WOF Retro Recap: November 16, 2011


$1K Tossup: PLACE

_ I R P L A N E
H A N G A _

Mike solves AIRPLANE HANGAR and the right to be interviewed first…

Mike French: real estate worker from San Diego
Sarita Cowins: food service manager expecting her 3rd child from Miami
Jill Trotter: saleswoman from Ahwatukee in Phoenix

$2K Tossup: PROPER NAME 

K _ _ _ _ S / _ I _ Y
_ _ I _ _ _

Mike triples up w/ the MLB’s KANSAS CITY CHIEFS.

Jackpot Round: FAMILY 

He says an instant dud of T. Second, Sarita picks up the sears wedge w/ two R’s, a $350 S and an E, then come three L’s for $2,400 more, a $350 N, two A’s, an $800 D and a $450 B. We now have…

_ _ L E _ / A N D
B _ L L _ / R A _
_ _ R _ S

…she solves MILEY AND BILLY RAY CYRUS (I personally HATE Miley because of her antics and her music) for $8,850 cash & shopping spree.

SOLE DUD: T (Mike)

Scores after R1 
Sarita: $8,850 cash & SS/Jill: $0/Mike: $3K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

The early leader gets the green 1/2 KIA w/ a T, a $300 H, two E’s and an I, but then S sorry. Jill secondly also strikes out w/ R. Third, Mike inserts an $1,100 pair of N’s but then buys the only bad vowel of this puzzle (A). Back in command, Sarita has a $500 L and the other vowels, but says another baddie of B. Next on Jill’s radar are a $900 K and three G’s to triple up…

K I N G / O _ / T H E
_ U N G L E
G _ _

…she solves KING OF THE JUNGLE GYM for her first $2,700.

DUDS: S (Sarita), R (Jill), A (Mike), B (Sarita) 

Scores after R1 
Sarita: $8,850 cash & SS/Jill: $2,700/Mike: $3K



Jill has an insta-BANKRUPT courtesy of the MDW’s left side. Mike secondly makes a $400 N appear, buys an E, but duds out w/ the R. Third, Sarita has the exact same fate as Jill, who then tacks on twin T’s for $600, buys two O’s, and LOSES A TURN. Mike follows w/ a $350 S, two A’s and an I, a $450, the last vowel of two U’s, and two C’s for $900. Board…

_ _ / L U C _ / I S
A _ O U T / T O
C _ A N _ E

He says “MY LUCK IS ABOUT TO CHANGE”, because he’s won another $1,100 in betting money for his $5K Vegas.com trip w/ the ORBITZ airfare. 

SOLE DUD: R (Mike)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)
SOLE LaT: Jill

Scores after R3
Sarita: $8,850 cash & SS/Jill: $2,700/Mike: $9,100 cash & Vegas


$3K Tossup: TV TITLE 

B _ _
B _ O T _ _ R

Mike solves the CBS reality series “BIG BROTHER” to jump to $12,100.


He BANKRUPTS near TD right out of the game. Sarita secondly spots a $350 T and a $600 pair of R’s, but it’s time for Speed-Up Mode

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ R _ T _ / _ _ _ R _

…and we have a $1,300 Final Spin (the late Mark Corwin mistakenly labeled this puzzle as a TV TITLE by this point). After somebody puts up an M…

S _ _ P P _ N _ / M _ _ _
S _ _ _ R _ T _ / _ _ _ R _

Sarita was being consonantive, but she still gets past this SHOPPING MALL SECURITY GUARD for $4,850 and the win.


Sarita: $13,700 cash & SS/Jill: $2,700/Mike: $9,100 cash & Vegas

GT: $26,100

JILL SPIN ID: PE8017950 (Pam E.)
MIKE SPIN ID: PM5250476 (Patti M.)


$100K Bonus Round
Sarita’s envelope is the C of AMERICA’S. 

Category: THINGS
RSTLNE reveals…

_ E R _ S / _ _
T _ E / _ _ _

HCBI adds besides the obvious H…

_ E R _ S / _ _
T H E / _ _ B

not much else, and she doesn’t have the PERKS OF THE JOB to win $30K.

LAST SPIN ID: BK8644867 (Bruce K.) 

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10 


3 thoughts on “WOF Retro Recap: November 16, 2011

  1. JP Mackey July 5, 2014 / 4:48 am

    The last time the BR puzzle was used in 2007, she said HERBS OF THE DOG…this was not a pretty show.

    Happy 4th Andy!


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