WOF Retro Recap: November 30, 2011


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP 

T _ E / _ T _ L _ A N
_ _ _ S

Kelly doesn’t even know the last word.

T _ E / _ T A L _ A N
_ _ P S

Wonoh identifies the mountain range as THE ITALIAN ALPS. Here’s the midweek panel…
Wonoh Massaquoi:
educational specialist for the L.A. County Office of Education who also does some freelance writing from L.A. (orig. from TX)
Phil Vasapolli: customer service agent for a telecommunications company from Vegas (orig. from Guam)
Kelly Bovard educational trainer for a teachers’ software program from Ft. Lauderdale


J O H _ _ Y
_ _ _ _

Kelly is incorrect w/ JOHNNY CASH. Wonoh capitalizes again w/ JOHNNY DEPP.

FEATURED AA: The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain in CO worth $5,835


Wonoh first takes control w/ two T’s for the blue 1/2 KIA, and obvious A at the start, a FP O, and a $500 F for the other 1/2 KIA (she tried to pick it up before calling that consonant). After that are a $500 Jackpot T, two I’s, a $400 R, two E’s, and three P’s in that important last word for $900… 

A / L I T T E R / O F
P _ P P I E _

…she captures A LITTER OF PUPPIES for $17,550 in cash & Soul in this round alone!


Scores after R1
Wonoh: $20,550 cash & car/Others: $0 each


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Phil’s rundown is made up of four T’s for the CO trip, two H’s for $1,600, four E’s and an A, and a G while on the MW near LaT. Despite the fact that he’s way behind, he wants the money for that consonant (too bad; that was the $10K). Afterwards, he puts in two S’s for $1,200, five I’s, a C for the WC, the last vowel of O, a $2,700 trio of R’s, a $900 P and a $300 M before he finally goes for the solve…

T H E / P R I C E / I S
T O / R E M A I _
S I _ E _ T

…there will never be a headline titled “”THE PRICE IS RIGHT’ TO REMAIN SILENT”, but he’s won $12,535 cash & ski trip.

PR #2!

Scores after R2
Phil: $12,535 cash & ski trip/Kelly: $0/Wonoh: $20,550 cash & car



Hoping for a good round, Kelly kicks off w/ a $1K pair of S’s, two T’s for the Bed and Breakfast.com gift tag, an E and three A’s, two L’s to add $1,800, but then the
LaT. Wonoh secondly BANKRUPTS near TD. Third, Phil calls up three R’s for $900, buys two I’s, but also LaTs out. Kelly then BANKRUPTS the same way Wonoh did to forfeit $3,300 in cash & GT, allowing said blue player to solve…

_ R E S _

T R _ _ I _ A L
_ R _ I T / S A L A _

…she’ll probably eat a FRESH TROPICAL FRUIT SALAD during her stay at the British Colonial Hilton Nassau in BAHAMAS worth $7,950. 

BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)
LaTs: 2 (Kelly, Phil)

Scores after R3
Phil: $12,535 cash & ski trip/Kelly: NO LUCK/Wonoh: $28,500 cash & prizes


$3K Tossup: THINGS

_ _ _ _ C E
E A R M U _ _ S

The third time’s the charm for Kelly, as she solves FLEECE EARMUFFS.


Her opening letters are two T’s and an H at $500 a pop, two E’s, but then a bad vowel of A. Second for Wonoh are a $300 F, three O’s to wipe out the vowels aready, a $350 N, but then the same normal BANKRUPT to take away $400. Third, Phil gets his second LaT of the game, allowing Kelly to put up a $600 D before we go into Speed-Up Mode…

T H E / T O _ N
O F / _ E D _ O _ _

…w/ a $1,300 Final Spin. Next from her mouth’s a B…

T H E / T O _ N
O F / B E D _ O _ _

…and THE TOWN OF BEDROCK pays her another $2,900.

SOLE DUD (before bell): A (Kelly)

SOLE LaT: Phil

Phil: $12,535 cash & ski trip/Kelly: $5,900/Wonoh: $28,500 cash & prizes

GT: $46,935
BANKRUPT TRASH: $3,700 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
Wonoh’s last spin of the night comes to a halt on the *.

Category: PLACES
The RSTLNE aid…

_ _ _ _ N T
S _ _ _ S

PDGI puts in…

_ _ _ I N T
S _ _ P S


she’s another victim of the QU- trick even though she got the second word. That means she won’t be going to some QUAINT SHOPS w/ another $40K.

MY EP. RATING: 7 out of 10


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