WOF Retro Recap: September 22, 2011


$1K Tossup: PLACE

T _ _ / F R O _ T
P O _ C H

Neil & Traci shouldn’t be relaxing on THE FRONT PORCH now, because we’re just getting this game started. Thursday’s teams…

Neil & Traci Billock (brother/sister): she’s about to open her first restaurant w/ Gina; they’re from around San Diego
Jeanie Ackerman & Sandy Bradbury (mom/daughter): Sandy’s a home interior store manage for her sister who’s married to Steve for 20 yrs. while the mom’s been married to a man she first met in 8th grade for 47 yrs.; they’re from Priest Lake, ID
Madeline & Steve Arterburn (daughter/father): Steve’s a runner and teacher at a New Life ministry as well as a book writer while she attends Azusa Pacific University and plays soccer; they’re from McCordsville, IN


X – M _ _ :
F I R _ T / _ L A S S

The Billocks triple up w/ “X-MEN: FIRST CLASS”.

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

Here they go w/ a $600 N, buys of E and two A’s, but then the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, J & S dud out immediately w/ an R. Third, the Arterburns pick up the Beyond the Rack gift tag w/ an S (Madeline almost repeated the R), but then call another dud in L while on the WC. That thing gets claimed by the Billocks w/ five T’s…

_ T / T A _ E S / T _ _
T _ / T A N _ _

…and they respond w/ “IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO” for the house minimum. I wish they said a single instead of that big multiple.

DUDS: R (J & S), L (Arterburns)

Scores after R1
Billocks: $5K + WC/Other teams: $0 each


PP Round: WAYD?

J & S are up first w/ three N’s for $10,500, two I’s and an E, three G’s for $900 more, a $500 T, two H’s to throw in $800, and four O’s, but they then repeat the T to likely give back over $20K cash & vacation. Second in line, the Arterburns FP an A but lose their turn w/ the same normal BANKRUPT. Third, the Billocks cash in $14K w/ four L’s and use the WC to collect a $7K pair of R’s…

R O L L I N G / O N
T H E / _ L O O R
L A _ G H I N G

…a few people will be ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING, because they’ve banked $21K plus a pair of trips to the Beaches TURKS & CAICOS worth $12,600 for a total of $33,600 that round!

SOLE DQ: J & S’s T repeat

Scores after R2
Billocks: $38,600 cash & trips/Other teams: $0 each


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Already in a very deep hole, the Arterburns are off and running w/ a $600 L but then R for roadblock. Second, the Billocks take a T while on the MW near the MDW and go for it…their luck has ran out at least for now — it’s their second BANKRUPT of the night. Third, J & S repeat their second letter of the night w/ the R. The Arteburns try again w/ a $300 L, two A’s, a $300 N, and two E’s before they also get their second BANKRUPT of the night courtesy of the other regular one to lose $700. The Billocks follow w/ the FPing of M and O, buys of two I’s and U’s to clean out the vowels, a $600 J and two F’s for another $2K. Let’s see the board…

J U S T / O N E
_ I _ / _ A _ _ _
F A M I L _
F E U _

…they solve JUST ONE BIG HAPPY “FAMILY FEUD” for $2,600 and a new total of over $40K!

SOLE DUD: R (Arterburns)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Billocks, Arterburns)
SOLE DQ: J & S’ R duplication

Scores after R3
Billocks: $41,200 cash & trips/Other teams: $0 each


$3K Tossup: THING

_ L E C _ R I C
_ U _ T _ R

Traci’s a little tongue-tied, but she gets ELECTRIC GUITAR to go over $44K for her team!

Round 4: FOOD & DRINK (full $6K speed-up!!!)

Once our big leaders call two T’s…

R _ D / D _ L _ _ _ _ U S_ _ _ L _ S

…they don’t know the answer w/ $12K on the line. After that are a C from J & S

R _ D / D _ L _ C _ _ U S
_ _ _ L _ S

…I wish they said the P’s, but they eat up some RED DELICIOUS APPLES for $12K.

DUDS: N and T (both by the Billocks)

J & S: $12K/Arterburns: $2K GOOSEEGG/Billocks: $44,200 cash & trips

GT: $58,200


$100K Bonus Round
Traci lands on the E of GAME (that’s next to where the $100K was in the previous episode).

Category: PHRASE
This pair of letters pop up first…

_ _ _ / _ N
_ _ L _

MFCO…lights up NOTHING, and they’re way off w/ BET ON GOLD and GO FOR GOLD. They don’t BUY IN BULK like my mom does at Costco…

…and they lose the $35K.

MY EP. RATING: 8 out of 10


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