WOF Retro Recap: December 30, 2011


$1K Tossup: PERSON

_ _ R F E _ _ _ O _ I _ T

Becca says she’s a PERFECTIONIST. Here are the last three aired players of 2011…

Becca Christian: Riverlakes Community Church administrative assistant and hospital registration clerk going to Bakersfield College and is working on completing the prerequisites to become a future physician’s assistant from Bakersfield
Melissa Malka: a single, healthy baker who has pictures of her feet taken while she travels from Sunrise, FL
Eric B. Grant II: Montgomery County Schools substitute teacher for the middle & high levels who’s also a big sports fan (especially the Virginia Tech Hokies) from Blacksburg, VA 

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

_ O _ _ _ _ G
C H _ _ P A _ N E

Becca’s clueless this time.

_ O _ R _ _ G
C H _ M P A _ N E

Eric’s POURING CHAMPAGNE to lead off the opening round.

FEATURED TRIP: Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley, CA worth $5,790

Jackpot Round: EVENT

He gets that trip right away w/ two T’s, a $300 H and five E’s, then he puts in two Jackpot S’s, a $2,500 M, two A’s, five I’s, and a FP U to round out the vowels. But after he picks up another $4,500 worth of N’s, he lands on the MDW’s left side to give up $13,340 cash & trip…

_ I N _ I N _ / I N
T H E / N E _
_ E A _ / I N
T I M E S / S _ U A _ E

…and Becca’s RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR IN TIMES SQUARE way too early, so she ties the man for the early lead.


Scores after R1
Becca: $2K/Melissa: $0/Eric: $2K


Round 2: BEFORE & AFTER 

Becca says an automatic dud of T. Second, Melissa finds two R’s for $600, a $350 S, E and A singles, but no more w/ P. Third, Eric puts in two L’s for $1,200, a $350 M, and three N’s for the WC

_ _ N N A M _ N
R _ L L S –
R _ _ _ E

…he solves CINNAMON ROLLS-ROYCE for $1,550 when he could’ve gone for the C’s.

DUDS: T (Becca) and P (Melissa)

Scores after R2
Becca: $2K/Melissa: ZERO/Eric: $3,550 + WC


Mystery/PP round: THING

S for sorry is how Melissa begins. Eric secondly gets up there four T’s for $3,600, three E’s, an A, four N’s for another $1,200, and three I’s to clean out the vowels… 

I N – _ _ I _ _ T
E N T E _ T A I N _ E N T

…he wins another $4,050 and will enjoy some IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT early on his trip to the Breezes Runaway Resort, Spa & Golf Club in JAMAICA worth $6,540.

SOLE DUD: S (Melissa)

Scores after R3
Becca: $2K/Melissa: ZILCH/Eric: $14,140 cash & trip + WC



_ _ D E R _ O N
_ _ _ P E _

Melissa IDs CNN anchor ANDERSON COOPER to finally strike pay dirt. 

Round 4: PHRASE

Her first actions are calling a $900 M, buying three I’s, but then LOSING A TURN. Second for Eric are two T’s for $600, three O’s, a $1,200 pair of N’s, four G’s for $3,600 more, and two E’s before the light bulb turns on again…

I ‘ M / G O I N G / T O
G E T / O _ G _ N I _ E _

…and he says “I’M GOING TO GET ORGANIZED” for another $4,900.

SOLE LaT: Melissa

Scores after R4
Becca: $2K/Melissa: $3K/Eric: $19,040 cash & trip + WC

Round 5: LIVING THING (full $1,900 speed-up)

Two D’s get called up by Becca

_ L D / _ N _ L _ S H
S H _ _ _ D _ _

…but she blows the $11,400 solve w/ OLD ENGLISH SCHNEIDER. Melissa next wastes another turn for repeating the H, allowing Eric to buy three E’s for free…

_ L D / E N _ L _ S H
S H E E _ D _ _

…and solve OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG for another $5,700.

DUDS: T (Eric), R (Melissa), M (Melissa)
DQs: 2 (Becca’s blown solve, Melissa’s H repeat) 

Becca: $2K/Melissa: $3K/Eric: $24,740 cash & trip + WC

GT: $29,740
BANKRUPT TRASH: $13,340 cash & CA


$100K Bonus Round
He lands on the * space.

Category: PHRASE
Let’s get this biggie started…

S _ _ _ / T _ E
S _ R _ _ _ E

CHDA and M will add besides the obvious H…

S _ _ M / T H E
S _ R _ A C E

thanks a lot Jim Lubinski for costing us a PBRW! On the other hand, Eric will SKIM THE SURFACE of the roads in this Chrysler 200 Convertible Limited worth $32,885! He ends 2011 on a good note w/ $62,625 cash & prizes!



One thought on “WOF Retro Recap: December 30, 2011

  1. JP Mackey July 15, 2014 / 12:56 am

    Sorry Jim. Good job Eric!

    As for the ladies…Becca was WAAAAAAY too consonative in R1 AND right after Eric hit a BANKRUPT…for realz? And Melissa initially joked about being married with 2 kids!


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