WOF Retro Recap: September 28, 2011


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

I ‘ L L / B E / I N
_ _ E / _ A _ _ A

Craig says “I’LL BE IN THE SAUNA”. Let the talking begin w/ the man in the middle…

Craig West: daytime realtor/nighttime blow drier from Vegas
Jessica Sledge: kindergarten teacher finishing her Master’s from Omaha, NE
Tia Harper: public relations worker for the A.F. reserves who gambles conservatively when getting her weekly dose of roulette (she only lost one game) from Oxnard, CA

$2K Tossup: TITLE

_ _ . / P _ P _ E R ‘ S
_ _ N G U I _ _

Jessica solves “MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS”.

FEATURED SPAFINDER.COM TRIP: Acqualina Resort & Spa in Miami worth $8,475

Jackpot Round: OCCUPATION

The opening letters from Jessica are an S for the berryfactory.com gift tag, three T’s for the WC, an $800 N, three E’s and the same number of I’s, but she BANKRUPTS near $2,500 to lose $1,300 cash and berries plus the WC. Second, Tia collects $7,500 worth of three R’s, a U, two C’s for $1,100 more, but she then runs into the other normal BANKRUPT to give up $8,350. Craig’s third in line w/ a $600 D and a $900 G, then we have…

C E R T I _ I E D / _ _ G _
I N S T R U C T _ R

…he solves CERTIFIED YOGA INSTRUCTOR for an early $500 lead.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Scores after R1
Tia: $0/Craig: $2,500/Jessica: $2K


PP Round: WAYD?

Tia leads the way w/ two G’s for $1,100, but she BANKRUPTS the same way she did late last round, as does Craig. Jessica’s third in line w/ three N’s for $1,350, a pair of I’s, but then S for stop. Tia tries again w/ a $550 T but then M for mistake. Craig next FPs three A’s, but the same BANKRUPT gets him again. Jessica follows w/ two K’s for the green 1/2 KIA (this time, they award $500 for every appearance of the player’s selected consonant while on one of the plates), and the remaining vowels (two E’s and an O), but next is a critical dud of P. Tia then picks off a $500 R…

T A K I N G / A
N I _ E / _ O N G
_ R E A K

…she’ll be TAKING A NICE, LONG BREAK at the Resort at Squaw Creek in LAKE TAHOE, CA worth $5,500; that puts her on the board w/ $6,550. 

DUDS: S (Jessica), M (Tia), P (Jessica)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Craig 2x, Tia)

Scores after R2
Tia: $6,550/Craig: $2,500/Jessica: $2K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

The man begins w/ three N’s for $1,500 and the same 1/2 KIA, three E’s, two T’s for $1,600 more and a dud vowel of A while on FP. Next up is a pair of H’s for $1,200, the last vowels of four O’s, a $900 S, a $500 P for the other 1/2 KIA, a $400 Y and two R’s via the MW near the MDW. He obviously declines, even though the $10K was there. And now, the big solve…

_ O H N N Y –
O N – T H E –
R E _ O _ E R

we have our first-ever 1/2 CAR winner — he nails JOHNNY-ON-THE-SPOT REMOVER for $7,600 plus the KIA Soul for a total of $22,600 in that round! 

SOLE DUD: A (Craig) 

Scores after R3
Tia: $6,550 cash & trip/Craig: $25,100 cash & car/Jessica: $2K


 $3K Tossup: THINGS

H E _ _ T H / &
_ E _ L N _ _ S

Craig gets HEALTH & WELLNESS to move up to $28,100.

Round 4: SAME LETTER (full $1,500 speed-up)

The SL of three W’s get put up by Craig

W _ M _ N ‘ S
W R _ S T W _ T C H

…he solves WOMAN’S WRISTWATCH for $12K and the blowout victory!

Tia: $6,550 cash & trip/Craig: $40,100 cash & car/Jessica: $2K

GT: $48,650
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $10,750 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
Craig’s got the S envelope from SPIN.

Category: PHRASE
1/3 the puzzle already…

_ _ R
_ E _ _ N _

GCPI only provides the vowel…

_ _ R
_ E _ I N _

He’s too FAR BEHIND (he thought it was FOR something) in winning this…

…$30K. But he leaves w/ $10,100 more than that.

MY EP. RATING: 7 out of 10 


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