WOF Retro Recap: November 14, 2011


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ _ O R _ N _ / A
_ O _ _ _ D O W _

Tara’s SCORING A TOUCHDOWN for the first bit of money, and we’re talking to this lady at the end first…

Tara Tully: 3rd Grade teacher at Winchester ES who plays this game in her classroom from Winchester, MA (she even went to China w/ several other teachers in the summer of ’11 and got to ride on the camels there)
Carol Reese: former 26-year Army member and current civilian who does manpower studies for them from Woodbridge, VA
Matthew Morris: Cal State Univ.-Bakersfield student studying P.E. from Bakersfield


J _ _ T _ _
_ _ M _ _ _ _ A _ E

Tara triples up w/ former *NSYNC member JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.

Jackpot Round: BEFORE & AFTER

She’s off to a bad start w/ T while on the WC. Carol’s second in line w/ two Jackpot S’s, buys of A and I, but then a DQ for repeating the T while on the See’s Candies gift tag. Third, Matthew inserts two H’s and a C at $400 a pop, and three O’s to clean out the vowels, but the MDW’s right-side BANKRUPT comes by to wipe out the leftover $950. Following Tara’s two L’s for $900 and two F’s for the candies…

L A _
O F / F I S H

…she graduates from a LAW SCHOOL OF FISH for $1,900 cash & sweets.

SOLE DUD: T (Tara)
SOLE DQ: Carol’s T repeat

Scores after R1 
Carol & Matthew: $0 each/Tara: $4,900 cash & candy


Mystery Round: LANDMARK

Carol, while on the MW near the MDW, quickly duds out w/ the T just like the other lady in the last round. Second, Matthew also whiffs w/ S. Third, Tara claims the green 1/2 KIA w/ four N’s, but next is a bad O purchase. Carol’s second turn sees her putting up four L’s for $2K, all of the leftover vowels, and three P’s to add $1,500, then we have…

I N _ E P E N _ E N _ E
_ A L L / I N
P _ I L A _ E L P _ I A


DUDS: T (Carol), S (Matthew), O (Tara)

Scores after R2 
Carol: $2,750/Matthew: ZERO/Tara: $4,900 cash & candy



Still trying to get on the board, Matthew begins w/ a $7K pair of T’s, two E’s, a $600 H, and three O’s. But after a $10,500 trio of R’s is F for FATAL DUD while on TD to squander at least $17,600. Tara then puts up a $1,200 pair of Y’s…

T H E / _ O R _ _ / _ _
Y O _ R / O Y _ T E R

THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER, lady – not only did you amount, you’re going on a $5,400 MSC CARIBBEAN CRUISE from ORBITZ.

SOLE DUD: F (Matthew)

Scores after R3
Carol: $2,750/Matthew: STILL ZIP/Tara: $11,500 cash & prizes


$3K Tossup: EVENT

G A _ _ _ E
_ _ _ _

Matthew’s finally on the board w/ GARAGE SALE.

Round 4: PHRASE

N for no is how he starts. Second on Tara’s radar are four T’s for $3,600, but then S for sorry. Third, Carol gets up there four C’s for $3,600, two I’s, and four K’s for $1,200 more…

T I C K – T _ C K
T I C K – T _ C K

…as we hear TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK of our clocks, she’s earned another $4,550.

DUDS: N (Matthew), S (Tara)

Scores after R4Carol: $7,300/Matthew: $3K/Tara: $11,500 cash & prizes 

Round 5: THING

Tara quickly strikes out w/ N like Matthew in the last round. Carol secondly has the same fate w/ an R request. Third, Matthew has a $550 T but we hear the Speed-Up bells…

_ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ T _

…and the consonants have a $1,500 price tag on their heads. After an L call by Tara

_ L _ S S _
_ _ _ T _

…she pulls out a GLOSSY PHOTO for the win.

DUDS (both before bell): N (Tara), R (Carol)

Carol: $7,300/Matthew: $3K/Tara: $13K cash & prizes  

GT: $23,300

CAROL SPIN ID: DI1856421 (David I.)
MATTHEW SPIN ID: DC3912424 (Dianne C.)


$100K Bonus Round
Tara claims the G envelope.

Category: EVENT
Pretty easy to me…

_ R _ E _
_ _ S _ T

BDHI is a good combo…

B R I E _
_ I S I T

…and after her BRIEF VISIT to SPS, she wins that damned amount for a final total of $43K cash & prizes.

LAST SPIN ID: BH9189202 (Betty H.)

MY EP. RATING: 7 out of 10


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