WOF Retro Recap: October 13, 2011



_ _ _ _ E E _ E R

Sarah blows it w/ PIONEER. Tony doesn’t do much better w/ ENGINEER

I N N _ E E P E R

Susan finally gets INNKEEPER, so we’re talking to her first…

Susan Noe: doctor’s office manager in Oakridge from Coalfield, TN (orig. from Chattanooga and raised in Crossville
Sarah Moses: Jacksonville State Univ. student who’s a pre-med major minoring in chemistry as well as a restaurant waitress from Henagar, AL
Tony Tomillo: marketer from Bartlett, IL

$2K Tossup: PHRASE 

_ / _ _ L _
I N / _ _ _ / _ _ _ K

Tony’s solve is A WALK IN THE PARK.

FEATURED B&B TRIP: Holvaloa Inn in Hawaii worth $6,590


He’s off and running w/ a $2,500 N, an E buy, two T’s for the green 1/2 KIA, a pair of A’s, and two $500 L’s, but next is a bad O purchase. Second, Susan BANKRUPTS on the MDW’s right side. Third, Sarah FPs the last vowel of I, picks up $7,500 worth of S’s, but then duds out w/ H while on the TravelSmith gift tag. Tony’s second try has him inserting a $400 D and three C’s for $2,700…

C _ _ S T A L
C A N D L E S T I C _ S

…he solves CRYSTAL CANDLESTICKS for $6,850.

DUDS: O (Tony), H (Sarah)

Scores after R1
Tony: $8,850 + 1/2 KIA/Susan: $1K/Sarah: $0



Susan starts the letter search w/ two T’s for $600, two S’s to add $80, four E’s, but then R for roadblock. Sarah’s second in line w/ five N’s from the same 1/2 KIA location, a $550 W and an A buy, then she puts in three obvious G’s for $2,800, three O’s, and two I’s to clean out the vowels. After a $7K pair of L’s…

S O _ E T _ I N G
O L _
S O _ E T _ I N G
N E W / E N G L A N _

…she says “SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW ENGLAND” to go from worst to first w/ $11,100.

SOLE DUD: R (Susan)   

Scores after R2
Tony: $8,850 + 1/2 KIA/Susan: $1K/Sarah: $11,100 + 1/2 KIA


Mystery/PP Round: FOOD & DRINK

Current leader Sarah begins w/ two N’s for $600 but then a bad E buy. Coming Tony’s way second are a $400 R, four A’s, but then another baddie of L while on the gift tag. Third, Susan makes two T’s for $1,200 pop up, but she LOSES A TURN just as quick. Sarah next lights up S and Y singles at $300 a pop, buys two U’s, picks up the Hawaii trip w/ an M and takes $2K worth of C’s while on the MW near the MDW (that was the $10K one). Sadly, she then BANKRUPTS near the WC to give up $9,290 cash & trip plus her plate. That opens up the door for Tony (he has $150 on his bank)…

 T A S T Y
_ A M A _ C A N
R U M / _ U N C _

…he’ll sample some TASTY JAMAICAN RUM PUNCH on his $6,700 trip to the Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa.

DUDS: E (Sarah), L (Tony)
SOLE LaT: Susan

Scores after R3
Tony: $15,700 cash & Jamaica/Susan: $1K/Sarah: $11,100



_ I _ _ _ _
_ _ – _ _ _ P

Tony pads his lead w/ LITTLE BO PEEP.

Round 4: THING (full $6K speed-up!)

After an R request by that man…

_ _ _ _ _ N
_ _ _ _ _ R T _ _ N T

…he doesn’t remember the category, as he blows the solve w/ ITALIAN RESTAURANT, possibly costing him $18K. Two M’s are said by Susan

_ _ _ _ E N
C _ M _ _ R T M E N T

…she also flubs w/ KITCHEN COMPARTMENT to possibly squander $12K. Tony gets another shot after putting up a P…

_ _ _ _ E N
C _ M P _ R T M E N T

…he blows it again w/ FROZEN COMPARTMENT to probably send $24K down the drain. Susan then fills in the double D’s…

_ _ D D E N
C _ M P _ R T M E N T

…she finally wins her $24K from this HIDDEN COMPARTMENT!

DUDS (both by Susan): S, L
DQs: 3 (blown solves by Tony and Susan)

Tony: $18,700 cash & Jamaica/Susan: $25K/Sarah: $11,100

GRAND TOTAL: $54,800


$100K Bonus Round
Here comes the & envelope for Susan.

Category: FOOD & DRINK
Looks easy to me…

_ _ _ S T
_ R _ _ N _ E S

She CDGAs out of the game. These MOIST BROWNIES would’ve been worth $30K to her.

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10


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