H trio, three E’s, two L’s, two A’s, four O’s, a U, three N’s for the MDW and the last vowel of I…

_ O I N _ / T H E
H U L A / O N / T H E
_ A N _ E / _ L O O _

…he’s won another $1,250 and may be DOING THE HULA ON THE DANCE FLOOR during his stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in HI valued at $6,715.


Scores after R3
Brady: $5,800 cash & card/Angela: ZILCH/Mark: $9,615 cash & trip + MDW + WC



C _ _ _ _ _ G
_ _ _

Brady turns on a CEILING FAN to be $815 off Mark’s lead.


This guy’s first letters are a $450 T, two W’s and S’s at $1K a pair, and a quick solve attempt…

W _ _ _ / _ _ _ / W _ S _
_ _ _ _ / _ / S T _ _

“WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR” (from “Pinnochio) is right for another $2,450 and the outright lead.

PR #2!

Scores after R4
Brady: $11,250 cash & card/Angela: BUPKIS/Mark: $9,615 cash & trip + MDW + WC 

Round 5: PHRASE

First, Angela fills in a $300 T, two N’s for another grand, two I’s and three O’s, and an $800 pair of G’s…

G O I N G / O _ T
O N / _ / _ I _ _

…she’s rightly GOING OUT ON A LIMB for her first $1,600.

PR #3!

Scores after R5
Brady: $11,250 cash & card/Angela: $1,600/Mark: $9,615 cash & trip + MDW + WC

Round 6: THING (full $1,300 speed-up)

After an R gets put up by Vanna…

T R _ _ H _
_ _ S _

Mark doesn’t know it for $2,600 and the win. But he gets a second chance after calling the C…

T R _ P H _
C _ S _

…he could be putting the super big one in his TROPHY CASE (if he owns one), because he’s won the game w $3,900.

SOLE DUD: B for Brady

Brady: $11,250 cash & card/Angela: $1,600/Mark: $13,515 cash & trip + MDW + WC

GT: $26,365
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $3,200


Mark’s magic moment might come from the first A of AMERICA’S.

Category: PERSON
Let’s start this two word/one-liner…

_ _ L _ E N / _ _ _

It’s GOLDEN ___. PDMA and H won’t do him a whole lot of good…

_ _ L D E N / _ _ _

but he gets it no sweat and is he the first-ever $1M GOLDEN BOY of the program?…

NOT AT ALL — we landed on that damn $30K all week long, so he’s going back to sunny FL w/ $43,515 cash & trip. 




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