WOF Retro Recap: November 1, 2011

Like S28’s “Get Out of Town”, they’re doing a four-night week titled “Fun & Fit”. 


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ L E X / Y O _ R
_ U _ C _ E S

Tom, you can FLEX YOUR MUSCLES since you just got it in the nick of time. Kicking off the month were these players…

Tom Perry: semi-retired air traffic controller and auto salesman who’s also active as a church choir member from Memphis
Heather Carter: yoga teacher, part-time restaurant worker and retired pro dancer from Malibu, CA
Stacey Roach: 1st grade teacher at Mt. Olivet ES for 18 years and also a church choir member from Martinsville, VA


_ O _ M E _ _ I _ L
P _ L _ T


FEATURED PRIZE: $5K Dick’s Sporting Goods gift certificate

Jackpot Round: WAYD? (jet ski wipe)

After the 1/2 KIAs are back in play, Stacey begins w/ two N’s for the green 1/2 KIA, two I’s and A’s, three G’s for another $1,500, and two O’s, followed by the frontloading J for the WC, an E to clean out the vowels, a $450 and a T for the MDW. Board now…

J O G G I N G / O N
A / T R E A _ _ I _ _

She’s JOGGING ON A TREADMILL for $1,950.


Scores after R1
Tom: $1K/Heather: $0/Stacey: $3,950 + WC + MDW + 1/2 KIA


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

First, Tom wants a $600 R but then a bad vowel of E. Second, Heather’s first call of T isn’t there. Third, Stacey wastes a good FP usage by repeating the E, lights up a $600 pair of P’s, and buys two U’s and A’s to shut down the vowels. Afterwards, she puts in an $1,100 pair of L’s, a FP C, and…

C A _ _ _ / &
P U L L – U P
_ A R

…solves CANDY & PULL-UP BAR for $1,700.

DUDS: E (Tom), T (Heather) (as in the alien from the 80’s movie)
SOLE DQ: Stacey’s E repeat

Scores after R2
Tom: $1K/Heather: ZIP/Stacey: $5,650 + WC + MDW + 1/2 KIA



The scoreless Heather kicks off w/ a $600 T, four E’s, a $300 S, an A, three R’s for $1,200, but then a baddie of I. I can tell you right now that this was last used in Las Vegas on Feb. 18, 2005 and somebody mistakenly used IS instead of the word BY (also, Nora Keenan lost $100K on QUALITY TIME and would’ve been the show’s new all-time top winner w/ $160,150). Over to Stacey who says an $800 H, the last vowel of O, two B’s, and two B’s to add $1,600, but the BANKRUPT next to $900 causes $2,150 and all her extra stuff to go up in smoke. Tom next LaTs out almost immediately after putting up an $1,800 pair of Y’s. Heather then has the light bulb go on…

T H E / _ A _ B _ E R
B Y / _ E _ _ Y
R O _ E R S

…she’s right w/ “THE GAMBLER” BY KENNY ROGERS for $1,350 plus a $5K Vegas.com trip to The Bellagio in VEGAS

SOLE DUD: I (Heather)

Scores after R3
Tom: $1K/Heather: $6,350 cash & Vegas/Stacey: $5,650



_ _ _ / B _ _ / N E _ S
B E _ _ _

Stacey IDs “THE BAD NEWS BEARS” to take back the lead at $8,650.

Round 4: PERSON

Two $500 T’s get her started, but the dud vowel of E stops her. Tom secondly inserts a $1,500 trio of R’s, buys A and O singles…

_ _ R _ T – R O _ _ _
_ R A _ T / _ _ _ _

…but it’s time for a $1,500 Final Spin. After he puts up an S…

_ _ R S T – R O _ N _
_ R A _ T / _ _ _ _

…he blows the $2,500 solve w/ FIRST-ROUND DRAFT CHOICE. Heather then says…the P instead of the F’s

_ _ R S T – R O _ N _
_ R A _ T / P _ _ _

…she solves FIRST-ROUND DRAFT PICK and still loses by $800.

DUDS AFTER BELL: G (Tom), L (Heather)
SOLE DQ: Tom’s blown solve

Tom: $1K/Heather: $7,850 cash & Vegas/Stacey: $8,650

GRAND TOTAL: a pitiful $17,500
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard pieces): $2,150


$100K Bonus Round
The featured car for this week and two “America’s Game” week episodes is an all-new 2012 FIAT 500c Convertible. Pat takes the S envelope of SPIN (and as in Stacey).

Category: THING
This is something you can put on your car…

_ _ R _ _ E
_ _ N _ S _

CDMA is good for…

C _ R _ M E
_ _ N _ S _

…only the first word of CHROME FINISH, so she’s the LOWEST-WINNING PLAYER THIS SEASON, and she loses the $30K.



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