WOF Retro Recap: October 25, 2011


_ / _ E E
D _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ E

Janis exactly recites “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE” from “The Sixth Sense”. Again, we’re meeting them from left to right…

Janis Vasquez: programmer for country probation dept. from Bakersfield, CA
A.P. Andrews: playwright/director/actor since age 16 from NY (originally from Superior, NE)
Stephanie Toups: office admin. and cook who studies ancient history and got engaged at The Grand Canyon w/ a rock that had the words “Keep an eye open for a good rock to take home” from Houma, LA


_ A _ P A / _ A Y
B _ C _ A _ E E R S


FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: The Palazzo w/ a Haunted Vegas Tour worth $6,115

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

Stephanie starts the search w/ two S’s for the blue 1/2 CAR, two T’s for $1,600, and give E’s, then she puts up two Jackpot R’s, two H’s for another $600, an O, two M’s for another $900 and an $1,100 pair of N’s. Board now…

T H E R E ‘ S
S O M E T H _ N _
_ N _ E R / M _ / _ E _

…she says “THERE’S SOMETHING UNDER MY BED” for $5,700.


Scores after R1
Janis: $1K/A.P.: $0/Stephanie: $7,700 + 1/2 CAR


PP Round: WAYD?

Janis first picks up the DVDEmpire.com gift tag w/ an N, FPs two I’s, but then gives up that tag to the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, A.P. inserts the obvious $500 G, two T’s to add $800, six E’s, an H for the WC, but then S for sorry. Third, Stephanie takes a $300 C, but she then gives the money right back along w/ her plate to the other normal BANKRUPT. Janis next puts up three R’s for $2,400, but no more w/ K. A.P.’s second turn sees him putting up a $500 M for the same plate that Stephanie lost, buying an O and two A’s to close the vowel shop, and plugging in a B and two L’s at $300 a pop…

_ E E L I N G
T H E / _ A R M
T R O _ I C A L
B R E E _ E

…he’s won his first $1,950 and will be FEELING THE WARM TROPICAL BREEZE on his trip to the Almond Morgan Bay in ST. LUCIA worth $7K.

DUDS: S (A.P.), K (Janis)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Scores after R2
Janis: $1K/A.P.: $8,950 cash & trip + WC/Stephanie: $7,700


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

That man begins w/ four R’s for $2,200, four E’s, but then the same BANKRUPT Stephanie got to forfeit $1,950 and the WC. Speaking of that lady, she’s BANKRUPTED for the second time this game courtesy of the one near $3,500. Third in line, Janis says an S while on the MW next to the MDW and takes the obvious gamble…but she also gets her second BANKRUPT of the game. A.P. then spins once for the SL of three C’s for $900…

C R E E _ _
C R _ _ _ _
C R E _ _ _ R E S

…and kills these CREEPY CRAWLY CREATURES for a $100 bonus.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole group)

Scores after R3
Janis: $1K/A.P.: $9,950 cash & trip /Stephanie: $7,700


$3K Tossup: SONG TITLE

_ U _ E _ S T I T I _ N

A.P. solves Stevie Wonder’s “SUPERSTITION” to get into five figures.


A $400 T gets him started, but the BANKRUPT near the vacant WC spot bites him almost instantly; everybody has two of those. Down Stephanie’s road second are three H’s for $1,800, four E’s, triple S’s for $1,500, but then the bells for Speed-Up Mode…

T H E / H E _ _ _ E S S
H _ _ S E _ _ _

…the consonant value is $1,900. After a D pops up…

T H E / H E _ D _ E S S
H _ R S E _ _ _

Janis solves THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN for said FS amount.


Janis: $2,900/A.P.: $12,950 cash & trip/Stephanie: $7,700

GRAND TOTAL: $23,550
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $3,250 cash & movies


$100K Bonus Round
A.P.’s claimed the R envelope.

Category: PLACE
He needs some help in the top word…

_ _ N _ _
_ _ R L _ R

PCMA’s good for…

_ _ N _ _
P A R L _ R

only the second word. BGHO would’ve helped him solve BINGO PARLOR for $30K.

MY EP. RATING: 5 out of 10


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