WOF Retro Recap: October 4, 2011


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

F _ L _ / S T E A M
A _ _ _ _

Molly says “FULL STEAM AHEAD”. In order, here’s Tuesday’s trio…

Molly Piskun: water conservation co. office manager who recently finished as a runner-up at the World Dodgeball Championships from L.A. (orig. from Amarillo, TX)
Matthew Dase: special ed teacher, asst. MS football coach, and former football player from Roanoke, VA
Kristi Byrd: customer service rep and full-time criminal justice student at Virginia College in Birmingham from Florence, AL


_ O W _ O Y S
& / A _ I _ N S


FEATURED CRUISE: Regent Seven Seas Cruise from Monte Carlo to Barcelona worth $10,700

Jackpot Round: OCCUPATION

He instantly LOSES A TURN. Second, Kristi calls for a $300 T, a $600 R and the sole dud vowel of A. Third, Molly gets the LobsterGram gift tag w/ an H, three C’s for the blue 1/2 KIA, and five E’s…

C H _ E _
E _ E C _ T _ _ E
_ _ _ _ C E R

…she solves CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER for $2,250 cash & food (she could’ve gone for the F’s).

SOLE DUD: A (Kristi)
SOLE LaT: Matthew

Scores after R1
Molly: $3,250 cash & lobster + 1/2 KIA/Matthew: $2K/Kristi: $0



Kristi wastes a spin w/ the MDW’s left-side BANKRUPT. Second, Molly takes a $500 T, buys three E’s, but then loses the other half and her plate to the same BANKRUPT that Kristi got. Third in Matthew’s future are two N’s for a grand, an A buy, two S’s for a $1,200 deposit, but then the BANKRUPT near $3,500 to toss aside $1,950. On Kristi’s next turn, she hits the other MDW BANKRUPT. Molly then puts up a $300 C and BANKRUPTS the same way she did before. Once Matthew BANKRUPTS on the MDW’s right side, Kristi calls up three R’s for $900, a U, and two FP O’s, but next is a pathetic call of M while on the cruise. If that wasn’t bad enough, Molly SPINGLES for a $300 W…

W A T E R _ R O O _

…and she’ll need some WATERPROOF SUNSCREEN for her hotwire.com trip to the Marriott KAUAI Resort & Beach Club worth $5,530.

SOLE DUD: M (Kristi)
BANKRUPTS: 6 (two by each player)

Scores after R2
Molly: $9,080 cash & prizes/Matthew: $2K/Kristi: BAD LUCK


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Molly leads off w/ a $500 S for the green 1/2 KIA, four E’s and A’s, but then a DQ for repeating the S while on $3,500. Second, Matthew BANKRUPTS next to that amount. Third, Kristi takes out three T’s for $1,650, but the other normal BANKRUPT gets her; she and Matthew now have three BANKRUPTS apiece. Molly next picks up the other 1/2 KIA w/ a $1,500 trio of N’s, buys the O, but then gives up the $1,250 along w/ the KIA Soul to the same BANKRUPT Kristi just got; that’s nine BANKRUPTS this game. Oh boy. After that bad moment, Matthew FPs the U, picks up the WC w/ three R’s, calls up two C’s for a grand, and buys two I’s to clean out the vowels, but he then says Q for questionable and stupid call. Kristi then puts up a $600 W and an $800 B…

R O _ E / W A S N ‘ T
B U I _ T / I N / A
_ A _
C A R E/ C E N T E R

…she mercifully says “ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY CARE CENTER” for $1,400.

SOLE DUD: Q (Matthew)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole gang)
SOLE DQ: Molly’s S repeat

Scores after R3
Molly: $9,080 cash & prizes/Matthew: $2K/Kristi: $1,400



K _ _ _ I _ / L E E
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Kristi is way off the mark w/ KIMORA LEE SIMMONS (she’s a former model, BTW).¬†

K _ T H I _ / L E E
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Molly IDs KATHIE LEE GIFFORD (one of the anchors for the final hour of “Today”) to get into five-figure territory.

Round 4: WAYD? (full $1,500 speed-up)

After two I’s get put up…

_ _ N _ I N G / _
_ _ _ P I N G / _ _ N _

Molly flubs the $6K solve w/ WINNING A CHIPPING _____. Two L’s (one at the beginning) are said by Matthew

L _ N D I N G / _
_ _ L P I N G / _ _ N D

…it’s too bad I’m not LENDING A HELPING HAND to one of these players, but he makes the $6K solve.

Molly: $12,080 cash & prizes/Matthew: $8K/Kristi: $1,400

GRAND TOTAL: $21,480
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extra plate): $20,400 cash & Soul (SEASON-WORST)


$100K Bonus Round
We assure Molly that there are no BANKRUPTS here. She also lands on an M, but this one’s from AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
1/3 to start…

_ _ _ N _
S _ _ N

She’d like GDMA…

_ _ _ N D
S _ G N

This symbol (#) is on your phone, and she gets POUND SIGN (she wasn’t sure about her answer) for $45K! She leaves w/ $57,080 cash & prizes.

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10


2 thoughts on “WOF Retro Recap: October 4, 2011

  1. JP Mackey June 23, 2014 / 2:12 am

    Terrible episode. But I did like Molly's BR win and her reactions to the 1/2-Kia plates! And she bought the O in R3 before that big BANKRUPT.


  2. yohan sur May 8, 2015 / 2:13 pm

    3X3 bankrupt playing is awful, and painful 1/2 car loss for molly.
    matt Q called in round 3, he think QUILT.

    this BR reused for 2/21/1997, last old puzzleboard episode.(champ choose CDGI, loss $25K)
    ep.rating : 6 also


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