WOF Retro Recap: October 3, 2011

There are cruises offered this week, because this week is titled “Ports of Call”. And for the first time this season, we’re on the generic set.


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ _ _ _ / M _ _ _ Y !

HOLY MOLEY! Jared goofed on that one.

A H _ _ / M _ T E Y !  

Rona says AHOY MATEY!”, and we’re talking to her at the end first… 

Rona Binenbaum: personal assistant for a businesswoman who’s also worked w/ musicians from North Hollywood, CA (originally from East Windsor, NJ)
Lizzy Perez: customer service supervisor from Miami Lakes, FL
Jared Bray: sales/marketing worker for an organic producing grower in North San Diego County who’s also a former 2003 state shot-putting chanpion during his senior year in HS from San Diego

$2K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

S A T E _ L _ _ E
_ A _ I _

Lizzy blows it w/ SATELLITE VIDEO.

S A T E _ L I T E
_ A _ I _

Jared’s right this time w/ SATELLITE RADIO.

FEATURED CRUISE: Mediterranean Cruise on The Marina from Oceania Cruises worth $10,200

Jackpot Round: THING (speedboat wipe)

He leads off w/ a $900 R, three A’s, five E’s, two T’s for $1,600 extra, and three I’s to quickly shut down the vowel shop, but next is a dud of S while on the Maui Jim gift tag. Rona’s second in line w/ a $450 N, a $400 D, an $800 L, and two M’s to add $1K…

L I _ E T I M E
A _ _ I E _ E M E N T
A _ A R D

This LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is good for another $2,650.


Scores after R1
Lizzy: $0/Jared: $2K/Rona: $3,650



The early leader starts this biggie w/ two S’s for the WC, three T’s for $1,500 and the green 1/2 KIA, three I’s, two N’s for $800, but both women LaT out back-to-back. Third, Jared inserts two Y’s for $800 and three R’s for $1,350, buys a pair of O’s, and gets the shades this time w/ a G request…

_ I _ _ / _ R O _
N _ _ / Y O R _
I T ‘ S / S _ T _ R _ _ Y
N I G _ T

…he solves “LIVE, FROM NEW YORK, IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT” (from “Saturday Night Live”) for $2,900 cash & shades plus a $5,500 trip to N.Y.’s Roosevelt Hotel.

LaTs: 2 (ladies)

Scores after R2
Lizzy: ZILCH/Jared: $10,400 cash & prizes/Rona: $3,650


Mystery Round: SONG TITLE

Lizzy’s first letters are two T’s for $600, two N’s for a x4 multiplier, two A’s and O’s, and a FP I, then she says two G’s for another $900, the last vowel of two E’s, a $300 D, but then a CRITICAL DUD of S. Jared then puts up a $7K pair of R’s…

D O N ‘ T / G O
_ R E A _ I N G
_ _ / _ E A R T

…and solves Elton John’s “DON’T GO BREAKING MY HEART” to keep that amount. 


Scores after R3
Lizzy: BAD SHAPE/Jared: $17,400 cash & prizes/Rona: $3,650



S N _ _ D R A _ O _ S

Lizzy blows it w/ SNOWDRAGONS, allowing Rona to capitalize w/ SNAPDRAGONS.


She goes first w/ a $900 N, a $300 T, and three E’s, but it’s Speed-Up Mode time…

_ _ _ E _ E / T _ E
_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ N

…and the leftover consonants each pay off at $1,450. Two P’s are requested by Jared later on…

P _ P E _ E / T H E
S A _ _ _ R / M A N

…he IDs POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN for $2,900 and the win! 

Lizzy: DESERVING $1K GOOSEEGG/Jared: $20,300 cash & prizes/Rona: $6,650

GRAND TOTAL: $27,950


$100K Bonus Round
A Chevrolet Cruze awaits a lucky winner this week (its name sounds the same as a cruise given the theme of this week). Jared lands on the M of GAME.

Category: PLACE
Like the previous bonus puzzle, only the last letter to start…

_ _ _
_ _ _ R

He’s going w/ my BGHO combo…

_ O B
_ _ _ R

Many unemployed people go to one of these, and he knows that a JOB FAIR for the first $50K payoff this season! He leaves w/ $70,300 cash & prizes, the highest-winning total so far this season!

This episode ends w/ a clip of Pat receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award Emmy.

MY EP. RATING: 8 out of 10


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