WOF Retro Recap: September 30, 2011


$1K Tossup: PLACE

F I _ _ _ _ S
C E _ T E R

Brent’s on the board w/ FITNESS CENTER, so we go down the line in meeting them…

Brent Bull: engineer from Goleta, CA
Bethany DeSautel: personal banker who completed her first 1/2 marathon from Fargo, ND
Rebecca Fox: co-founder of a co. that buys and sells abandoned/repossessed storage lockers from Metairie, LA


_ _ _ T _ _ / _ R _ E N
_ _ N

Rebecca can’t come up w/ anything.

L _ _ T _ E / _ R _ E N
_ _ N

Brent triples up after catching these LITTLE GREEN MEN.

FEATURED SPAFINDER.COM TRIP: Green Valley Spa & Resort in Utah worth $8K

Jackpot Round: THINGS

Brent calls an automatic dud of T. Second, Bethany picks up the blue 1/2 KIA w/ four N’s, two H’s for the Utah trip, and four E’s before calling another dud of R while on Jackpot. Third, Rebecca calls out two S’s for $600, a pair of A’s, two C’s for another $1,200, a $300 P, a $450 D, and finally a $550 L. We now have…

N _ _ S E –
C A N C E L _ N _
H E A D P H _ N E S

…she solves NOISE-CANCELING HEADPHONES for $2,850.

DUDS: T (Brent), R (Bethany)

Scores after R1
Brent: $3K/Bethany: $0/Rebecca: $2,850



Bethany duds out right away like the man w/ the T. Second, Rebecca inserts an $800 N, three I’s, and three obvious G’s for $1,650, but after an E buy, the R lets a lady down again. Brent’s third in line w/ six B’s (the SL) for $1,800), and a $1K pair of L’s…

B L _ _ I N G
B I G / B I G
B _ B B L E _

…he’s BLOWING BIG, BIG BUBBLES for another $2,800.

DUDS: T (Bethany), R (Rebecca)

Scores after R2
Brent: $5,800/Bethany: ZERO/Rebecca: $2,850


Mystery/PP Round: WAYD?

Rebecca’s first choices this round are a $300 N, two I’s, two obvious G’s for $900, and three A’s before she adds $3K worth of R’s while on the MW near the MDW (good move; that’s the BANKRUPT one). Following an E buy, she puts up W and T singles ($600 apiece for those)…

W E A R I N G / A
G R A _ _ / _ _ I R T

…and she’ll be WEARING A GRASS SKIRT, because she’s won $4,650 plus a trip to the JW Marriott Ihilani Ko’Olina Resort in HAWAII worth $6,410.


Scores after R3
Brent: $5,800/Bethany: STILL NOTHING/Rebecca: $13,910 cash & HI


 $3K Tossup: PEOPLE

_ _ P _ _
C _ M P _ _ S

Rebecca’s one of these HAPPY CAMPERS after moving up to $16,910.

Round 4: PHRASE

For the third time this game, a player like her duds out right away w/ the T. Second, Brent picks off a $1,200 R quarter, two E’s, and three A’s before he LOSES A TURN. Third, Bethany’s chosen another negative of H. Rebecca restarts w/ a $300 L, but then D for dummy. Brent then tacks on a $600 pair of N’s and two B’s for another grand…

A / R E A L
B A R N / B _ R N E R

This episode’s game isn’t A REAL BARN BURNER, but he’s getting closer w/ another $2,300.

DUDS: T (Rebecca), H (Bethany), D (Rebecca)
SOLE LaT: Brent

Scores after R4
Brent: $8,100/Bethany: BAD SHAPE/Rebecca: $16,910 cash & HI

Round 5: SHOW BIZ

Here he goes w/ a $550 S, two R’s for $800 more, four E’s, but then M for mistake and we’re going into Speed-Up Mode…

E _ _ _ R E
_ R E S E _ _ _ _ _ _ _

…the consonants will pay off at $1,300 a pop. Three N’s are said by Rebecca

E N _ _ R E
_ R E S E N T _ T _ _ N

We might see an ENCORE PRESENTATION of her good puzzle-solving, because she’s off to Bonusland w/ $3,900.

SOLE DUD (just before S-U): M (Brent)

Brent: $8,100/Bethany: $1K GOOSEEGG/Rebecca: $20,810 cash & HI

GRAND TOTAL: $29,910


$100K Bonus Round
In the hunt for more big money, Rebecca’s taken out the E of AMERICA’S.

Category: PLACE
Only the last letter to start…

_ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ E

CPMA adds a little more help…

C _ M _ _
_ _ M E

…but she won’t be going back to her COMFY HOME w/ another $30K.

MY EP. RATING: 7 out of 10


2 thoughts on “WOF Retro Recap: September 30, 2011

  1. mcclellandryan184 December 17, 2017 / 10:43 am

    Great match between Brent and Rebecca with the latter coming out on top, What happened to Bethany?


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