WOF Retro Recap: December 13, 2011



_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ A L
_ _ _ D _

Christina solves PROFESSIONAL CADDY fairly quickly. Now to another two men/one-lady panel…

Christina Rocco-Ruopp: mortgage processor from Tamarack, FL
Adam Greenley: Virginia Tech alumni from Stephens City, VA (recently lived in CO for 6 yrs.)
Frank MacDonnell: fishing vessel captain in Costa Rica from Vegas

$2K Tossup: PLACE

T H E / _ R O N T
_ O _

Christina falls for the trap this time w/ THE FRONT BOX.

T H E / F R O N T
_ O _

Adam isn’t sitting in THE FRONT ROW of the SPS audience, but he’s won the right to spin first.

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

BTW, the Golf Channel gift tag that appeared in the previous episode is available all week long.

Adam has an insta-BANKRUPT near $2,500. Second, Frank calls up two for $5K, buys four O’s and three E’s, but then loses the leftover $4,500 to that same BANKRUPT. Third, Christina spins up the other normal BANKRUPT. Adam quickly loses another turn w/ the dreaded white wedge. Frank’s next w/ two M’s for the green ½ KIA, but then a dud vowel of A. Christina follows w/ a $7,500 trio of R’s, but then the other dud vowel of this puzzle (I). Adam then picks up the gift tag w/ two L’s…

R E M E M _ E R / T O
_ O L L O _
T _ R O _ _ _

…and he solves REMEMBER TO FOLLOW THROUGH, when he could’ve gotten some spending money w/ the H’s.

DUDS: A (Frank), I (Christina)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole gang)
SOLE LaT: Adam

Scores after R1
Christina: $1K/Adam: $3K cash & golfing/Frank: $0


Mystery Round: TV QUOTE

Frank kicks things off w/ three T’s for $1,800, two A’s, two N’s for another thousand, two I’s and five E’s before calling two L’s while on the MW near the MDW. He puts his $2,050 at risk…and BANKRUPTS for the second time this game. Over to Christina who says an $800 pair of L’s, a $600 V, a $450 W, and a $500 P, then she tries to solve w/ the following…

I / L _ V E / I T
W H E N / A / P L A N
_ _ _ E _ / T _ _ E T H E _

…she says “I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER” (said by Hannibal of “The A-Team”) for $2,350.


Scores after R2
Christina: $3,350/Adam: $3K cash & golfing/Frank: NOTHING



Said sole lady on the panel wastes a spin w/ the MDW’s left-side BANKRUPT. Second for Adam are a $900 trio of N’s, four A’s, three T’s for another $1,200, two E’s, and an $1,800 trio of R’s. To the board we go…

_ _ N _ N _ / A T
A / _ _ _ R _ E T
R E _ T A _ R A N T

…he’s won another $3,400, which he can use for DINING AT A GOURMET RESTAURANT on his trip to the Sandals Grande ANTIGUA Resort & Spa worth $5,750 (those PP trips this week are worth that much).


Scores after R3
Christina: $3,350/Adam: $12,150 cash & gifts/Frank: BUPKIS 


$3K Tossup: WAYD?

_ U _ _ I N G / _ _ E
_ R A S _

Adam’s wrongly DUMPING THE TRASH.

_ U _ _ I N G / _ _ E
_ R A S S

Frank’s CUTTING THE GRASS to finally get off the schneid.

Round 4: THING

First from him are a $600 T, a $300 H and three O’s, but it’s time for Speed-Up Mode…

_ / _ _ _ _ _ O _ – T O –
O _ _ / _ H _ _ _ _

…and the leftover consonants each pay off at $1,500. Two L’s are said by…

_ / _ _ L L _ O N – T O –
O N _ / _ H _ N _ _

Adam who has way more than A MILLION-TO-ONE CHANCE of making it to Bonusland — in fact, he’s added $3K worth of icing on is cake.

SOLE DUD (after FS): G (Christina)

Christina: $3,350/Adam: $15,150 cash & gifts/Frank: $3K  

GT: $21,500 


$100K Bonus Round
Adam’s landed on the ***.

Category: EVENT
This is an easy one…

L _ N _
_ _ _ R N E _

He agrees w/ me after JGYO…

J O _ R N E Y

…and this LONG JOURNEY of his ends w/ him winning the MINI Convertible worth $31,250; that gives him a final total of $51,400 cash & prizes!

MY EP. RATING: 7 out of 10

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